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  1. Kilmarnock just got dumped out of Europa League by Connah's Quay of the Welsh Premier League!! If he was hoping to get some Europe expereicne he might want to get loaned elsewhere . .. .
  2. Dario Zanatta comes on at the 75min mark for Hearts in League Cup play. From what I have heard he might be sticking with the club. He apparently impressed in a friendly earlier in the week.
  3. These guys are professional athletes. You don’t think they’ve been yelled at by a team mate or team leader before? If Godinho can’t handle that from Borjan he needs a new profession. Borjan has saved Canada’s ass so many times when the play was sloppy in front of him. he deserves, and as keeper it is his job, to holler at his teammates and tell them to stop ******* up. The blame was on both players but if Godinho doesn’t know what type of pass Borjan needs he should be watching from the bench.
  4. If he keeps lighting it up in the Gold Cup I wonder if offers will start to come in from Spain. There was talk about him going to Levante at one point I think.
  5. After watching Milan in the last two games and through the Champions league I am amazed he does not play in a better league and earn more money. It is nice to win the championship in Serbia but I really think he could be playing in a mid-pack top 5 league. He deserves it!
  6. Gent loses 2-1. Disappointing close out to the season for the team. Had a couple of Europa League options and they don’t make it. I wonder if this accelerates David’s departure.
  7. I wish he had gone to Leeds when that was a rumoured opportunity. He would have a year in the Championship under his belt and be fighting to promote to the Premier league. Maybe he can go to Fulham who have just been relegated.
  8. I thought crepeau and Henry were good. Crepeau made some big saves and bailed the Caps out. The Whitecaps had way too many cheap turnovers. We could barely keep possession for more than 10 seconds at a time in the first half. The tram misses Davies; nobody close to his level out there. In the crowd people were buzzing about Crepeau — nice to hear positive comments for him.
  9. David and Cavallini were beasts. I was disappointed with Piette. A lot of wayward passes and he botched the pass back that led to the goal. He also held the ball too long and often just didn’t seem in sync. I would say it felt like watching a team that had not played often together, which they haven’t. Some great individual efforts but as a team it lacked cohesion. You can see there are some great moments but often there were some real gaps in the play. Also, was it me or does it seem like everybody was hitting the deck very easily. Either the field was too slippery or there was a lot of hacking.
  10. Arfield is injured, Johnson went off injured, Teibert didn’t even make the first 18 for the game today. Our stacked midfield is suddenly looking a little thinner before next weekend’s game.
  11. Besiktas have about 10 games left in the season. I would almost bet Larin isn't on the field for the remainder of that time. Off to the Dutch or Belgian league I bet.
  12. 1986 is so long ago that for many people it feels like it didn’t happen. Ask a kid playing soccer today. They can’t relate to 1986. These guys will be pioneers for literally millions of kids.
  13. Just bought tickets. Not in supporter section but we’ll be loud anyway! Bringing the whole family. LOTS of tickets left. I’m wondering if we’ll hit 10,000.
  14. An article says he’ll be making about 40,000 euro/month and his contract has no exit clause. Not sure the ins and outs of this but I assume this good for Milan. I wonder if this is an opportunity for Red Star to try and have one more run through champions league and then potentially sell Milan for a lot of money to a bigger club as he would still have a few years yet on his contract.
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