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  1. They're saving him for Wednesday. And no, he's fine there until they sell him. Champions League experience is pretty big for him.
  2. Sure except they need points. Why would they not start David? Actually maybe you're right, I didn't realize they have a Champions League game this week too.
  3. I'd take him at Wolves in January and loan him to a championship side for the rest of the season. Would love to see him make Semedo step up. Hoever is our backup right now and just doesn't have it.
  4. There are down, hence Weah and David starting together. He'll likely start. He's been their best.
  5. I don't watch MLS. But the last two games have really won me over. He's special.
  6. Right? Thank God we won. And people who got in at half time at least still got to celebrate the winning goal and the insurance X2. But yeah, it definitely sucked. I've only seen something like that one other time @ the Jays game against the Yankees a few years ago.
  7. The QR code system that is supposed to launch in less than 2 weeks is hopefully much quicker. I only missed like 10 minutes. But I mean it's really not fair to the people who bought tickets when it was sold at 50% capacity or whatever to miss part of the time because of the late decision to increase capacity and not having a good system in place to check IDs. They should have had more people checking IDs a bit further or and then move them into lines for entrance. However the atmosphere of full capacity made up for missing 10 minutes to me.
  8. I still have a cracking voice. I gave it all to the boys last night. 🤣 Wrong thread my bad lol
  9. Well even the ref let them do whatever on the field, they realized they had free reign.
  10. I'm in this picture! Somewhere lol this is like.. 121? Oh wait, maybe I'm just cut off. This is second deck, I think.
  11. That was amazing (except for BMO's organization). It was already 1-0 Panama when I got inside. Thankfully, we dominated the game after! I'm still on the Corbeanu hype train. And I'm not getting off of it so block me if you wish. However, Tajon's last two games have fully won me over. He's fantastic. I'm in his hype train now too. A little late to the party, but I don't watch MLS so that is part of being slow to jump on. I'm not even sure I can pick a MotM. Davies was incredible. Tajon was very good. David was very good. Johnston is a fucking monster. Vitoria is so damn calm and smooth. Miller played maybe his best game ever. Eustaquio... I don't even have words for how good he is. Thanks Vs and thanks to all the fans at BMO field. I hope it came across well on TV cause it was ELECTRIC.
  12. FIFA said teams would be fined for not releasing players if the federations didn't approve. Some federations approved (wouldn't even doubt if money was involved) players not coming. Others wanted their players anyway. Jimenez will probably miss the Villa game upon return.
  13. Panama only needs 14 at this point. And their next window has 2 very winnable games. So yeah, if they get a point tomorrow... It's going to be difficult. However our chances are apparently still 66% at qualifying which is down from 74% before Jamaica. Panama is up to like 26% from 8%.
  14. Maybe I've just set the bar really low after how I used to feel about him lol
  15. Especially with their team so depleted and other teams picking up dominant wins in Jamaica like Panama.
  16. I don't think anyone is terribly worried about Jamaica. I think it's more Panama and Costa Rica.
  17. He's so important in ball movement. He spreads the ball out so well. I thought Piette played hard last night, but he just obviously can't give us the same ball movement and Kaye has struggled for two games in that sense.
  18. Excited for this one, can't wait to be at the game! I think we desperately need something up front with David. Hopefully Larin is fit enough for that. Or maybe keep Millar wide and let Buchanan come into the middle a little. He works so much better off of someone. Osorio could be the player, but he seems to much prefer going towards to the wing (he and Millar worked well together). We need David because he's the best goal scorer we've ever had. But we also need to get some service and let him play off someone. He's not really a playmaker.
  19. I've really enjoyed Wheeler the past two games. He's definitely toned it way down for the national broadcasts. He still lets his personality shine through which is a good thing - but it's no longer so incredibly bias that I have to switch to the French broadcast.
  20. To be fair to Byrm, didn't Johnston do the same thing a few moments prior with a cross? That pitch must have been frustrating for them. I do love Johnston as a player though. He's such a warrior.
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