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  1. It really doesn’t help that El Salvador will be in the hex and probably finish last. I would much rather have a handful of players be there then El Salvador
  2. I’m not sure if there are selling tickets in half of the top bowl sections
  3. This came out of nowhere. It will definitely me a great experience for him in terms of culture
  4. reminds me of Eugenie Bouchard
  5. 8.7 rating on whoscored, Bayerns average was 7.5. Apparently the 2nd best player on Bayern in the game. Every Bayern fan on reddit is giving him high praise right now for his performance
  6. Has Atiba ever actually said he was playing after the Gold Cup, because all I remember is him saying the Gold Cup was his last call up.
  7. You have to be pulling this ranking out of your ass unless you have watched the El Salvador, Panama, and Guatemalan league even casually
  8. Everyone forgets his form for Canada while going off for Orlando. I wouldn’t give him the nod over Cavallini considering their past performances for Canada. I would consider him as a good attacking option off the bench
  9. Tbh it wouldn’t be a proper send off, it would be in front of the Americans. And realistically if we won this game and he was in it, it wouldn’t be his last considering we’d be playing in the Semi finals
  10. Maybe he doesn’t want to be called up
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