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    SuperCanuck reacted to SthMelbRed in Pacific FC Launch / 2019 off season thread   
    FFS! Is there even a private sector in Greater Victoria?
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Viruk42 in Ottawa CPL Club   
    So I'm about as pro-CPL / anti-Fury as they come right now (heck, I turned down free tickets to the game), but I will say that I believe the ~6500 number, mostly because that's about the same as every other year. 2018 was ~6100, 2017 was ~6500, 2016 was ~7000, and 2015 was ~5000 (2014 obviously was an exception, as it was their first pro season and the first half was at Carleton). 
    Home openers are rarely representative of how a team's attendance will be. They could maintain the ~6500 average for the year, drop back to their ~4600 average of last year, or maybe even rise. We'll see how many people show up to see their opponents on the weekend from... Loudoun? Where the heck is Loudoun?
    It's a good thing the Fury stayed in USL so we could see them play such legendary teams as Loudoun... ?
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    SuperCanuck got a reaction from BuzzAndSting in CPL General   
    I don't know about the other two, but one of them is a complete wanker and doing a horrible job.  You're right though, he's a lawyer, but I can't imagine how he passed a bar exam.
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Kent in CPL General   
    Interesting. I would be impressed but since it’s the old firm I can’t help but thinking he must’ve seen a fight between supporters in the stands or something.
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Bison44 in CPL General   
    The commish has to care about what makes most CDN hate soccer.  He is trying to get this league off the ground and he is addressing the #1 thing that makes people not watch soccer.  Arent we going to need new fans for the league to work and to grow the game?  
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Keegan in CPL General   
    A large portion of the blame absolutely falls on the referees who have allowed the game to get to this stage.
    We should all be able to agree on two points:
    1) divers should be punished 
    2) thugs should be punished
    End of story.  Both are equally annoying but one has been policed much better.  There are no more Vinnie Jones playing serious football but there are divers at every turn.  
    I do think the refs have done a disservice to the sport by calling their own bastardized version of the game rather than by the book.  For example, if you allow play for an advantage give the player a card after the play stops (if warranted).  This is rarely done.  Normal fouls in the box are never called either - this encourages diving.  If it’s a foul at the centre circle it’s a foul in the box.  A player shouldn’t have to go down like they’ve been shot to get a penalty.
    But this is the world subjective refereeing has created.  It’s 2019 it shouldn’t happen .. let’s call the game by the book and have video ready to break it down if needed.  No more ********.  And if a dive isn’t called in the game and the player gets away with it he has cheated the sport and league - throw the book at them.  If they dove it should be a minimum 2 game suspension. And who cares if it’s your star player? This shouldn’t be like MLS.
    All players equal, all calls equal.
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    SuperCanuck reacted to dyslexic nam in CPL General   
    Honestly, I have no idea how getting tough on the simulation and ******** we see somehow equates to giving the green light for glorified goons to hack the talent players until they bleed.  The two are simply not the same thing.  Full stop.  You can absolutely continue to protect skilled players while punishing flagrant instances of diving, cheating and simulation.  The two things are in no way mutually exclusive. 
    And, yes, the laws of the game currently have provisions in place to address this.  But that doesn't change the fact that it is still an unfortunate part of the game that (for some inexplicable reason) quite obviously gets ignored by many refs.  Telling CPL refs to make sure they pay attention to it is absolutely appropriate for the CPL commish to do IMO.  Everyone on this site has seen CONCACAF flopping and diving wreck a game and screw us over - all while (often Central American) refs turn a blind eye to it - or worse, allow it to dictate a game by awarding unwarranted free kicks.  Expunging that ******** from the game is something I welcome. 
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Tigers in CPL General   
    I'm totally in favour of being tough on diving.  Number one turnoff of the game
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Cheeta in CPL General   
    Scottie Bowman.  9 Stanley Cup rings, with three different teams, over 3 decades.  NINE.
    Exactly 0 NHL games as a player. Allow me to bold that.  ZERO.
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Alex D in CPL new teams speculation   
    Pro Rel allows all clubs to find their natural level. The pyramid has to be structured so that they can reach their full potential. If that's 1 national division and a bunch of regional leagues then that must be the way forward. If we can do more, do more. 
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    SuperCanuck reacted to SpursFlu in CPL new teams speculation   
    Keep in mind people in BC may not have a lot of income but live in a house worth a couple million dollars. They may also be full time money launderers. Thats pretty common lol
    Income and wealth are very different things. Most peoples observation from other parts of the country when they come out here is.... Its Tuesday afternoon. How come nobody seems to be working?
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Vince193 in CPL new teams speculation   
    Excuse while I send some e-mails.
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Copes in CPL new teams speculation   
    Not wrong. Income in St. John's and income in the rest of the province is quite different. 

    I disagree with the assertion that Newfoundlanders don't support their sports teams. IceCaps consistently had sellout crowds and were recognized by the AHL on several occasions for their consistent attendance. Edge games seemed to do well when I've been there. People drive in from Burin for Challenge Cup, to get a sense of their soccer support. 

    Newfoundland has never had division 1 anything. I feel quite confident that if there was a D1 team in a D1 league, it would do well. Especially if it was soccer.
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    SuperCanuck reacted to DigzTFC in HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread   
    Home opener is sold out
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    SuperCanuck got a reaction from ted in CPL Jersey Outfitter   
    I'm sorry if this was posted elsewhere.  Kits on sale directly on the Macron website.  
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    SuperCanuck reacted to ted in CPL General   
    Like Law 12, the one that outlaws simulation and other unsportsmanlike conduct? 

    Canadian culture, IMO, is built on a foundation of fair play. Faking injuries and diving are antithetical to that general consensus even if a significant minority admires those who cheat in this way.
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    SuperCanuck reacted to BringBackTheBlizzard in Ottawa CPL Club   
    If CanPL are serious about pursuing all of the 200,000 population markets and up and were able to do it successfully there genuinely would be scope for over 20 teams a decade or so from now even without going crazy on having multiple teams in and around the three MLS metro area, which could push the number further out towards 30. OSEG might not find the prospect of having St John's, Sherbrooke, Windsor, St Catherines, Saskatoon and Kelowna joining the party particularly enticing and may see the long term vision of the USL Championship as being a clear step up from that and more to their liking in investment terms.
    The people close to their front office definitely didn't seem particularly enthused about having lots of former L1O players on team rosters in the league they would be competing in, so my guess would be that they wanted something higher budget and focused on a vision that did not involve massive future expansion to enable future pro/rel. They probably expect it to all go tits up anyway long before it gets to that stage. Given I would love to see a London, Ont team as part of the mix I actually like the stated small market compatible vision and very much hope it works. Halifax is looking good so far, so there are some reasons to be upbeat.
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Alex D in CPL Jersey Outfitter   
    That's more than a Chicago Fire match!
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    SuperCanuck reacted to kacbru in CPL General   
    I suspect there might be some disagreement that you haven't been wrong in 40 years?
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    SuperCanuck reacted to youllneverwalkalone in CPL Jersey Outfitter   
    What is "One" and why are they sponsoring "Two" clubs?
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL Jersey Outfitter   
    -The key for any kits, historically, is that the main home jersey should reflect the club colours and the crest. Fans should want to predominantly purchase their team's home jersey, as it is closest to the identity of the team. 
    Away is really second kit. It is there as a marketing option, and to avoid colour conflict when away, if necessary. There is no reason to wear the away shirt if you prefer to market your home shirt vs. a rival in their stadium.
    Usually, the shirt supplier does the job of creating this "narrative", deciding which shirt is worn when and where, though most usually respecting the home standard.
    -Then, there is always, effectively, two more shirts, which are the keeper's. Cavalry could have a black, and then a yellow, for example (they all could do yellow in fact). Saying this as eventually you can produce that keeper shirt and sell it as an option. I wear a black TFC shirt that was given me by a former keeper, I don't feel like a standard TFC supporter when wearing it, but it is a touch of Canadian soccer pride. 
    -Kits change, the standard is to do so each season. If Macron feels that sales justify this, they might make tweaks starting year 2, because some fans actually do renew purchases, or respond to a change, with every season. So I think that Macron will also want to reflect on sales and popularity, and no kit, however deficient, has to be taken as a permanent condition.
    -Here's a good question: if you were a tourist to any of the CPL cities (including Greater TO, or say north TO), or say a student at a university there, or someone working there on a short contracct and wanting to buy a "souvenir" for a kid or sibling, which shirt would be most successful for that market? I think Hamilton is well poised. Edmonton too because the name actually appears. HFX because the name is also there. 
    If you want a memento of Winnipeg, you may not buy a Valour shirt as the city is not branded on it. Same with Pacific and Victoria. For this reason, I think that shirts like these should say the city's name somewhere,  like "Valour of Winnipeg", or the VanIsle phrase used by Pacific. This bolsters sales perspectives beyond the actual fan base.
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    SuperCanuck got a reaction from Chad_Impact in CPL Jersey Outfitter   
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    SuperCanuck got a reaction from SkuseisLoose in CPL Jersey Outfitter   
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    SuperCanuck got a reaction from masster in CPL Jersey Outfitter   
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    SuperCanuck reacted to Ansem in CPL TV Contract   
    Let's not forget that it took Montagliani threatening MLS to de-sanction the 3 teams.
    I'm infinitely grateful for MLS showing the businesses in Canada that there was money to be made in soccer. They showed us the way and that's fantastic.
    However, we shouldn't stop there and keep this subservient attitude of just being "reserves league" preached by some (or one person). We are forever grateful but we can build on that, innovate and find new ways to do better while avoiding the pitfalls. I don't have to thank them weekly to be grateful for their contribution. They did their part, now we have to do ours.
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