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    grande reacted to BuzzAndSting in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    @Ozzie_the_parrot has gone from endlessly spamming this forum with pictures of crowds to searching twitter for #CanPL and reposting everything he finds.
    Ozzie you need to be more selective about what you repost, this site is not an aggregator it’s a discussion forum.
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    grande reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    An angle to explore might be whether they need a screening only as opposed to regular testing approach to be able to make it fly financially. The expense of the latter made it a complete non-starter in Scotland in financial terms, while more lucrative broadcast deals made the numbers work in an English context.
    I suspect Novak Djokovic (Onesoccer announcers should note what happens phonetically to the D with the funny line through it in names like Didic) probably hasn't done sports bodies wanting the former sort of approach combined with no quarantines any favours with his Adria Tour event.
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    grande reacted to Bison44 in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Its not so terrible for the teams, everyone go to a nice resort that is probably crying for some business.  It'll be like summer camp,  1 set up for cameras, and cameramen, lock  Platt, Wheeler Dunfield and Larsson in the pressbox for 2 weeks while they brown bag it and sleep in tents, all the testing they want to do will be centralized.  Just have to have some lunchtime/hall moniters to make sure there isnt any fraternizing, panty raids or shennanigans going on after lights out.  Think Meatballs but with grown men.  
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    grande reacted to Watchmen in CPL General   
    A suggestion I've heard is that for injuries, just stop the clock.  Player can then stay down as long as he wants, it's not going to impact the length of the game.  There's no need for an official to make a judgement call if it was a dive or not (beyond the usual judgement).  I believe rugby does this.  I'm a big fan of how rugby handles a few things (their version of VAR, though not perfect, does seem much better).
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    grande reacted to The Real Marc in CPL General   
    So you do give a **** about his politics then.
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    grande reacted to Tigers in CPL General   
    Forget the protests.
    Evidence,  from many sources, shows that outdoor transmission is very low.
    That, along with everything else reopening, is enough to think that is a reasonable way to have fans in stadiums this year. 
    Might be with low capacity, might be with mandatory masks, might be some other compromises. But it should be able to happen.
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    grande reacted to Bison44 in CPL General   
    And winner of Tim Hortons player of the year award is...................  

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    grande reacted to Watchmen in 2020 Voyageurs Cup Format   
    The rankings prior to Covid-19 outbreak had Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary seeded.  There's no reason to think that's changed.  If a team gets added to the seeded list, the only logical team is Forge.
    I'd like the tournament to get to the point where it's a draw for each round, rather than predetermined matchups.  Onesoccer needs some content?  There's your live content.
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    grande reacted to red card in CPL General   
    21st Club - the firm CPL hired to set up their international player pool database - did a podcast with Athletic UK. CPL content starts at around 39:25 mark.
    Items of note include too many bears in Canada was a headwind in having a pro league for the past 100 years. Quality of international players was a disappontment in year 1. Lack of connections and inexperience amongst club management was the primary issue.
    Cavalry signing Cordova came from their database as 21st viewed top teams in Peruvian 2nd division similar to CPL level. Also compared CPL level to English League 2/National League. Podcast host knew Cavalry came from Calgary. Life in Canada great selling point for players. High production quality of matches also helps.
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    grande reacted to Kyle_The_Hill in The Road to Qatar.   
    @admin Again this is Robert's new account.
    It's actually impressive how you and TGAA can singlehandedly ruin intelligent discussion from hundreds of people and turn this forum into a frustrating place to visit.
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    grande reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in CPL General   
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    grande reacted to dyslexic nam in The Road to Qatar.   
    Honestly, if we can’t get second in a group like that, we have no goddamned business near Qatar anyway.   The reality is that we have a number of countries that are in the mix for WC spots and we have to start consistently proving we are better than most of them.   We have the players to do it but it is time to a tart walking the talk. 
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    grande reacted to Cheeta in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Rant Alert.
    Just to borrow something Wallace tweeted.  
    Testing protocols vary from province to province. #CanPL won't specify those protocols until a site has been agreed upon and the provincial rules can be followed.
    Sounds reasonable enough doesn't it?  And it is.  From one perspective. 
    From another perspective, say.... oh I don't know, lets go with "the players" while everything in that statement still remains true, it also says CPL has no covid protocals in place to protect their employees other then whatever provincial requirements are stipulated at that time.
    In other words they're going to do THE BARE MINIMUM that's required of them BY LAW in their attempts to keep their employees safe during this very unusual venture.
    Oh, goodie.  Isn't that what they were doing at that slaughterhouse in Alberta?
    So you see the statement remains true for both perspectives but the take away is something entirely different.
    Totally avoidable error.  Especially given the hyper sensitivity which has to be out there given the times.  Just for appearances and the peace of mind of your players state that while complying with all provincial regulations that you're going to echo the protocals in place for Bundesliga if they are more stringent.  Or EPL.  Whichever.  If it's good enough for the millionare footballers, it's good enough for our lads. 
    How fu'king hard was that?  Nothing to see here.  Move along.  Lets speculate about the structure of the tourney and keep the conversations positive going into this as yet unannouced event.  But nooooo..  Couldn't do it.
    I know things have to be stretched at CPL HQ, there will continue to be growing pains, but this is an unforced error.  One that will hopefully be put to bed very quickly because this tourney is a grand idea that could turn into a great success. 
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    grande reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    ...because the profit motive that drives the capitalist system means that the rich dudes that own the clubs/franchises are going to try to trim their expenses to whatever extent is possible if they have more leverage than their employees do and will care not one iota if that means some of the players are only receiving $700 a month as Duane Rollins was tweeting a few hours ago. Don't like it then go and flip burgers will be the mentality.
    People that try to view this stuff through a nationalist paradigm in which Canadians would somehow be different on this if they were all united as one big happy family against a negative external American influence are deluded. Capitalism has an inherent tension between the owners of capital and the wage slaves, because the interests of those two groups don't coincide.
    It gets even more bizarre when people try to project their nationalist mindset onto others who simply don't see things their way and just want pro soccer to work well and succeed in Canada regardless of who is doing the sanctioning.
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    grande reacted to Macksam in CPL General   
    Nobody is complaining about soccer coverage here in Canada. We're talking about a broadcaster's glaring non-coverage of a very specific event for a league. 
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    grande reacted to Bison44 in Atlético Ottawa 2020 Season   
    But there are some mid age ranged players along with the young and veteran players.  So predominantly young with some veteran, but also some midrange although young and veteran players would be key.  But you dont want to ignore older players while focusing only on young players as well as veterans.  
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    grande reacted to Kent in CSL (any and all info/memories)   
    That’s awesome. Just took a quick peek. Saw Barry McLean and Mario Halapir both mentioned on the Kitchener team (assistant coach and draft pick respectively). I recently found out about Barry but didn’t know about Mario. The two of them made the wise decision to cut me from WLU try outs in the late 90’s two years before I got the hint and didn’t try a third time
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    grande reacted to SpursFlu in 2020 Concacaf League   
    I think in some cases they could just take the current standings. Determining the teams is not the real issue. Flying teams around the continent while generating no income from fans would be the biggest problem. Like everything else its wait and see. It seems reality and perception is changing daily so it's tough to project too far in to the future
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    grande reacted to Ansem in CPL General   
    Posting this here
    Anyone saying the league won't be viable?
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    grande reacted to Kyle_The_Hill in Could the CPL help Canada become a football power in CONCACAF?   
    I thought admins couldn't track IP addresses? Why hasn't neuker been banned yet if it's confirmed to be Robert?
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    grande got a reaction from Ams1984 in CPL General   
    Wow, looks like it's Emilio Estevez to ADO Den Haag (Netherlands).
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    grande got a reaction from Winnipeg Fury in CPL General   
    Wow, looks like it's Emilio Estevez to ADO Den Haag (Netherlands).
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    grande reacted to Watchmen in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Because 1 player tested positive, they continued on, and then 2 more players tested positive.  That's the point where they shut it down.  How many rounds of testing and finding players testing positive do you want them to do before they shut it down?
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    grande reacted to An Observer in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    The problem with your suggestion is that those that have the virus can pass it to others before they are symptomatic AND those that get the virus may not test positive for some time (up to two weeks).  Therefore, if you are training together, the positive player could have passed it on and that person(s) getting it wont test positive for some time.  That is why countries implementing travel restrictions (like Hong Kong where I live) require someone to be tested on arrival and those that test negative are still required to quarantine themselves for 2 weeks.
    For UFC, the fighter in question never had any interaction with the other fighters so it was fine
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