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    grande reacted to Kent in 2020-2021 CONCACAF League   
    For Forge to finish top 6 and make it to CCL, the toughest team in their way is Tauro from Panama. The other teams in their part of the bracket are either unknown to me or traditionally don’t do well in CONCACAF. There is a chance here for Forge, hopefully they can seize it!
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    grande reacted to Kent in 2020-2021 CONCACAF League   
    I believe the 6 Central American countries are guaranteed a spot in the round of 16. It seems they use the coefficients to settle minor seeding questions, but leave the big stuff (how many spots does each country get? Are they in CCL or CL?) to decisions made by CONCACAF to make sure there is still at least a little bit of unfair corruption.
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    grande got a reaction from narduch in 2020-2021 CONCACAF League   
    If Forge wins, and Antigua loses, the CAN2 spot will no longer be in last place.
    That being said, I don't really understand what they're using these coefficients for? Why is CRC3 (48.5 points) in Pot 1 (for the preliminary round), while GUA1 (23.5 points) is in the round of 16?
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    grande reacted to RS in PARITY - does the CPL need it?   
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    grande reacted to CanadaFan123 in 2020 Voyageurs Cup Format   
    Absolutely! This is on the CSA 100%.
    Phone up MLS. Tell them the Voyageurs Cup final is in 2 weeks.. if TFC can't make it, they forfeit.
    Yes it sucks for TFC but at the end of the day they're the ones in an American league. Why should a domestic champion bow down to a team in a foreign league? 
    MLS was well aware of the scenario at play and took advantage of it with their scheduling, plain and simple.
    Edit: though I also do agree the CSA should have set a date earlier for the final. Another scenario, if MLS wants to do it this way they should hand the USOC spot to TFC. 
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    grande reacted to toontownman in Pacific FC - 2020 Season Thread   
    I hope he stays. Didn't sound impressed with the league after the last game. Certainly the standard of refereeing. Given he almost got a job after pacifc, I am sure he will have offers. I hope he will stick it out. He is a big get for the league and has clearly made huge progress with Pacific. 
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    grande reacted to dyslexic nam in Pics from the Island Games   
    So not a player or a coach but I was chatting with a guy and noticed he had a CPL mask. I asked him where he got it. 
    “Oh, I am the commissioner of the league”.
    Turns out I was talking shop with David Clanachan.  Ha.  

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    grande reacted to fil in Pics from the Island Games   
    PEI pics and no potato field photos or Anne of Green gables selfies?!

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    grande reacted to dyslexic nam in Getting sick of all these penalty calls...   
    I am fine if they are deserved.  But HFX got screwed today. 
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    grande reacted to -Hammer- in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    So....Forge ended up meeting quota, not breaking any rules....so.....does anyone else want to chirp in at how Forge is terrible, bad for player development and the scourge/bush maker of the league.
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    grande reacted to gator in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    Regarding the schedule for the group stage: I am very pleased Forge is in this stage but having early kick offs in midweek matches kind of sucks for many wanting to view these matches, I suppose the noon and 1PM Eastern starts are worse for the Cavalry and Pacific viewers, it just would have been nice to have one of the 2 midweek matches in the evening!
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    grande reacted to gator in PARITY - does the CPL need it?   
    I don't mind financial rules being put in place such as in the English Championship, it is an exciting league with many surprise teams winning promotion or being relegated regardless of money spent, teams that actually have the financial means from ticket sales, sponsors and parachute payments from EPL relegation can spend! I would hate for the CPL to become the Scottish Premier where no team outside of the Old Firm has won the title in 35 years and counting!
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    grande reacted to _Roberto_ in PARITY - does the CPL need it?   
    I think everybody on this board and beyond would be thrilled if the CPL continues to operate for 35 years, regardless of who the champions are.
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    grande reacted to jonovision in PARITY - does the CPL need it?   
    An unbalanced league is fine for the teams at the top, but it's hard to imagine supporters staying excited about a team that finishes near the bottom every year, especially without the intensity of a relegation battle. Especially in a new league where fans have no history of winning to draw upon in the lean years.
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    grande got a reaction from T_Bison in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    I wonder if, instead of a fine, a salary cap hit might be a better punishment?
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    grande reacted to Cheeta in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    It's all very bush.  
    Bush because it wasn't crystal clear before the tournie started how this rule worked and the consequences for failure to comply.
    And it's bush because a fine doesn't exactly advertise the U21 minute requirement as being particularly important to the CPL.  Which is kinda bad for a league which has been sorta trying to make out its identity as something friendlier to developing players.
    However, and I'm just saying, this tournie is being conducted in a bubble.  There isn't an option to parachute players in in the event of injury and for a team to remake itself on the fear it may/may not lose those players feels a bit harsh and could adversely effect the quality of play at the tournie as a result.
    Still, better to have left the minutes out than offer this scenario.
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    grande reacted to Big_M in Forge FC Season Thread 2020   
    Cela out with a torn acl..even if they give mohsen 90 in the last two games they wont get to 250 min..will have to play backup keeper maan..so they will really want to win against ottawa to qualify and then send maan out in the last game
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    grande reacted to El Hombre in Island Games - Best Canadians?   
    I find the blowback on Bekker interesting.
    The Whitecaps need someone now.  Not someone who'll be great in three years like Baldisimo.  If they are looking at CanPL, why wouldn't they look at Bekker?
    Forget about age, forget about potential.  If you are looking at the best, most consistent Canadian in a midfield role, I don't think you could look at anyone but Bekker if you are looking to solve a problem now.
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    grande reacted to Trois Reds in CPL General   
    I actually like it. It is a dig at the CPL, but it also, in a way, legitimizes the league. They might be smaller, but you can't ignore them. Whoever created this made sure to get every individual CPL team's colours, too. It's free recognition by, to be honest, an MLS giant.
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    grande reacted to Shway in CPL General   
    And thats why with each day the CPL exists, the more and more I get disinterested in watching "Canadian" teams in the American leagues. Yes I am anti-American, and anti how we as Canadians rely too much on them for our entertainment infrastructures - I simply hate it. We are the only country that doesn't have our own media sources, and it extends to the main sports, and past that which effects the mentality of Canadians that we have to go south to achieve better. So my hope & prayer is that by 2026 when we host the leftover games at the WC,  is that we can say we have a true independent first division. No more TFC, MTL, WFC in the MLS under rules that don't truly benefit the Canadian player development. 
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    grande got a reaction from narduch in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    BTW, I've added the CPL to SportsClubStats again: http://www.sportsclubstats.com/Canada/CanPL.html
    This site attempts to figure out which teams are most likely to make it to the playoffs based on their performances thus far into the season. It's pretty clear in such a short tournament, but I still find it interesting.
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    grande reacted to red card in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    Best tifo in CPL so far. Fight for the Region.
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    grande reacted to narduch in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    The new LRT ends at Humber College. But a rumored 2nd phase that would end at the Airport would include a stop at Woodbine.
    Woodbine is getting a new GO station.
    So what will there name be? Racing FC?
    I wonder of it also means Greenpark will sell to WEG.
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    grande reacted to dyslexic nam in OneSoccer   
    I like the idea of it but it seems like the graphics could be improved.  
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