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  1. And what an exciting problem it is
  2. I suppose the CSA didn’t schedule any friendly games as they will be skipping this Gold Cup in protest for the USA always hosting it.
  3. Not sure about the confederations, bur many South American fans hate this idea. They feel that Concacaf would be getting the bigger gain and that they should merge the WCQs if they merge the Copa America too. Of course, you could debate that they’re would be a larger cash incentive for them, which would attract the federations.
  4. Also, i’m struggling to find a stream too
  5. The fact that all of the players came from MLS academies looks lazy. Perhaps they were the best players, but chances are there were a few diamonds in the rough that were rejected from Mls academies because they are far from perfect.
  6. it really does answer the question though
  7. There have been a countless amount of players rejected from MLS academies because they “weren’t athletic enough. See Liam Millar
  8. The Revs got absolutely demolished 5-0 by the Fire. Unsure of how Tajon played
  9. $65 for the cheapest ticket is absolutely brutal...
  10. ^The Revs got man handled today. Unsure of how Buchanan performed
  11. Streaming the game, delightedly surprised about the grass pitch. Also, love the atmosphere of the stadium. Gives off a very homely mood. On a side note, oh boy that was a bad miss by the keeper
  12. Anyone know why Quillan Roberts is sitting. Also weather is really windy, but I agree that they should have just filled the bottom.
  13. Shome scored off of a muffed catch by the GK, but he had to show great positioning to be there. Also, Bayiha got an assist
  14. Seeing as he has basically been raised in England his whole life, i don’t expect him to give up that easily. I actually respect him for trying to play for the country he was raised in. People often say “He could be playing so many more games for the weaker team and will be a lock in the World Cup”, but to some players making a friendly appearance for the nation you dreamed of playing for is much more fulfilling than playing for a nation you have weak ties with. I believe Arfield would much rather have that 1 appearance for Scotland than a World Cup appearance for Canada
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