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  1. It's not just cards, which you covered later in your post. Most of us just write cards instead of going in depth. I know he led MLS in penalties conceded 7 years ago. And I know he conceded a penalty a couple months ago in the Gold Cup as well - in a game we were playing very well in. As a Wolves fan, he reminds me a lot of Romain Saiss. I don't doubt his heart and his drive. He's just a little too irresponsible.
  2. Funny. "Be polite", yet you start your post by attacking. Hey, why don't you teach Tajon that instead of falling.
  3. Yeah, there is. When you learn to stay on your feet, you can beat players and attack the open space. If you're on the ground, you can't attack shit.
  4. I'd want to mess with Henry. He's just going to take an irresponsible card and help my team. Johnston on the other hand makes the same hard painful tackles except they're clean 99 times out of 100.
  5. To the extent Tajon does? Nope. And if he does, he makes it look more believable because I've never seen an issue with him diving. Tajon has more speed than Theo, so using it should be his tactic. Theo is quick, but not a world beater so he has to go into contact to beat players.
  6. I definitely think David does it too, although not as much as Tajon. My friend who I was with said the same thing - that David is bad for it too. But at least he falls in a way that usually looks believable. I haven't watched a replay of David going down in the box, but live I was like.... Hmmm, was that a penalty? Whereas with Tajon I think the theatrics are too much. Really good player. But he's got a chance to be great. A young Ronaldo used to dive all over the place too. When he learned how to stay on his feet he became arguably the best player in the world.
  7. It's alright. Once he develops into a player who doesn't go to ground so easily, you're going to see something special. Right now we're just seeing very effective at times. And just because I called him out for diving doesn't mean he's never been legitimately fouled.
  8. Dude is a stud. Plays the right way.
  9. Years and years and even more years. And I'll never support it regardless. No other player goes down that easily. Or if they do, they at least make it look good enough to question. I disagree about having to do it. So many times Tajon could have just beat his guy but chose the ground instead. I have full faith he'll learn to go around that and make teams pay. I just hope it's sooner than later. Like I said though, if he's going to do it... At least learn how to fall and make it convincing. Because going down to ground because of the cool Toronto breeze with no one touching him is quite embarrassing. On the bright side, at least I was at the game so I didn't have to listen to Wheeler screaming how Tajon's dives should be penalties lol
  10. The problem is most of the spots he tried to get them aren't dangerous. Whereas him learning to beat that man who is playing him too tightly opens up way more dangerous attacking opportunities. It also leaves us one man short going back. Regardless, if you're going to be unsportsmanlike and dive... at least make it look good and like you were actually murdered on the field.
  11. A couple times? He goes to ground when someone runs past him and he feels the wind on his back. He's soft and it'll cap his top level ability if he doesn't develop past that. And calling any unsportsmanlike play smart is a hard no from me. I wish refs would take more control of the game. The ref last night was much better than the ref from the Honduran game who let both teams get away with time wasting all night long. Anyway, that's just my beliefs. No one has to agree with them!
  12. Was at the game. Throughly enjoyed myself. The atmosphere was great but I think the early goals deflated the El Salvador fans which made it not quite as fun from at atmosphere perspective. Really important 3 points. Sucks that Davies missed out because another few goals for goal differential would be nice. Next window could be a lot harder. Not sure if leagues will allow players to go to Mexico next month of COVID cases keep rising. Obviously that hurts both teams but it hurts us more. I really hope Arfield is recalled going forward. I know Hoilett was upset - but get over it. He's an important piece to the puzzle. He makes us that much better. Alistair Johnston became my favourite player over these three games. He's an absolute destroyer who never gives up. I absolutely love that in a defender. He's so good. He's my second name on any teamsheet after Davies. We have nothing that comes close to replacing him. David was fantastic. Nothing more needs to be said there. Also thought Vitoria played very well. Now onto Tajon. He had a very good game. But my god man stay on your feet. It's embarrassing. He looked like the Honduran team last night. A piece of grass could touch him and he'd go to ground. When he learns to stay on his feet and use that space they're giving him by playing him so close - he's going to be absolutely deadly. I don't know if he needs more strength or if it's a mentality thing. I believe it's the latter. He's going to be fantastic player instead of a very good one if he can develop that. Very happy with the performance overall. Was nice to see Cavallini get some time after having some injury trouble. Onto the next set!
  13. Cough what? Losing ... We were losing when I posted that. Nothing I said was incorrect. With a little end product we have 6 points right now.
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