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  1. If FIFA allows this, someone is getting a brown envelope!
  2. What if we finish top three and play them in WC, would they absolutely tear us apart then?
  3. In a interview I had seen with father Flores about how Canada was the best country in the world, so happy to be here blah blah blah, was just bs.☚ī¸
  4. I just pray to see the day when all (or most) dual nats pick us first and not because the other nation didn't call them.😉
  5. I can't be 100% certain but I think it was during the game itself.
  6. I saw a slow motion replay and the ball was definitely completely over the line.
  7. If these are our front 3 they could be called the "CAA" line.😁
  8. I agree but it would of been nice to hear that he did bleed maple syrup (even if it wasn't true). Tell the people what they want to hear.😁
  9. What did Rollins claim?
  10. I'm happy he joined us but it's a little disappointing to hear him say that the major reason he did was because it's better for his career.
  11. Didn't know where to put this but "Happy Canada Day" 🎂 to everyone.
  12. Will we get to know how many signed up?
  13. So nobody can translate this?
  14. Pitiful just pitiful. Pitiful just pitiful.
  15. All in! Done it same day I received email. BTW nice touch on the 19.86.
  16. I think Ottawa will be the dark horse team (for the bubble phase) mostly because of their 2 months training together.
  17. Not to be picky but I think it's closer to 75% live 100 miles from US border. Cheers.
  18. If we get to Qatar I do not care if we wear hot pink with lime green dots jerseys.😁
  19. Unless we play in Yellowknife in January at -30, unfortunately we do not have any big home field advantage like some of the other nations in our region have.☚ī¸
  20. So why the wait in announcing? I guess it's not a secret anymore!
  21. I was waiting for someone to bring this up (too many names). I will from now on call it the "Otto" (8 in Italian). Waiting for all my paesano's to agree. Everyone else is welcome.
  22. Wonder what Wheeler's "It's not easy sitting on Big News" is?(Twitter)
  23. What I want to know is what's the hold up in announcing who we'll (COCACAF) be facing and if we (2026) get automatic qualification? I just don't get what the big mystery is all about. Could someone ask Mont Vic in the next interview?
  24. The atmosphere is better (for us) when the majority of fans cheer for home team. I'll never forget that Can/Hon game at Saputo with Hon fans and their kids (born and raised here I bet) booing our team. I live in Mtl so for me it would be great but I'm sure the team (and I) wouldn't want to go thru that again with better options available.
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