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  1. Since a neutral location for the start of the season is a television product Van Isle and Winnipeg have to be the front runners. The track at the Moncton Stadium would really hurt the TV product. Has the lighting been improved at Westhills? If not then Winnipeg is the clear front runner in my mind.
  2. Do you have a source for this? Not that I don't believe you I just don't see an announcement on the St Louis FC website nor on their team page. I think it's exciting that USLC would be looking at L1Ontario players. A representation of the quality of the league.
  3. https://twitter.com/sprusina/status/1234551039128264704?s=20 Players apparently on trial with Cavalry for preseason: Stephen Furlano Mo Farsi Abe Dukely Euan Bauld Victor Loturi Injured players still in the mix: Chris Serban Dean Northover Mauro Eustaquio
  4. In terms of omissions not many but Adonijah Reid would have been one, not sure how much he's played recently though which could explain it. Axel Desjardins and Shaan Hundal being other potential omissions.
  5. CanPL website speculating on which players might be available for Ottawa: https://canpl.ca/article/6-ottawa-area-ex-fury-players-that-could-sign-with-cpls-new-team A couple others I thought of off the top of my head that have ties to the Ottawa area or former Fury players that for the most part don't seem to be signed elsewhere at the moment. Callum Irving Jeff Addai Anthony Legendre Mallan Roberts Adonijah Reid Benson Fazili Elliot Simmons Shaan Hundal Robert Boskovic
  6. And with this year being limited to underclassmen only we may start to see the draft bear some fruits in a few years. Giving these kids an opportunity to train day in day out as professionals during their offseason will do tons for their development and hopefully let them become professionals and still earn their degree. See this as a big positive for development and offering a different pathway for some.
  7. It's just a translation thing. He's still talking about MLS and just calling MLS American 'League'.
  8. Another name that should be under consideration is Malik Johnson. I haven't seen him mentioned recently in the thread but the former TFC2 player has been playing in Tampa Bay this season. I think he was injured or at least out of favour at the beginning of the season but has put together a nice run recently. 15 appearances and 3 goals and 5 assists in the USL Championship. I think mostly playing as a winger.
  9. The lay out and User Interface is what needs to change for me. On Android (and therefore chromecast) it's really annoying that all the videos are just laid out in a feed. I wish there was a section to go for highlights, schedule, and then specials/features. It's getting really complicated now with the 2 new leagues added.
  10. If the study is being led by the Councillor from Ward 9 does that mean the location of the stadium is likely to be in Ward 9? That would be a little concerning as it's not exactly a central location. The Milton GO line does run through that ward but it's not an all day service and isn't supposed to be upgraded to one for many years.
  11. He's been on a great run of form with Indy Eleven this year. 4 goals in his last 5 games (6 in 14 apps all year) Been on the team of the week twice and Indy are on a 5 game win streak in that span. He's still only 25. With a couple more MLS teams coming in next year and presumably he has or is well on his way to getting a green card he has a chance to make the jump again after having a cup of coffee with KC a few years ago. Nice to see.
  12. I've seen a OneSoccer billboard on the Gardiner heading East just past BMO Field.
  13. https://www.uslleaguetwo.com/news_article/show/1023616 Looking at the USL League 2 Top 50 Players there might be a couple players on Canadian teams that could make the jump if not this year then maybe next year. 50 - Arabim Pepple - MF - Foothills - 2002-12-25 38 - Goteh Ntignee - FW - Highlanders - 2002-05-10 15 - Matteo Polisi - FW - TSS Rovers - 1998-04-15 (former Whitecaps Academy) Anybody have any more insight into these players? Nice to see Ntignee and Pepple playing League 2 at such a young age.
  14. A couple other guys not mentioned and maybe somewhat forgotten would be Alex Comsia (DF) starting regularly in USL with North Carolina, Mathieu Laurent (DF) starting regularly for Birmingham in USL. And there's the slightly forgotten TFC trio of Aidan Daniels, Shaan Hundal and Robert Boskovic who are on loan at Ottawa Fury. Although none of them seem to have been getting very regular minutes.
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