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  1. The Lake Side Buoys were asked to be there and to bring smoke and drums, so, should be entertaining at least.
  2. While there's no guarantee that both groups will find some way to work together, we can at least say we tried. Did we overreact? Well, maybe. Should we redirect all our indignation and fury at a certain power pole now? Quite possibly. ?
  3. I would just like to throw out there that this campaign isn't about us, the Lake Side Buoys, or a reaction to us feeling marginalized. In fact, both groups want us at their games. We just want them to work with each other so that everyone can succeed. There's no reason (beyond, maybe, egos) that both the Highlanders and the CPL group can't work together. Personally, I feel like we might be wasting our time and tilting at windmills, but we all felt we had to do something. And this is only the start of the campaign. Grassroots actions planned at the Highlanders game this afternoon. So, we'll see what happens.
  4. To be fair, some of us had some issues with things that were said at a focus group we were invited to by the Victoria CPL ownership group. When we combined that with some of the things we were told by the Highlanders ownership, we became concerned that too many players in Victoria were working at cross purposes when it comes to pro soccer. I know what I just said was vague (intentionally so) but we hope to put out more videos in the next few days that should fill in the gaps. I think there's far more going on than most people realize, and some of it isn't great.
  5. The themes they presented to us for feedback we're fairly broad and most were decent representations of Victoria. Some of the themes were downtown landmarks, Garden city, the island/Pacific, the Navy, Vancouver Island wilderness, lighthouses, castles, etc. Along with those story themes, we talked colours that complemented them, with light blue and purple colours having the most support. As an aside, I'd like something like Fort Victoria FC, or something like that. Either way, yes, the Lake Side Buoys will be keeping our name and identity as we support the new team.
  6. The new Mackenzie Interchange should alleviate some of the westbound traffic bottlenecking out to Langford, hopefully before the start of the CPL season.
  7. Wow, that TC article sure came out of nowhere. Now I don't know what to think!
  8. In regards to who the new Highlanders ownership group is, I made a video about it: https://youtu.be/yEniZVDv-14
  9. Hey there, long time lurker, very rarely post anything. (my bad) As president of the Lake Side Buoys, we are dedicated to supporting local soccer here in Victoria. If a CPL team sprang up in the next few years here, you better believe we'd be supporting it. If that meant the Highlanders were to move up, great. If that meant an entirely new team running concurrent with the Highlanders, well, I can't speak for all the Buoys, but I'd attend both. And here's a little update to this thread - Westhills stadium is currently undergoing an expansion that will be completed next year. (an expansion that could, in theory, host a CPL crowd) Our new ownership group and sponsorship will make a lot more things possible than they have been in the previous few years, so I'm pretty hopeful for this upcoming season. (our first PDL match is tonight, our first home game is next week) The owner of the Westhills stadium has already reached out to some of our ownership group. Right now, the Highlanders have a commitment with UVic, but that deal could change next season, and if it does, we'll likely see a major venue change. Our ownership group is very aware of the CPL, and the CPL is very aware of the Highlanders. My supporters group has been contacted by CPL's marketing team already to gauge interest in a CPL team in Victoria. My guess here is that this season in the PDL will be a trial run to determine if moving up to the CPL is economically viable. It may take a season or two to figure that out, but I highly doubt that the Highlanders ownership group want to remain in the PDL forever. Either way, it's an exciting time to be a Victoria soccer supporter.
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