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  1. I don't know about the other two, but one of them is a complete wanker and doing a horrible job. You're right though, he's a lawyer, but I can't imagine how he passed a bar exam.
  2. I think FIFA19 is flattering. I haven't bought a video game since the year Playstation 2 came out, and I swear I've seen this screen shot before.
  3. I'm sorry if this was posted elsewhere. Kits on sale directly on the Macron website. https://www.macron.com/int/fr/canadian-premier-league
  4. Pros: The closest thing to a completely monochrome kit (something we have an abundance of in this country) is the FC Edmonton white kit, but the pinstripes make it not too bad. Wanderers' sky blue kit. Wanderers' scarf. Contrasting sock turnovers. Cons: No teams with hoops or actual stripes. Two of seven clubs sponsored by VW. Pacific's colour combination, even one of those two colours on its own would be bad. Winner: Cavalry, which surprises me. Observation: I don't remember Haber being that huge.
  5. Ooo, cornball music. Can the actual show be happening soon?
  6. I like it in rugby, but I don't think it would work well with footie.
  7. I can't decide if my favourite player ever is Atiba or Stalteri. This country owes both of them a lot.
  8. If you were York9, you could have gone back in time and beat me to it.
  9. Are they going back in time and playing last year?
  10. That doesn't help people who don't use Twitter. We used to be able to see WTA matches on somewhat normal TV, but then when Bouchard decided to become a lunatic, my interest faded in the women's game. Then suddenly Andreescu bursts onto the scene, knocking Bouchard's relevance into oblivion, and I discover we can't see WTA matches anymore.
  11. Oh! ...oh I'm not great at figuring out how to view stuff online even if it's meant to be easy.
  12. Can you view things streamed on the CBC website from overseas?
  13. During the process of ensuring there were teams on two of our three coasts (the 3rd one being impossible), they've forgotten a huge chunk in the middle. Surely francophone investors and fans would be more interested in the league if the league didn't have the image of excluding them. The horse could haul a lot more if it had a cart.
  14. They should wear the white as much as possible. If one gets ripped during a game, they can just replace it with a white t-shirt.
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