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  1. It doesn't look like it will be S. Korea unfortunately. Maybe we can play Qatar. https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20201014007000315
  2. Back to MLS? I hope not. Hopefully he goes to the Netherlands in January. Not Seattle: https://tweetspor.com/cyle-larine-mlsden-talip-cikti/22926/
  3. What this tells me is that Cavallini Is woeful. Hopefully he improves over the Caps move him somewhere where he can flourish.
  4. So what happened to Liam? No news at all today. Is he still with Liverpool?
  5. I have seen his stats and I know he bounced around and sat on the bench for a while. But he is still better than the Serbian league and could be starting in a better league. Understood that we don't want him riding the bench but I don't think he would.
  6. He is off to Europa League Playoff round now. I know Borjan is proud to be at Red Star (he is their Captain etc etc) but I wish he would take his game to a bigger/better league for his final few years. He'd be great in Serie A or similar. He'd benefit from the payday and I think he could take his game up a level which would benefit us. I fear he will become complacent at Red Star especially now they are out of the Champions League.
  7. I think his play is just fine. More to the point, I imagine Kaye is going to be looking very seriously at any offer that gets him out of the US. He will be in Europe before too long.
  8. based on form, Larin starts ahead of Cavallini in October: discuss
  9. 3-1 . Larin with the goal! the link above has been pulled. sorry about that. Just keep checking youtube.
  10. 3-0 Time for Larin to start blasting the ball over the net, I mean in the net. Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfAJOLj_lms
  11. the game sheet says Leutwiler came in at the 72nd minute. So he only gave up one goal not three.
  12. Just checked Ticketmaster. Ticket sales seemed to have stalled since late last week. Still stuck at about 50-60% sold. They need a marketing push to wrap up the last seats.
  13. As a faithful Leeds supporter I would have mixed emotions if Larin were to go there. They need more scoring but I have visions of Larin missing sitters all over the place. If they do get promoted I don't think he would cut it in the Premier league unfortunately.
  14. Great line up. Happy to see Didic and Brym start. Equally happy that James and Teibert aren't.
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