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  1. Do we know the number of Canadians that will be required on each team yet?
  2. I know what you mean but this is a picture of what I was talking about. Doesn’t seem too far from the action imo.
  3. Not sure if this has been brought but but for Winnipeg an ideal stadium to me would be some sort of hybrid of the allerus and Fargo dome just a couple hours south.They’re covered stadiums with 8300 seats (allerus) and 1200 ish seats (Fargo dome). Would be nice one day to have their own soccer specific stadium with a nice tight seating compared to IGF To make the place look more intimidating and fun for the fans.
  4. Line up out, looks weird on the MLS app but I'm guessing a 4-4-1-1??
  5. Hahah you should see his snapchat stories, always reminded he's only 16 when I watch them
  6. He tagged Canada soccer on his Insta ... does that mean anything??
  7. Canada is like that low self esteem boy friend that just got dumped by a good looking girl because she wants to test out the waters, she then realizes she can't do much better and comes back. Meanwhile we're there arms wide open cheering her upon her return.. Sad but if he comes back I'd be happy.
  8. ANOTHER ONE to tie the game!! 3 in 8 days let's go!!!
  9. Great header by Jackson-Hamel! Back to back games with a goal!
  10. Clutch finish by Atiba in penalties vs Lyon so calm.. ( I wasn't)
  11. Would he rather be in a room with a giant cluster of small spiders or a small cluster of giant spiders and what league he aspires to play in one day or is he content with the league he is in right now.
  12. That Edwards to ricketts link up .. I like it
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