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  1. I'm going to wait until mid-September. Probably by then something will play out.
  2. Can you please give us a brief summary. I can't open it. I'm at work and the boss is walking around.
  3. https://www.tsn.ca/radio/hamilton-1150/clanahan-you-re-going-to-see-soccer-really-find-its-stide-in-canada-1.1112014
  4. After Halifax, what city will be announced next?
  5. I'm seeing all these countdowns for Calgary's season ticket holders, but where's York9 right now at the moment?
  6. AST...I will be wearing my maple leaf t-shirt for this occasion.
  7. Tomorrow at about 11am is going to be a beautiful day. My mommy told me so.
  8. It appears that De Jong may be heading to Holland...FC Groningen is expressing interest for him.
  9. Hey Guillermo! Do you think you could draw the Hamilton Steelers logo with 2 hammers, showing off the black and gold color. Make it look very industrial with two hammers, just like those union crest.
  10. I know on this forum we have several artists who have created crests/logos/insignias for several teams...Can we have a possible logo for this new Canadian Premier League. Please!!!! I will even buy you all the beers at the next TFC game.
  11. We can always name the Vancouver team the 86ers or the Royals.
  12. From Duane Rollins on Reddit: Ottawa is part of the planning of this CPL and will join it Edmonton wants to stay in NASL and is pissed about this league Hamilton Ti-cats are part of this Expect CFL cities minus Edmonton (What are the chances here that the Edmonton Eskimos or the Oilers buy off FC Edmonton from the Fath brothers?) Toronto and Vancouver ownerships are the current stumbling block 8 teams expected. 6 solidly committed now. 2017 start expected Actually, I was expecting for 10 teams (which includes the following cities: Vancouver, Edmonton
  13. This league could be sustainable in condition that it obtains a broadcast deal (à la CFL). Rollins has said this time and time again. For this reason the role of the CFL is huge here. In fact, a project like this will only really work with CFL backing as they'd share stadiums amongst other things.
  14. Can we have the artists in this forum design several crest/logos with the new name of this league "Canadian Premier League" (CPL). If you're out there, please bring your ideas to this thread.
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