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  1. I've been harping about how the affiliation won't work and lamenting the demise of the "2" teams because it means reduced minutes for Canadian players. 15,000 minutes per team has been lost. This has been replaced in the Montreal+Ottawa affiliation by hundreds of minutes for those players. I was hoping it wouldn't happen to Caps2 & TFC2 (TBD) but it has. Hey Griz how is that Ottawa affiliation working out for your players in minutes played? Where is your endless griping about that? Why not rag on that for a while? Nobody with a room temperature IQ or higher could have read what I posted and taken it the way he did without their being bent on being bitchy from the start. So go ahead and be a bunch of bitchy wankers for all I care. Oh by the way Griz and all others on here who harp on the Whitecaps. Where is the outrage that TFC2 only played Canadians for 410 minutes per game and not the 565 that they agreed to? Where is the outrage? Where are the anti-TFC diatribes? Where? The Whitecaps despite knowing they wouldn't be back next year fulfilled their 565 minute per game requirement (CSA numbers).
  2. Thanks for the link I hadn't seen that one. I still don't see how they will place 41 teams in a tournament in just 3 windows. They will still be basing a lot on current FIFA rankings. "final announcement in February" - So I guess we'll find out then.
  3. You have a way to spin things so illogically that it is downright funny. In view of the original posting contents and your reply I can only say "What the hell are you on and where can I get some?". I mentioned Frank Yallop's role at Frenso because he is Canadian and like MDS might be willing to bring in more Canadian players and if he gets MDS type results it will open the door to more Canadian players getting tryouts. How you go from that to "kill half the team" can only be a serious "GET HELP" moment for you. I've clearly stated in other threads, and will restate it now for your benefit, that I think USL affiliation will not work due to drastically reduced minutes and that the MLS clubs will try something else for their 4th try at getting a reserve team structure in place. Sheesh dude, get a grip on reality!
  4. It's official and Fresno is the new affiliate for the Whitecaps and the demise of the "2" team. https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2017/11/17/vancouver-whitecaps-fc-announce-new-usl-affiliation-fresno-fc The good news is that Fresno is managed by Frank Yallop! Now if he can get results with Canucks like MDS did in NASL that would be great. https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2017/11/17/fresno-fc-gm-frank-yallop-partnership-wfc-perfect-scenario
  5. So we are in the following situation: We have a lot of 18-22 MLS bench players who are struggling to crack the starting 11. They get to play in V's Cup games and some scattered minutes in MLS. The MLS teams have gone to affiliation (much less playing time). Our U23 MNT plays even fewer games than our MNT (PanAm & Oly Qual). They played 8 games in 2015 and nothing since. Mind you the CSA U23 page still shows "Benito Floro" as "Project Lead" so who knows if it is accurate. People seem resistant to use the new CLoN for U23, the clubs are on their 3rd attempt at a reserve team (affiliation is doomed IMHO so try #4 will be along in the next year or two) and the CSA hasn't had any U23 games in 2 years. What do people think of a joint program for the CSA & 3 MLS teams? Some funding split they can work out and lots of U23 friendly matches per year (10?) ? The players would still have to compete for starting spots so nothing is given. Or do we just wait for if/when the CPL becomes reality and/or the MLS teams figure out their reserve team structure? PS. Send them all to university! CIS & NCAA would be an option for most.
  6. It can be very slippery. You also forgot some players will just say no thanks due to personal issues that may not be injury related. In the end it will come down to squad rotation for the MNT which will test our depth and we aren't that deep (yet but we are improving). It will have to be a 3 way negotiation type of setup with MNT coach, team & player deciding which games they play in. More squad rotation would help us grow eventually but may cost us some games in the short term. I can see this helping Mexico because they will field a lot of U23 players against the weaker teams. They are deep enough to do that without concern. That will prep their next generation.
  7. That is for "seeding into their leagues" so they sound like they already have league members decided. To do that would require some use of the FIFA ranking. If our prelim opponents are Mexico & USA etc then we are in the top and if it is El Salvador & Nicaragua then we are in D2. Or more entertainingly those games could determine the PRO/REL aspect. Honduras, T&T would play Curacao & Canada to see who gets to be in D1/2. I think we are better than 10th as well but you and I don't have a say in it sadly. No it is good. You are bringing it back on topic
  8. If they are naming it BCFC I think that is a good idea. Make your self as different from the MLS team as possible. No mention of Vancouver in the name.
  9. And they are now on try #3 (affiliation with very limited minutes) I've never said that. If fact I said the teams would develop them but that this is a great opportunity Which none of the 3 MLS teams have and I predict affiliation will reduce the minutes drastically. I wouldn't be so sure. A cost sharing approach could work out better than spending a million a year on the USL teams did so the clubs might be open to the idea.
  10. I've moved the discussion over to the MNT thread on the subject CONCACAF Nations League (Update: Officially Announced) as I think it fits better in there.
  11. Because that was where our 18-22 year old MLS players were getting the vast majority of their playing time and now that is gone. I think we actually agree on this point. Scary and kind of weird feeling. All 3 MLS clubs have tried a reserve team, a USL team and now a USL affiliate. The first 2 were abandoned and I don't view the third as viable so the 3 MLS teams will probably try something else next. The 3 MLS teams recognise the importance of games for this group and were so positive that the USL would fill the gap but have now reverted to minimal "contractual obligations" with MLS to at least have an affiliate. I don't know which is worse. Waiting for CPL or waiting for the MLS teams to get their second team figured out.
  12. Ain't it fun to fill quiet time with speculation? Exactly. So let me take a stab at this. 41 teams. 8 in the top group and we are currently 10th so that puts us in tier2 with a group of probably 14 teams. That would leave 19 of the super small teams in tier3. That could be 26 games over 2 years or 13 a year. Here are the teams that would be in tier2 (9th to 22cd) : CuraƧao, Canada, El Salvador, St. Kitts and Nevis, Nicaragua, Suriname, Guatemala, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Barbados, Belize, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Puerto Rico. If we can't field a mostly U23 team against at least the bottom half of those and win then we have bigger problems than I thought. I'm not sure how many spots will go through pro/rel but probably 2 with maybe a playoff for a third.
  13. Both you and jpg75 are conflating U23 with MNT. They are different. I thought I made that clear. There is no "gifting" here. Players like Hamilton will get playing time by beating out other players. More games means a bigger rotation of players still means lots of competition for spots. Our MNT regulars will still get playing time, possibly more than they do now, but more emphasis on the U23 players for the games against the lower ranked teams. But we'll just scrap the idea and keep complaining about lack of meaningful minutes for the players and keep pinning our hopes on a CPL that doesn't have a starting date, a USL experiment that has failed and USL affiliation that features drastically reduced minutes. Sure sounds like a great plan to me. I keep asking for alternatives ....
  14. Glad you'd like to see Hammy get more minutes, so would I. And this "functional U21/23 program" is available when and where? It isn't and there isn't anything other than USL affiliation which, given the results of Montreal+Ottawa, I think we both agree won't cut it. The MLS clubs second try at reserve teams is over so we just wait for "third time's the charm"?
  15. Because there is a Gold Cup every year? WCQ every year? They will be basing qualification on results the announcement says so we field our U23s and bring in the big guns when we need to qualify. I don't know why you frame this as a Whitecaps issue. In case you missed it there is a fellow named Hamilton who could really use this too. So for the players who haven't taken the spot on their MLS team there will be no USL for 2 possibly 3 of the MLS teams next year, no CPL but there is a CLoN league starting in September 2018 and we shouldn't consider using it in this fashion? Pray tell what is your alternative to getting more high level playing time for the 18-22 group?
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