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  1. Snobbery? No. There is good and there is bad and that game was not good. I'll be happy to point out when Canada is sucking too.
  2. I had to turn the Aruba game off. Painful. I think there is better play in the men's 35+ beer league down at the park. Canada beats Aruba 8-0
  3. Nice article from a few weeks ago. Lots of good take away here. Clearly he is pleased to be playing for Canada. interesting that Herdman is challenging him to get to the next higher league: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/john-herdman-finding-david-wotherspoon-23884900.amp
  4. We are such a fickle bunch here. We just had a guy walk onto the field to play for wolves against Tottenham. He has played and committed to Canada and scored goals for us. And it is already Yesterday’s news. No one gives a crap. What’s the next shiny thing. No one’s even commenting on Corbeanu’s page site anymore it’s now looking just at Jebbison. Enjoy what you have people.
  5. Latest rumours: https://www.90min.com/posts/tottenham-west-ham-monitoring-besiktas-forward-cyle-larin
  6. Why Chicago is a good option: 1. Much cooler/colder than Florida. June temps at night are about 13 c. Good for Canada 2. Florida to Chicago on a charter flight is about 2.5 hours. Suriname to Chicago (assuming no Charter) is around 16 hrs with at least one lay over 3. if there are any fans, most likely they will be for Canada 4.Good stadium and base for the next round of games assuming we win. Who knows, Maybe there’s some special arrangement and we can run the next round of games in Manitoba. Probably not but you never know 5. deep dish pizza
  7. So where is Twardek in the grand scheme of things. He is starting again today. His club is mid-pack in Polish fist division. a few years ago that equals automatic starter for Canada. Now?
  8. So Kennedy is now hurt, James is riding the bench in Greece, Korean league started and Henry was nowhere to be seen last night and Vitoria wasn’t in his last game. Eek! Those were the four CBs (that I know about) that could be possibly be playing games before qualifying and they are not getting minutes. Not good. If fitness and playing time is critical (which it is) and herdman has identified this I think we might see a real mix of players: Wotherspoon, Salomon (Israel), Aleman, Twardek are all starting and playing now. I suspect at least some of them to be called. Too bad they aren’t CBs.
  9. Thoughts on Aleman and Twerdek joining the team as depth players if Herdman worried about fitness? both starting in their leagues and playing regularly (Costa Rica and Poland respectively). leagues far stronger than the Bermuda/Caymans domestic leagues.
  10. Bermuda will play two friendlies before they play us: https://www.royalgazette.com/soccer/sport/article/20210224/bermuda-to-face-canada-at-neutral-venue-in-orlando/
  11. Fair enough re. transfermarkt but it and whoscored are the best we’ve got. Canada has not played since Jan 2020 and I think Suriname last played Nov 2019!!!
  12. And Canada: https://www.transfermarkt.us/spieler-statistik/wertvollstespieler/marktwertetop/mw/land_id/80
  13. https://www.transfermarkt.com/spieler-statistik/wertvollstespieler/marktwertetop/mw/land_id/161
  14. You can look in transfermarkt at a country by all their players who have committed to the country (including the ones announced over the last week or two) based on value. They have 5 players value at over $1M USD. We have 18, 19 if you include Akinola. They are stronger than Bermuda for sure. But. again, they are not the team we should be tripping over.
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