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  1. 45 minutes of this will get us the equalizer and the winner. The Siz must have given one hell of a halftime speech.
  2. Need some changes for the second half. Losing 2-0 or more doesn’t cost us any more points so I hope we go for it in the 2nd half. As s matter of fact we should to steal a hockey term “pull the goalie” and put 8 or 9 guys up to get the tying goal in the last minutes if we haven’t pulled it back.
  3. Interesting to see what Herdman does with 6 subs after halftime.
  4. Little different feel than The Barbados games. Starting to warm into the game.
  5. Agree 100% with Gator. While they are different players with respect to skill set, Delgado was played ahead of Oso for quite some time and always ahead of Chapman regardless of how poorly he was playing. Chapman was tremendous in the Seattle away start but that didn’t materialize into seeing the field. Delgado could be the worst player on the pitch for match after match with no consequences. He is not the second coming of Kante, and he most likely won’t be playing for the USA again unless they have injuries or a B camp.
  6. Rusty nice touch. Need one or two more so Oso Piette and the other Friday starters can get a breather.
  7. And the onslaught begins. Brym scores his first. Header off the corner.
  8. Surprised that none of them saw the field in the first game. Assume that some will get a run out in game 2 and hopefully will impress enough to be on the bench at the very least for Iceland, if not starting. Borges deserves a chance to be in the field with this team. He dominated our domestic league and the optics of him not getting an opportunity to play for the CMNT are not good. Hopefully that is corrected Friday. Very eager to see how he looks with better players surrounding him.
  9. Welcome to the cut throat world of professional sports. Played well at times but not good enough to force the team to start him that 6th time. And maybe Gallardo started showing something that allowed TFC to let him allez back to France.
  10. Quote from the article vie Google translate... We seek not to risk the advantage we have against Canada for the points obtained, as a result we already had commitments against Iceland and the United States and we made negotiations with FIFA and Concacaf so that the first game is developed without the dispute of the points in the ranking. El Salvador does not risk but against the United States we await the response of FIFA and CONCACAF to have the same procedure. In June we have to play although we do not yet have confirmed rivals, it is already said that they could be from Europe or Central America. CONMEBOL is not possible because in March they start their World Cup qualifier. " Looks like we are going to be in the Hunger Games to qualify. If Herdman and the CSA somehow get us in the Hex ..,
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