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  1. Oh sorry almighty one. I didn't know your word was gospel. Maybe when you learn the names of our players and treat them with respect, I'll do the same to your opinions.
  2. Never said he was bad. Said quite the opposite. When Arfield is the worst player on pitch, you've just done something special. And we did.
  3. I don't know, I was there live and felt like Hoilett didn't miss a beat. He was running hard, had a great chance, and kept the pressure on USA. We didn't really miss a beat after Davies left the pitch. Hoilett was good.
  4. Well, when we are ranked nearly top-20 in the World and lose to someone over 50 or 60 spots below us, we will make every excuse in the book to try to make ourselves believe we're not losing steam. I mean.. we never acted like we're a powerhouse. But we acted just as douchey when it came to Haiti. 90% of us we're hoping to play Haiti because it's an easier match and we should have won. We didn't. And we whined. It's pro sports. No real reason to to bash the Americans among ourselves. Save that for friendly bickering.
  5. They played the same amount of time... Hoilett played like 30 minutes. He was solid. That's a little bit of a slap in the face to say he made no difference.
  6. It was a joke. 😛 Our back line was amazing tonight anyway!
  7. Maybe he'll want to play for us after tonight..
  8. I thought Arfield was the worst of the bunch. Now tonight being the worst is still absolutely amazing... but Piette and Osorio were on another level. Davies was a nightmare for them. David too. Our backline gets a lot of hate. But tonight... wow. So good.
  9. My other friend is 8 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses. The third friend in our trio moved to 3 wins, 0 losses tonight.
  10. I'm 5-0 at Canadian soccer games live. I wasn't sure what to expect tonight... But being there live. Hearing the crowd roar and being part of that roar.... Tonight was magic.
  11. I mean 99% of the forum was begging for him to be subbed on at half last night.....
  12. The back pass wasn't even that bad. If Borjan didn't back up and then try to play like Ronaldo, he would have been fine.
  13. Might be hard to get a game before October with the European leagues starting.
  14. Bingo. We should actually be shocked he only made one really bad play when he was 1v2 for the entire second half.
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