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  1. Finished with 8.6 match rating on whoscored, 2nd highest on Bayern. Watched 30 mins myself, he played really well with a key pass and a great run that made the commentator happy. Tried to do a little too much though on that run and gave it away
  2. OHL won the 1st half of the season so they are already in the promotion playoffs
  3. Playing asia wouldn’t be that bad either. If you believe in stats though, we CONCACAF hasn’t faces South America since 2010. So that match would be coming up soon
  4. It would suck for viewership if 2023 was the Gold Cup we actually make it past the quarters and lose the common viewers from TV. Assuming they didn’t sell the rights to anyone
  5. I’ve never been more excited for a friendly game in my life
  6. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/01/13/how-canada-can-reach-hexagonal-concacaf-world-cup-qualifying Not sure if posted already, but good article by Squizz breaking down what we’d need to do to make the hex.
  7. I’m surprised Skublak didn’t resign. Wasn’t he one of your better players?
  8. Canada El Salvador Honduras Haiti The other group is more too heavy with Mexico USA Costa Rica Dominican Republic
  9. Yea I was trying to use the Concacaf stream and not Onesoccer
  10. I’d rather be in Mexico’s group to avoid them forsure in semis. Ideal would be us, Mexico, El Salvador, and the DR. Worst imo would be Honduras, Costa Rica, and Haiti
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