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  1. the game sheet says Leutwiler came in at the 72nd minute. So he only gave up one goal not three.
  2. Just checked Ticketmaster. Ticket sales seemed to have stalled since late last week. Still stuck at about 50-60% sold. They need a marketing push to wrap up the last seats.
  3. As a faithful Leeds supporter I would have mixed emotions if Larin were to go there. They need more scoring but I have visions of Larin missing sitters all over the place. If they do get promoted I don't think he would cut it in the Premier league unfortunately.
  4. Great line up. Happy to see Didic and Brym start. Equally happy that James and Teibert aren't.
  5. We are the kings of the Tall poppy syndrome. "Hey, that guy is really good! Quick, know him back down to earth"
  6. This is suggesting Canada wants a camp from Jan 10-27th: https://teletica.com/243240_en-la-sele-analizan-la-posibilidad-de-un-fogueo-ante-canada-en-enero-proximo
  7. Some very negative reviews of his recent play for Rangers. Comments re. His needing to decide between rangers and Canada because he can’t do both: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/11/24/rangers-fans-react-to-scott-arfields-latest-performance/ https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.rangersnews.uk/news/rangers-fans-criticise-scott-arfield-for-poor-hamilton-showing/amp/
  8. Might not be an idea accepted by all here But I do know it is an idea people in CPL are thinking about.
  9. Perhaps, but I think the CPL might be the route to get the semi-pro or university player with dual citizenship who would otherwise never see the light of day on the field and developing and possibly playing for Canada. Won't say it will happen all the time but I think you'll see clubs picking up more young dual (multi) citizenship players whose citizenships and loyalties are up in the air and just need a place to play regularly.
  10. I think the future capture of dual nationals will be done by the CPL and less by CSA. I think we will see more CPL teams bringing in one or two young int'l players i.e. from an African, Latin American or Asian country at a young age and then they will get their Canadian citizenship. The CPL has a contract with the CSA and I am sure there must be some agreement to help the development and identification of a . talent b. dual nationals
  11. Kilmarnock just got dumped out of Europa League by Connah's Quay of the Welsh Premier League!! If he was hoping to get some Europe expereicne he might want to get loaned elsewhere . .. .
  12. Dario Zanatta comes on at the 75min mark for Hearts in League Cup play. From what I have heard he might be sticking with the club. He apparently impressed in a friendly earlier in the week.
  13. These guys are professional athletes. You don’t think they’ve been yelled at by a team mate or team leader before? If Godinho can’t handle that from Borjan he needs a new profession. Borjan has saved Canada’s ass so many times when the play was sloppy in front of him. he deserves, and as keeper it is his job, to holler at his teammates and tell them to stop ******* up. The blame was on both players but if Godinho doesn’t know what type of pass Borjan needs he should be watching from the bench.
  14. If he keeps lighting it up in the Gold Cup I wonder if offers will start to come in from Spain. There was talk about him going to Levante at one point I think.
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