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  1. I think they said they were making a mini documentary too
  2. he has been quiet the last 10 games.
  3. I always get my hopes up when posts on here begin with “start(s)” then to get let down after I see the word “bench”.
  4. Well it depends what type of Europa League teams they are on. If they are on teams that play in subpar countries and get bounced from the group stage each year, I would much rather have my players playing in the MLS.
  5. Phonsies got an amazing assist. 3-0 Bayern
  6. Great that we got 2 friendlies in a fifa window, weird that it will be against the same team. Hopefully attendance holds up
  7. Apparently he had a good game today because on reddit, one fan said “Davies is the player we wanted Sanches to be”. It had a lot of likes I only caught 15 mins, but he made a good interception and run during that time
  8. whoscored agreed with you with a match rating of 6.6 last time I checked
  9. This is great for scheduling purposes because if they stick to 28 games, each team will player each other 4 times
  10. Finished with 8.6 match rating on whoscored, 2nd highest on Bayern. Watched 30 mins myself, he played really well with a key pass and a great run that made the commentator happy. Tried to do a little too much though on that run and gave it away
  11. OHL won the 1st half of the season so they are already in the promotion playoffs
  12. Playing asia wouldn’t be that bad either. If you believe in stats though, we CONCACAF hasn’t faces South America since 2010. So that match would be coming up soon
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