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  1. It... hasn't happened. It's really not that big and not enough for them to to play it over other sports. If they thought they'd make money, it'd be on TV. Plain and simple.
  2. Only if they want too. It should be their decision. Especially Davies, who had lots of time off as he fought for his position. Around them, some other regular should be given time off. But having our best two players, if they want too come, with some younger players could be beneficial. Maybe Jebbison or Dias accepts the call to play with Davies/David... who knows!
  3. Nah, I didn't catch it. I was driving to work during the second half (listening to the OneSoccer feed over bluetooth). The game finished just 2 minutes before my shift started.
  4. I mean - if an official Haiti media station is broadcasting the game on YouTube - it's not illegal. I can't wait for the day that Canada soccer actually becomes big enough for the TV networks, regardless of opponent. That will be the day. After watching Wolves all year in 1080p - it's horrifying watching a 720p feed on a 60 inch TV. It's like watching a movie your friend gave you on a CD back in 1997 lol
  5. I am supporting them for now. But if they can't offer 1080p sooner than later, I think opposition streams will be a better watch. 720 looks like shit on a 60-inch TV.
  6. While I have no issue supporting One Soccer, their first stream against Suriname was horseshit. One of the worst online experiences I've had. I'm sure downloading music from Napster would have been more satisfying. On the same note - the next two streams have worked well. However, it's also 2021 and paying for a 720p stream is pretty horseshit as well lol
  7. If it's an official Haiti television station's YouTube channel, it most definitely is not illegal.
  8. I'm sure Haiti knew and just hoped restrictions would ease by now. It's happened in plenty of tournaments around the globe in the past few months.
  9. Yeah, I get it... but there's pros and cons to each. Like an extra 30 minutes in front of a red hot crowd (obviously fuck COVID) but yeah.
  10. I mean, 9 years ago I was pretty confident that we could park the bus and get a tie. And we lost 8-1 lol
  11. I mean... in theory, you'd rather play at home in the final game (does the higher ranked team always get the final home game?). I get what you're saying, but it's still a 2-1 thing. In that same statement (erase COVID) and we'd have 30 extra minutes to score at home with an electric crowd cheering us on. I'd rather play the 30 minutes than go to penalties - 100 times out of 100.
  12. I just meant being one game away from Oct (hex back then) and only needing a draw to get through.
  13. What does this even mean? If we go to extra time and lose 1-0, it would still be 1-1. If we go to extra time and lose 2-1, we would have lost regardless if it was extra time or not.
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