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  1. Whoscored lists him as an American which I thought was pretty funny.
  2. I mean they added the Nations League so its not like they don’t have any competitive games
  3. Gave a quick glance at whoscored and noticed Akindele and Johnson are in the top 3 of Orlando in terms of Match rating (6.97 and 6.95). Their best player Nani is at 7.37 and Oriol Rosell (4th) is at 6.84. Tbh I haven’t watch a lot of them this season so I can’t personally say they have been in the top 3 players on their team but I thought it was really interesting to note
  4. Henry looked a little shaky this game, especially on the play where he was given a yellow. I also noticed he likes to avoid catching the ball at its highest point and waits to caress it in his hands, this habit has caused a few scares.
  5. Unrelated but North and South Korea got put in the same group for AFC qualifiers. That should be interesting
  6. Theo Blair and Henry starting for the caps. Interested to see how the former performs
  7. He was just transferred to Columbus for Mullins
  8. I was on Liam Millar's wiki and apparently his dad was an electrician on Game of Thrones. @spitfire is this true?
  9. Honestly before this I mocked those who studied the rankings religiously... In terms of us qualifying I don’t know what this does to our chances. I don’t like how 6 teams basically get a free entrance into the hex tho based on an idiotic ranking
  10. We’ll see in a few years time, but if Herdman can learn from his mistakes, atleast he messed up in the Gold Cup. I know the loss was one of the most painful ones because of all of the hype around our talent, but I’d much rather get all the kinks out now in this Micky Mouse tournament (where the Mexicans could care less about it to send their best players) and qualify for the World Cup than find them out later.
  11. There’s a reason they call them highlights. I’m sure Tsubah endoh has a great highlight package too, doesn’t mean anything. But I agree, more friendlies to see what these guys can actually do would be better
  12. not trolling. His misunderstanding of my Messi comment just exemplifies the rage he is currently going through after this shock loss. Just picking out the easiest scapegoat decision that is easy to spot
  13. your just talking about Cavallini like he’s Messi lol. but please just ignore “Herdman’s mom”. There is so many mistakes that occurred in this game. Don’t make that sub the scapegoat
  14. Everyone is forgetting Cavallini missed a huge open chance. Of course everyone makes mistakes, but subbing Cavallini off isn’t world breaking. Maybe he would have scored, maybe he would have missed another sitter
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