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  1. Played a role in getting the ball forward for Lewandoski's goal. https://streamja.com/gPaZ
  2. Nevertheless, it’s Alphonso Davies who should receive the highest praise. The young Canadian was exemplary from the first minute until the game’s conclusion. Although starting at left-back, he was able to maintain a big presence in Bayern’s attacking play, making multiple good dribbles, constantly overlapping while still retaining some positional organisation. Once moved onto the wing, the former Vancouver Whitecaps player kept up his superb performance before scoring an exceptionally taken goal with his (weaker) right foot. In addition, he set up Arp’s goal with a marvelous first time pass. I
  3. Bayern is reportedly interested in signing Leroy Sane, who can play LW as well. https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2019/5/24/18638521/bayern-munich-breaking-first-bid-manchester-city-leroy-sane-pep-guardiola-transfer-news
  4. I would argue that for David he was given very few minutes as a late sub (better than nothing) but absolutely forced himself into the picture by being a goal scoring phenomenon. Not that a teenager should expect any more opportunities than he has hadin the Belgian league, but I don't think his ascent disproves the bias theory. He has performed completely above the standard expected of him and made it impossible to be ignored, so if anything his story supports the theory of there being a higher bar for imports.
  5. Interesting that Jeong, the hat trick hero from Davies game with Bayern II also made the bench. Has he been on the bench with Alphonso before?
  6. ? I'm actually thrilled with the approach they're taking with Alphonso. Speaks to how highly they think of him and not wanting to repeat the Sanches mistake.
  7. Safe to say the Bayern experiment has failed. Hopefully he can find a spot in CPL.
  8. Kovac: “Alphonso’s a really big talent from North America, who’s taking his first steps. He needs to be integrated into German culture, learn the language, and I have to help him become familiar with the playing system and the intensity. But he’s a player who sooner or later will become a very important part of this club and with his abilities I’m confident he’ll do it very quickly.” https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/niko-kovac-on-lewandowski-alphonso-davies-and-bayern-catching-dortmund-3349-2384
  9. I don't really get the sad reactions, to be honest. Is anyone else feeling like "Yes! He's already on the bench for the 1st team!". I mean when he was first signed people were talking about loans to a lower level.
  10. The free kick goal did look a little bit suspect. It didn't go over the wall, it went to the side the keeper should have been shading towards (though he decided to position himself nearly dead center), and it wasn't quite top corner. I know it's speculation and it was a decent strike, but I think Neuer saves that (both with better positioning and reaction, but it's Neuer). https://streamable.com/k45pp
  11. Thank you for these insights. These are the kind of posts I love about this board.
  12. It's not only the distance, folks, it's the time zones. Sleep has a HUGE effect on athletic performance and when you're regularly changing timezones it has been scientifically proven to be detrimental to your performance.
  13. I mean between the Dundee and Falkirk fans there does seem to be a theme of lack of work ethic. Strange because I didn't have that impression when he played for Canada.
  14. Bournemouth has signed Solanke away from LFC, so that's at least one less striker ahead of Liam, although there may be one incoming at some point (Werner).
  15. Check out the replies. Dundee fans are celebrating his departure and questioning his work ethic.
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