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  1. Made a great assist today on a 1-2 to give the Caps the lead in added time against Houston
  2. anyone know when everyone will be leaving to BMO from shoeless joes?
  3. Imagine if he played and scored If they played on the last matchday and Bayern locked first I could see him starting
  4. They did call in young guns like Fraser and Carducci when they could have called an older keeper or an outfield player like Ricketts
  5. I actually didn’t notice that we called up 24 guys. If this was an official tournament roster, another one of our outfield players wouldn’t make it. This also explains why we have an extra midfielder
  6. My assumption is Cavalry didn’t want to lose too many guys and Forge is going through a tough stretch of their own. I’m all for saying fck you to the clubs, especially the ones that don’t play during the international break, but I’d much rather see the CPL teams have their full teams during their first season
  7. No Arfield, Millar, Brault-Guillard, Atiba, or Tabla
  8. Carducci first CPL player in a game roster for us
  9. Borjan made a crucial save in added time but got injured on the play. He’s back up but hopefully he isn’t playing through it and miss games later
  10. Great turnout. Not the best. Well below the average. Anyone know why?
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