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  1. Fair enough re. transfermarkt but it and whoscored are the best we’ve got. Canada has not played since Jan 2020 and I think Suriname last played Nov 2019!!!
  2. And Canada: https://www.transfermarkt.us/spieler-statistik/wertvollstespieler/marktwertetop/mw/land_id/80
  3. https://www.transfermarkt.com/spieler-statistik/wertvollstespieler/marktwertetop/mw/land_id/161
  4. You can look in transfermarkt at a country by all their players who have committed to the country (including the ones announced over the last week or two) based on value. They have 5 players value at over $1M USD. We have 18, 19 if you include Akinola. They are stronger than Bermuda for sure. But. again, they are not the team we should be tripping over.
  5. I am not even talking about our top 2. If you look at transfermarkt our player value versus theirs we trounce them. We are in the top 70th in the world they are in the top 140th. I know on a given day anything can happen but if we are thinking of doing anything in Concacaf and getting to the top 8 this should not be the team we are worried about. We can’t take them for granted but if this is where we fall then we are screwed as a soccer nation.
  6. And in the universe where we lose to Suriname - we should close the program. A team of euro based players means zilch. Canada could play plenty of teams that only have their domestic players and lose (most of South America actually) but against Suriname we should win. If we can’t get out of this round something is fundamentally flawed.
  7. If we can’t beat Suriname and get out of this round we should close the whole program down and start over in a decade. I coach some U10s that will be ready to go then.
  8. Aleman back in Costa Rica playing in their first division: Which begs the question: which is a stronger league: CDN Premier League or Costa Rican Premier League?
  9. The way the US' vaccine roll out is going by end of March they are probably going to be one of the better locations on the planet to host a game. Canada is too slow with vaccinations and travel restrictions and quarantine expectations will still be in place. I bet our home games are in Florida. Herdman won't want the headache of trying to sort out the ins and outs of playing in Canada. He's tried Florida, it works, that's where they will play. I also would imagine that our top players in Europe will be vaccinated (if they aren't already) by then. Can't tell me that the clubs haven't mad
  10. My two cents, and it is probably wrong but here goes: Herman has no interest in doing a friendly now. It is all psychology for him. If they were to do a friendly with a B team and lose to Serbia or the US It doesn’t set the players up for success for March. He can get them working on the systems he needs and have their headspace right by using scrimmages and training games. If they were to lose a scrimmage against the US, so maybe they play 3 30 minute periods,it is not consequential because that is not a standard game. He wants them going in to March with a huge belief that they can win every
  11. How about a game in Panama vs Panama and then get a nearby country like Colombia to pop up for a game too. A mini round robin. I can bring the orange slices!
  12. About 99% sure I saw him in Victoria today. Perhaps coming to Pacific Fc . . . .
  13. Do we know what the return on investment turned out to be for PEI? It is probably too early to tell but with all the influx of players, media etc I am assuming PEI got their $1M back and then some.
  14. When is there going to be a friendly?
  15. It doesn't look like it will be S. Korea unfortunately. Maybe we can play Qatar. https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20201014007000315
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