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  1. Not sure - I'm just the messenger. I'll be watching on OneSoccer as usual.
  2. I heard it would be unlocked and available to everyone free on game day.
  3. What an absolute beauty of a game. I have to admit, when I saw the starting line up, I was a little shocked. No Junior? No Cav? A new formation? Davies up top? I've also never really been sold on Piette - but god damn did he prove me wrong. He is my man of the match for sure. Cleaned up EVERYTHING in the midfield. Davies & David looked great up top - could have had a couple more goals. The mid was strong all game. Once Kaye went down, I was worried, but Fraser stepped in and didn't miss a beat... Borjan bailed us out when we had to - which was surprisingly only once! What a great game all around. The best, most complete performance I've seen in years....10/10. Can't wait til Orlando game!
  4. Ooof - I started listening to that preview/podcast...had to turn it off, after the one guy didn't know that 2 yellow cards equals a send off/red card...lol Anyways, super pumped for the game tonight - for those lucky enough to be going - make some extra noise for all of us that don't live in TO!
  5. After subscribing to OneSoccer last week (for the 2 Canada Men's games) looking forward to watching my first CANPL game on the app! Go Valour!
  6. My opinion on the game: Possession and passes completed was extremely impressive, especially considering we played with 10 men for a third of the game, and against a team that was playing 10 men behind the ball at basically all times. Frustrating we couldn't find ways to penetrate and make anything happen, and we need more movement off the ball. That said ,we were missing half our starters and some of our most impactful players (arfield, hoillett, hutch, cav, etc) Borjan - No comment - basically non existent in this one. Laryea - Not as impactful as last game, but still looked good out there. Vitoria - Pretty much invisible..but thats not a bad thing. Henry - Some kids never learn. Not 100% sure what he said, but these kinds of plays always piss me off, and he has to be better than that Adekugbe - Not sure why he is getting a lot of hate on here. I actually thought he drove a lot of the offence, and looked good out there. Johnson - Worked his butt off - nothing too flashy, cleaned up when he had to Kaye - Last game i thought besides Hoillett he was the best player on the field. Today - not so much. He was fine, but didn't stand out. David -On the wing, he was non existant. I think he needs to play in the middle. Seems weird, but It feels odd watching a game where David doesnt score...haha Davies - First half he was wheelin', taking on guys 1 v 1, drawing lots of fouls. Thought he slowed down a lot in the 2nd half. Overall a better perfomance than game 1....and he scored. In first half, i'd say he was our most effective player.. Larin - I've been wanting to like Larin for a long time...but every game I watch it makes it harder...pretty ineffective all around. Millar -Wish he woulda got more time. Super quick, would have been nice to see him one the right with davies on the left - both of em flying up and down the flanks. Can't wait to see how they lineup with all the boys back for the USA game.
  7. I used to be in the camp of complaining about games not being televised by the major networks - and in a perfect world, sure I wish they were...THAT SAID, Ive got to give oNESOCCER credit, they are putting up the investment, and development into soccer in Canada. I cancelled my cable once TSN lost the Premier League rights. I now have DAZN, ONESOCCER, CRAVE/HBO & Netflix for less than half of what I was paying for cable.
  8. Has there been any confirmation of Davies? He picked up a small knock at end of last game. Would like to see a full game of of Millar for sure, and hope David gets big minutes again, so he can get closer to the all time record (I want to see him break it before he turns 21)
  9. Just saw the post about Hoillett heading back to Cardiff...any update on Davies? Just curious what kind of lineup to expect for tomorrow.
  10. Well obviously I have to say Hoilett was man of the match..but not gonna lie...I thought Kaye was right up there too. Super impressed with him tonight. I think we need to all take a moment and realize just how good David is too. Every game I watch I keep thinking, this can't be real..he can't possibly score EVERY god damn game...but he keeps doing it..hah. Davies looked a lot better in 2nd half. Hope his leg is okay. Great game all around.
  11. I agree on Davies - trying to do too much. He is being double/triple teamed. If he can start dishing off quickly instead of trying to beat 2-3 we will start scoring at will. That said - shows how much better we've become over the years, when our best player is having a "bad" game and we are up 4-0
  12. Im hoping they eventually become available to download for xbox one. Perhaps it was just a chromecast issue...not sure. I restarted my phone and it's worked fine so far since....*fingers crossed*
  13. My first experience with OneSoccer. Watching it chromecast onto my TV at home. First 25 minutes was great - no issues. Then the chromecast cut off/went blank. I finally got it back up - and it's been buffering/freezing since. Seems to be whenever they try to show a replay it freezes/buffers:( Restarted my phone - and hoping for a better second half. On the plus side, got to see that David supergoal with no problems.....
  14. haha thanks. Didn't even realize there was a 24 hour live channel (still getting used to it). Away we go!
  15. This will be my first time watching on onesoccer. Doesn't seem to be a pregame or anything..is that normal?
  16. Im sure this has been discussed already...I must have missed it. Is Cavallini injured?If not why isn't he in the squad? Edit - Nevermind - just read about his wife expecting
  17. Oh damn...I Just noticed it says "canada mens and womens HOME games". Does this mean there will be no way to watch any of the away games - or will TSN or another broadcaster pick those up?
  18. After attending 2 Valour games (and deciding to get season tickets next year) coupled with the Mens/Womens games...I signed up for a yearly Onesoccer subscription. Looking forward to the game tonight. I haven't heard much - I hope the quality is decent. I plan to chromecast it to my TV. Any idea if they have or will be getting an app for XBOXone?
  19. Thanks for the quick reply. That sucks.......but thanks nonetheless..haha
  20. Will this game be on TV or only on onesoccer?
  21. Thanks...that makes sense. I live in the North West, so it's an amazing deal for me..hah. I think we paid more just for parking last time.
  22. Attending my 2nd Valour game tonight (hopefully a better result than the first game). last time we drove to the game - tonight we are going to try the Kings Head Shuttle. Just curious, has anyone used it? Can you drink on the bus? It seems like a great deal.
  23. I'm very curious to see how we will line up. I'd like to see em line up something like: Labbe Lawrence - Buchanan - Zador- Chapman Scott schmidt fleming sinclair Beckie Huitema* *I'd also be okay with prince or rose starting over Huitema. Rose & Sincy seem to have some damn good chemistry , and prince looked good when she was in too.
  24. Fleming definitely had a rough 1st and 3rd game. Hopefully she steps up next game. Sinclair may not be our topgoal scoring threat anymore - but she should definitely deserves to be on the field (perhaps playing just behind striker). She can still slow the game down (in a good way), make nice thru balls, and defend well. And obviously, can still score. I've never been a huge fan of Schmidt- but agree with above posters, she has been really solid all tourny so far. I liked Huitema's confidence and willingness to take players on 1 v 1. Lawrence is probably my favourite player from the last 2 tournaments - just super solid all around.
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