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    grande reacted to Rintaran in League Trophy   
    Hey @Lofty, could you stop posting these trophy images? You've made your point and are starting to move toward the realm of trolling (which I'm hoping isn't your intention). The images don't really add anything to the conversation and just prevent one from continuing further, like the proposed open letter to the league/governor general.
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    grande reacted to Watchmen in CPL new teams speculation   
    They couldn't even get 7 different corporate sponsors for each team's kit and they're giving away Onesoccer subscriptions this year, so how valuable is this corporate sector and MediaPro deal.  Further, yes the other owners have been investing in CSB and the product.  But they probably haven't sunk $9 million each in to it yet, which is what you'd be asking a new owner to do here (even before probable losses during the early years).
    I think we're in agreement on the key part: vet potential owners properly.  After that, I wouldn't get too hung up on the expansion fee. 
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    grande reacted to deschamp86 in CPL new teams speculation   
    Ideally York9 would get enough support from York Region that they shouldn't have to be drawing fans in from Huronia
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    grande reacted to nighttrain in CPL new teams speculation   
    tick tock
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    grande reacted to dyslexic nam in CPL General   
    Borges wins Player of the Year, Best Canadian U21, and the Golden Boot.
    Carducci wins the Golden Glove.
    Wheeldon Jr wins Coach of the Year.
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    grande got a reaction from Tigers in League Trophy   
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    grande reacted to Kent in CCL & CL 2021 structure   
    Any format where the number of representatives isn’t calculated by previous results doesn’t get my vote. And if we have to choose who gets in, having a Caribbean team in and no Central American teams is something that needs to be corrected, not perpetuated.
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    grande reacted to CDNFootballer in CPL new teams speculation   
    Hard to believe they would go from a rumored 1.5- 2million in year 1 to 9 million in year 2, and if true it would be excessive.
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    grande reacted to Rintaran in OneSoccer   
    According to OneSoccer's facebook:
    That's a neat little addition to their line up.
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    grande reacted to Kent in 2020 Voyageurs Cup Format   
    Better yet, when they can profit from playing in this tournament instead of it being a financial burden. If there was good money from TV/streaming and crowds came out in big numbers regardless of the match up.
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    grande reacted to Stouffvillain in 2020 Voyageurs Cup Format   
    I'd love to have all Canadian clubs added to the competition however adding more teams doesn't work if the teams don't want to be there.  I couldn't find the tweet but I remember Rollins stating last year that L1O clubs were not interested in more spots in the Voyageurs Cup because of cost.  Based on what is happening with PLSQ I don't think clubs would welcome increased cost either. 
    I dream of the day when clubs look past cost and look towards making history.  When this competition includes all of the D3 clubs and above (even if it is regionalized in the early stages).
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    grande reacted to Rintaran in Full CONCACAF Club Index   
    There's a third possibility which I choose to believe: they're both.
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    grande reacted to Kent in If MLS goes on strike / lockout, should the CSA replace Montreal Impact in the Champions League with a CPL Club?   
    It's actually not so bad for Canada. If there were 11 qualifiers from the 2019 CONCACAF League, I think that would put Forge in! See the table here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_CONCACAF_League#Qualification_to_CONCACAF_Champions_League
    Forge are sitting in exactly 11th place. So we would lose Montreal, but CPL would make it's CCL debut before it's 2nd season kicks off. If they get the CAN1 ranking spot then they have a good shot at avoiding a Mexican team in the first round.
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    grande reacted to SthMelbRed in 2020 Voyageurs Cup Format   
    Round 1: 8 teams (L1O, PLSQ, Pacific, FCE, Valour, Y9, Forge, HFX) - open draw
    QF: Impact, TFC, Whitecaps, Cavalry (seeded); 4 R1 winners (unseeded) - seeded draw
    SF: 4 QF winners - open draw
    VC Championship Final
    As simple a task as you could imagine, until some CSA fuckwit manages to balls it up.
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    grande reacted to Gopherbashi in CPL new teams speculation   
    Speaking of the V Cup, this really simplifies things for next year.
    3 MLS + Cavalry (Forge, because reasons) get byes.
    8 other teams face head-to-head, with the 4 winners facing the 4 teams with byes.
    I look forward to see how Canada Soccer will make a complete mess of this.
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    grande reacted to Ansem in CPL General   
    I actually see CPL as the France "Ligue 1" of CONCACAF. Not as strong as "La Liga" (Liga MX) or "EPL" (MLS) overall but having it's top teams fully capable to compete against their teams like PSG does in CCL while the rest of the league develops good local talent.
    That's why once pro/rel arrives, salary cap doesn't make sense on my opinion (or a soft cap with luxury tax) and allowing the 3 MLS clubs to spend however they want (respecting CPL roster rules) is the bare minimum for them even getting into the room to hear us out. (Post 2026)
    I have no problem with TFC, Montreal, Vancouver being the Real, Barca and Atletico of CPL while Forge, Cavalry and others strive to be competitive and one day be at level like a Leicester.
    That's how I see CPL in the future 
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    grande reacted to -Hammer- in Forge FC Season Thread 2020   
    Hey guys, just got word from the owner Greg via Text. Viewing party for the Canada vs USA game will be at EndZone at 7pm Nov 15th.
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    grande reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in Forge FC Season Thread 2020   
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    grande reacted to Shway in 2020 USports Draft Prospects   
    Please guys for the love of clarity stop saying College when referring to Universities. In Canada its ever so clear that they are different, and the CPL is clearly treating it separately. We aren't freaking American and this isn't NCAA fack. 
    Whats crazy is that majority of the L1O teams are filled with College players. 
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    grande reacted to Colliedor in Toronto FC adamant they deserve CCL spot if they win MLS Cup   
    Kinda embarrassing to bring this up at this point of the season. You had the chance to qualify for it, you chose to rest key players in the first leg, and the rest is history. That's what you get for taking the finals lightly.
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    grande reacted to narduch in OneSoccer   
    I think even if they do get their own channel they should still consider having a CBC game of the week. That's probably the best advertisement you will ever get for your channel.
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    grande reacted to DrummingInMySleep in Sexism In New Media   
    In the latest episode of the AFTN radio show/podcast (episode 365), host Michael McColl said his favourite part of the OneSoccer broadcast of the final (leg 2) was Andi Petrillo’s leather pants. 
    Michael has said many similar things over the years but this was the one for me that will end my listenership and support of the podcast. 
    The broader thing I think needs discussion here is holding our new media accountable to inclusivity. It’s an exciting time that a few friends can put together a pod without needing investment from above but that means standards being forced from the listeners below. 
    If we want to grow the game in this country, the above kind of speak needs to be swept aside so that all are welcome.
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    grande reacted to Kent in Toronto FC adamant they deserve CCL spot if they win MLS Cup   
    I don't want that. The Canadian Championship is hugely important to soccer in Canada. It can get more eyeballs on CPL and the D3 leagues, but if you take the MLS teams out of it (and removing their motivation for winning it would probably do that. They would either send youth players or just back out completely) cripples the ability of the tournament to get people to take notice. If Cavalry didn't beat Vancouver, there would be less believers out there.
    I am a TFC fan and I love the CCL, but I am just fine with them missing out even if they win MLS Cup. They should have put more emphasis on the Voyageurs Cup if the CCL is important to them.
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    grande reacted to Gopherbashi in CPL new teams speculation   
  25. Haha
    grande reacted to Gopherbashi in CPL new teams speculation   
    I love how each article lists three expansion cities and can't agree on a single one.
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