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  1. So, article in Western Wheel about Spruce Meadows says they want to eventually build a bigger stadium in the All Canada ring. They also want to build a fieldhouse. Nice. https://www.westernwheel.com/article/looking-to-grow-beyond-the-horse-20181205
  2. I'm with you, Mr. Shermanator, except I'm ok with the name. I enjoyed the launch and put down my season ticket deposit. Bought a hat too and the kids are fighting over who gets to wear it ☺️
  3. National Anthem for the home opener May 11. Sorry for poor picture quality, but the sun was behind the players. Foothills win 2-0.
  4. ^yes, the Edit is close to how it is being described to us locals. The field is grass, fenced in, permanent bleachers, lighting, and plenty of parking. It's used mostly for High School Football (pointy kind) and rugby, so the surface may need some work. There is a good pub within a block of the field
  5. opps, never mind, question answered in the CPL thread. does anyone know where they will play their home games this year?
  6. 20 minutes into the second half, Canada goes ahead 3-2! Nice come back
  7. 36' Norway 2-0. Blatant give away by Canadian defender to set that up. Norway playing like they have something to prove. Canada playing like it is friendly in Spain.
  8. Norway 1-0. Corner kick and headed in at back post.
  9. um, don't forget about CalgaryNEXT. I could see an Olympic bid and a FIFA WC game being used to justify that stadium.
  10. if it is policy, why is nobody with weight calling him out on it (i.e. csa)? Considering the silence, I get the impression Garber is right.
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