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  1. I think the league "investing" in reporters/news outlet has been a smart move. That being said I'm not sure sure I'd call the website "slick"....it's pretty basic in it's current form.
  2. Ciman and Delgado were...not good imo
  3. If you look at the ticketmaster maps for teams like Cavalry and Valour. Those premium center field seats are showing some decent resistance to selling. They might go for the season opener but I expect those sections to be fairly empty throughout the season unless they adjust prices.
  4. I'd prefer it if they limited it to 1 expansion team per year. That's still a heavy growth rate for any league.
  5. huh...this starts June 15th? Seems earlier than it normally is..
  6. There's definitely a bit less incentive for more casual fans but if you are fan of a specific club and want to watch all of their games...you have no choice but to get OneSoccer. Also if you are an international viewer OneSoccer is probably still your only option for the foreseeable future.
  7. I'd have to imagine the whole point of a simulcast deal like this is for getting games on TV. Otherwise why even bother with CBC and not just go straight to youtube? The only games that are a part of this that I could see not being on TV are the Canadian Championship matches which are mid-week.
  8. 20 games would be roughly one game a week. I would imagine they'll get select matches that fall on Saturdays/Sundays.
  9. Sandor: Canada given most ‘brutal’ Gold Cup schedule ever https://canpl.ca/article/sandor-canada-given-most-brutal-gold-cup-schedule-ever
  10. There's nothing wrong with that though. A nationwide 1st tier. And for 2nd tier regional amateur leagues that would feed the 1st tier. Compared to what we have now that is infinitely better and is probably the most realistic for the foreseeable future.
  11. Group A: Mexico Canada Martinique Cuba
  12. That would be nice but I don't see it being less than $60 for an annual sub.
  13. It's going to be interesting to see what type of subscription options they offer especially considering CPL is only active for half the year. Significant content drought during Nov-Apr besides odd NT game or behind the scenes stuff/documentaries. So how many people would keep paying during those months? I suspect they will have to almost surely offer a good value annual subscription alongside a per/month option.... similar to what DAZN does.
  14. The new rumour surrounding Forlan....
  15. I think MAK currently ranks ahead of Piette. He's the closest thing to a new Hutchinson as we have imo. That being said from what I've noticed the American MLS analysts don't pay as much attention to the Canadian teams. Especially Montreal and Vancouver. I remember watching the MLS All-Star game and Taylor Twellman basically commented on Piatti like "Wow this guy is so good. Nobody knows about this guy because he plays in Montreal". So even if Montreal was doing well I'm not sure Piette would be getting the same notice.
  16. Interesting read from an Italian striker Valerio Anastasi that went on trial at Cavarly FC: https://www.mlssocceritalia.com/lesperienza-di-valerio-anastasi-in-prova-in-canada-al-cavalry-fc/ " Last November I received the call from Tommy Wheeldon , the Cavalry FC coach , he told me he had watched my videos and he wanted to see me live. In January I terminated the contract with what was my team and flew to Calgary. I must say that I found a higher level than I expected even though they have a totally different concept of football from ours. They are technically good, they run a lot but, for example, compared to how I play, they touch the ball too much. In general, compared to Italy, where we usually play with two touches there, they expect more, let's say they make fewer touches than before”. " After two training sessions I had an ankle problem that kept me a few days. Later I recovered and I think I also went well as the coach told me that he would evaluate me because he saw in me characteristics of a European striker that in his opinion are not found in the Canadian ones nor in the South Americans. He told me he would evaluate two other players in the following two weeks and he would let me know. I actually got the answer after fifty days. They had taken another player, it was Dominique Malonga , ex of Cesena ". Unfortunately, this is the opinion of Valerio, the quality of Italian C-Series players abroad, would not be taken into consideration as it should, despite the fact that it is a very difficult championship where competition, physicality and tactics go hand in hand. " When I see a C player they don't give him the value they might deserve. For example, in the Halifax team ( HFX Wanderers FC, ed) there are many players from Trinidad and Tobago (coach Stephen Hart is trinidadiano, ed), I say with all respect to them, but I don't think they are stronger of us Italians from the minor series. However, they play in the national team and in first division teams, so this favors them while we, coming from the Serie C, penalize a bit abroad ”.
  17. Curious how many people watch MLS here? Not much diving in that league...but a lot of play stoppages because of the high rate of 50-50 challenges and balls going out of play because of poor passes/decision making but mostly because of the general the style of play being what I would call "rushed". So pick your poison.
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