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    Someone on the CPL Fans Club FB site, had a good idea about the league creating a passport for the different clubs/stadiums.  Visiting fans from other clubs can get their passport stamped.   Apparently MLB already does this.
    A great idea..........too bad I don't think there will be any stamps for 2020.
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    The fact that this off topic charade has gone on for this long is mind boggling. This would have been kicked to the curb or split out to a relevant thread in the past. What is going on?
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    For the sake of this thread, is everyone ok if I just delete my posts so CPL General is not completely railroaded  ?
    Not to discount anyone else's post, but we have really gone off the rails from CPL General, and this could go on forever.
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    Dwayne we are friends, but I couldn't disagree with you more on these posts. The Voyageurs has evolved significantly since you were running the organization.  I love having the forum for people to communicate, but it no longer holds the importance it once did.  There are many places we meet and connect on social media, as well as in person.  If the message board is all the Voyageurs is to you, then you are missing out on a lot.
    I am a proud Voyageur, and I chat with fellow Voyageurs almost daily. Sometimes in the forum, but usually in other places.  That's a choice I make, not because I have issues with how the forum is run, but because if feels more convenient to connect on other social platforms.  Message boards aren’t dead, but they are not what they used to be, when there are many other ways to connect.
    I’ve been part of so many Voyageurs activities in the last couple of years, from viewing parties to live games (in several cities).  I’m a bit dismayed that you could say the Voyageurs are dead.  It is very much alive.
    For those that think Jamie is running the show alone, this is misguided.  It’s true that Jamie has put in an unbelievable amount of personal time and money into this, but he is not acting alone.  There are Voyageurs all across the country helping Jamie promote the Voyageurs regionally, offering advice, and opinions.  Lending a hand on game day, and leading up to game day.  And there are several very active Voyageurs who have worked closely with Jamie with the incorporation.
    And saying Jamie is the only Voyageur because he is the only name on the not-for profit, makes no sense.  There are only 4 of us on the RRR not for profit, but we aren’t the only members.
    I agree that Doug shouldn’t have been banned.  But the tizzy this has devolved into is a bit incomprehensible.  If you want to call for more transparency fine. That is a fair comment.  But to suggest the Voyageurs are nothing, is quite frankly offensive to all of the active members of the Voyageurs, putting in a lot of hard work, time and passion. 
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    What did the CFL ever do to you that you want it to fold? Can't you just keep watching your American football league and leave our Canadian football league alone? I just like to know why so many (or some) NFL supporters here in Canada have to sh*t on our league ( which I find more exiting btw)?
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    No, the Voyageurs are most certainly not dead. Just because the forum isn’t the lifeblood of the group like it was 10 years ago, doesn’t mean that the spirit of the group and what it’s trying to accomplish are gone. Message boards are a dead medium, so it’s only natural that the V’s don’t lean as heavily on one as they did in the group’s formative years. 
    With all due respect (and I mean that sincerely, because I have a ton of respect for the leadership role you took on back when the V’s were in their formative years, with the Cup etc.), your take on this is wrong. 
    I agree that we need to know what happened to Lofty’s account, as it was an unprecedented action, but I don’t think it means as much as you seem to be implying in here.
    The Voyageurs are bigger, stronger and more diverse than ever. That’s not going to change because a single message board account was deleted.
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    There’s so much misinformation being passed off as fact in this thread. Here’s what’s what:
    - SARS-CoV-2 is the virus name. It is a novel coronavirus. 
    - COVID-19 is the disease that is caused by the aforementioned virus.
    - The WHO has advised against using locations in disease and virus names in 2015. Also, the WHO doesn’t actually name viruses.
    Anyone still using the terms “Chinese virus”, “Wuhan virus” or anything similar at this point in time knows exactly what they are inferring.
    With all of this in mind, I would also like to know how Lofty left the board. His account is the first (that I know of) to be deleted outright in the wake of a controversial post, but no one seems to know why. 
    (I’d also like to discuss the CPL in here, but I know that cat is out of the bag.)
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    grande reacted to RS in CPL General   
    Not for nothing, but are we even sure Lofty was banned? We've seen several others who were banned over the years and they didn't have their entire account deleted, yet there's zero trace of Lofty's account as of now.
    Is it possible he deleted himself?
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    grande reacted to The Real Marc in CPL General   
    No idea what is anything happened to him, but "longstandingness" is not a free pass for idiocy. Calling something the Chinese virus? Equating deaths from a virus to those (which? any?) from being home?  Comparing the virus to cars? It's almost like he's trying too hard to be a moron. Hopefully he's calming down and smartening up.
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    Hey if nobody's happy it must be pretty close to the mark.
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    grande reacted to Obinna in The Road to Qatar.   
    Herdman qualifying Canada for the world cup in a play-off against New Zealand, the team we first played under his tenure. The association where he made a name for himself....
    Will the stars align? 
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    Any business that someone starts is likely to feel like philanthropy for the first 5 years. That's a pretty common mindset for entrepreneurs 
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    Rubbish disparaging remarks from the former president. As I said in my tweet: Have to say, terribly disappointed in the patronizing responses to players organizing a union by @Paulbeirne, a key architect + former president of the #CanPL. Not too different from "shut up and dribble" and fails to recognize there will be no league without its players.

    Players have also been communicating that money isn't their priority right now. Their priority is to have a seat at the table in these uncertain times. Players aren't stupid, they know the league's survival is paramount to having a career in the field. They want the relationship to be a mutually beneficial one - Paul (and David)'s comments do not help that cause.
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    grande reacted to RJB in The Road to Qatar.   
    That we are going to miss out on the Hex should come as no surprise. The surprise to me is that anyone thinks we deserve to be there. I think the format is really lame, but our results mean we don’t deserve a spot. Even with all the match days we were needing to schedule a batch of friendlies to try to pip El Salvador. 
    I know I’m in the minority here, but with the exception of the USA game at home in the Nations League, I have seen Absolutely nothing from this team to suggest we deserve to be in the Hex.  Remember Haiti?  Or USA away?  If we truly belong as a top team, then we’ll run the table against non-Hex teams, then we’ll beat the fourth place team.
    But it’s likely, we’ll struggle against teams like Panama, Guatemala, T&T.  Maybe it’s just old feelings, but I still lack confidence in us against those teams. 
    The format doesn’t really matter. If we’re in the Hex, we’re likely fighting for fourth anyway.  If we aren’t in the Hex then the way many of you on this board talk it should be a bloody cake-walk to get into the playoff. 
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    grande reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Way to play the season & fill the void   
    Saying "There is no doubt the virus has been unknowing in Vancouver easy going back to November" is not a fact, it is another hairbrained theory with no basis. If the first possible cases, though not diagnosed, appeared in November, you are not going to get a major spread to Vancouver over and above the rest of Chinese provinces.
     And this business of you having flu--so did I, and I even went to Madrid with slight flu symptoms three weeks ago. Try not to be so self-important. I had the flu, I did not have coronavirus. Neither did you, although you seem to want to say this as a sort of status statement. 
    And apart from that, your stats mean very little, here is why: 
    -there are wild variations in mortality rate by country, because most countries are applying different protocols when it comes to light to mild cases (counting them or not).. And because some countries have not been able to certify deaths by the virus (Iran), sticking them in there with general flu deaths (not counting serious cases). In BC, for example, anyone with mild symptoms is not tested, they have officially announced this, they are asked to self isolate and manage from home.
    They are leaving a relatively large part of the data set out of the stat and grossly falsifying the rest. Just today an infectious disease modeller from SFU, Prof Colijn, said that the fact that BC does not count all cases makes the modelling very difficult, so that what you are  so pompously trying to do in your hack way, a professional says cannot be done. I trust her.
    According to leading modellers and epidemiologists, in general we are sacrificing accurate models for the sake of not collapsing the public health system. So we are in crisis mode and the stats are a victim of that. It is possible, therefore, that where the situation is worse right now, like in northern Italy or Madrid, Switzerland, New York, the statistical models derived AFTER the fact may be more accurate.
    -same goes for over 60 mortality rate. 
    -since the vast majority of cases are light to mild, and are not tested in places like BC, we do not in fact know if they are cases. So your 1 in 20 are mild is wrong, since a far higher percentage are mild and untested--as established by BC protocols, for example. 
    -as for BC being connected to China: irrelevant. Chinese overall infection rates are low, Hubei rates are high. If you can prove that Vancouver has a special and lasting connection to Hubei, great. If not, that could explain why there is a relatively low infection rate in BC. If so, then you will be stuck to answer why there are so few cases relatively in BC when the city is the one most connected to China in the western world. Either way, you would be mistaken.
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    grande reacted to Kent in Way to play the season & fill the void   
    And what, test all staff and players every day? Develop rules that keep players 2 meters apart from each other and avoid touching the ball with their hands (throw ins and goalkeepers). Sorry, but this isn’t feasible. We just have to wait and see when this whole covid thing takes a turn for the better and restrictions begin to be lifted.
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    grande reacted to toontownman in Canada vs Trinidad Series - (March 23 - 31, 2020)   
    Maybe they can **** off the hex entirely and do one big tournament. Seed the top 6 and put them in later rounds.
    Finalists and 3rd place go through 4th place into the playoffs.
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    grande reacted to Shortdutchcanuck in CPL new teams speculation   
    Langley8 FC it is then.
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    grande reacted to Viruk42 in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    This is good, but I would suggest that your personal experiences may not speak to the whole. Canada is obviously not the worst place for this kind of thing, but you can see example after example after example of instances of racism in European football. In Canada it tends to mostly take place in hockey and is more directed towards Indigenous peoples, but there is still a **** ton of racism here.
    Tell that to the women who have to choose between wearing a hijab or having a job in Quebec. Tell that to those fear mongering about refugees from the Middle East. Tell that to east Asian people being viewed as carriers of the coronavirus. Tell that to Senator Lynn Beyak who published racist letters about Indigenous people on her website.  Tell that to people who still regularly hear slurs directed towards them (such as the first four letters of the nation of Pakistan, which was an especially commonly used insult when I was growing up). Tell that to my Arab partner who gets pulled aside for "random" screening every ******* time.
    You might personally be lucky and have somehow avoided racism being directed towards you, but that does not seem to match up to the lived experience of many other minority groups.
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    grande reacted to dmont in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    What you do is none of my business.
    See how easy it is?
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    I've heard in some extreme cases it can get as high as 0.5 of all income, or even 50%!
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