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  1. This is bad for our long players right? Because unless we make a World Cup, we would be waiting for the Gold Cup to cap tie players (unless nations league counts as a tournament). I guess its a good thing that the Gold Cup is every 2 years. This also means that players who have played more than 3 friendlies are now captied right?
  2. Why not just start him and shift him up if Sane needs to be subbed out?
  3. An American has never won the UCL right? Not from my research
  4. He had won a title at 19 years old that some have been trying to win for their whole careers....
  5. The commentators said that the second yellow was a foul but not a book worthy situation. I agree with them.
  6. I thought he was sat because of squad rotation. They started Zirkzee and that bench attacking midfielder.
  7. Phonsie had a really nice hockey assist on the game winning goal today. A cross field pass where the ball was dummied in the middle of the field.
  8. Phonsie has a man of the match performance with a goal and assist. Albeit, according to some Bayern fans, his defending could use some work
  9. I hate to say it I don’t want him going to Italy because of the racism. Much rather him go to Germany
  10. I remember 2 years ago when we thought we were overhyping Davies and he was not near Pulisic at that moment. Albeit that was when phonsie still didn’t score his first MLS goal
  11. Ironically a lot of Scotish fans don’t rate Robertson. Think he is overrated. I forget the reason exactly
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