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  1. also this https://www.northernstartingeleven.com/l1o-final-review-master-p/
  2. I go into the USports dilemma a bit here https://www.northernstartingeleven.com/l1o-s-final-2nd-leg-review-half-farced/
  3. https://www.northernstartingeleven.com/l1o-s-final-1st-leg-review-is-it-the-final-yet/
  4. off the top of my head a bunch of the Alliance backline (Stakic, Nazemi, Lioutas, Maurutto-Robinson) that conceded only 6 goals all season are at UofT so could be drafted? i don't understand eligibility stuff, but i believe Lioutas will be 5th year and therefore can sign to whoever - if someone wants him. he's good at taking set pieces. Stakic has also scored a load of penalties this year. victor gallo at oakville is another that could be gambled on. he's a bit older at 27 so may have a lower ceiling but could do a job in a pinch. i believe the rest of the Oakville defence are in Usports or NCAA others that could come in directly that are not involved in Usports/NCAA are Leaford Allen, Maksym Kowal, Ethan Gopaul, Rajvir Kahlon (though i think he has a good job that will pay more than CPL), zach drake. Tyriq Armstrong - i think could make the jump and is only like 18/19 yo. i haven't seen anything about him going to uni, i expect him to go to forge as he moved to sigma from oakville this year. probably missing some
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