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  1. I mean 99% of the forum was begging for him to be subbed on at half last night.....
  2. The back pass wasn't even that bad. If Borjan didn't back up and then try to play like Ronaldo, he would have been fine.
  3. Might be hard to get a game before October with the European leagues starting.
  4. Bingo. We should actually be shocked he only made one really bad play when he was 1v2 for the entire second half.
  5. Lol you may wanna watch the play again Also. I don't give a **** if you're a professional. Everyone gets pissed off being yelled at. You may think it doesn't effect you... but it will. And no Borjan is a (not the only) scapegoat because he was a jackass and because he made a huge mistake to cost us a goal.
  6. Fluff. He would have gained my respect if he took some blame. But he gave it all to the players. How about subbing off an fantastically performing midfielder for someone who was very clearly unfit? How about subbing off a one of the tournament's leading scorers, down a goal, for a defender? How about the fact your entire press conference whines about not being physical enough to match Haiti's physicality... yet you leave our most physical player in Sam Piette on the bench? Herdman, I gave him a chance. But thus tournament really soured me. Talking about the semi-finals in the group stage. Not taking blame upon himself. Disgusting substitutions.
  7. This was what I was scared about. Herdman had real bad issues with his lineup for the women. His tactics are usually fine. He had an unreasonable crush on playing Kyle for the women and she was quite likely the worst player I've ever seen.
  8. He's not a leader. That's for sure. I said to my friend that hopefully he's concussed because that's the only reasonable way to explain a veteran treating a young player that way. Just disgusting. Hoping to see Busti or Leutwiler when I go see the boys this fall.
  9. If we had too good of competition we'd probably choke and end up in League B
  10. I thought Godinho played very well until the penalty. Borjan is an *******. I could understand if that was the 3-2 goal and frustrations were boiling but it wasn't. We were still in the driver seat and he acts like a disrespectful fool. I was pissed. Hopefully Busti turns out to be good so we can get a youthful keeper to grow with this group.
  11. If I had my choices; Piette for Hutch at half. Liam Millar for Hoilett at 70. Davies moves up front here and run 3 at the back. I'd probably have done ZBG for Godinho after Borjan yelled at him for the first goal. It's hard to focus again after that. I don't blame Godinho for that (the second yes) but still would have made the change. Osorio and Cavallini would have been nowhere close to being off.
  12. I thought Borjan was horrific (hopefully not concussed). Atiba, unfortunately, was bad. Godinho, while I don't blame him for the first goal, the penalty can't happen. David was great when he got service. Cavallini struggled but he's still a threat. Should never have been subbed for Morgan. What an absolute joke. Arfield was incredible in the first half. Maybe the best performance from any player in the tournament. Second half was not good though. Davies had flashes of brilliance. I don't hate him at wing back, but he needs more time. And her shouldn't be playing there in knockout games yet. Osorio was fantastic and that sub cost us the game 100%. He's a general on the field. He's last 8th of the pitch is the only reason he's not in a better league but that doesn't matter when you're already winning. Kaye was atrocious. Not his fault. Shouldn't have played.
  13. I care too. My post was talking about the players crying when the offside wasn't close.
  14. Oh for sure. We still win that game with Osorio and Cav in the game, IMO.
  15. David probably regretting not playing for Haiti lol
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