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  1. A place for any CanPL-related art! We'll kick things off with this poem, which includes a mention of this very forum
  2. He's really been fantastic for TFC this season. Fully expect his development to continue if he keeps getting the game time. He'll be one of Canada's most important players within a couple years, I have no doubt.
  3. Hi all, Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of sitting down with James Hutton, founder of Hamilton's Barton St. Batallion to discuss all things CanPL, soccer support in the city, how the group organizes, what we can expect from an away day in Hamilton and a ton more. It was a fun chat - would love to hear your thoughts. https://underthecoshblog.com/2017/07/11/coshcast-special-barton-st-battalion-canpl/
  4. Probably advisable. So easy to get caught up/carried away with this.
  5. For any interested, Aidan Reagh has embarked on a new series about Canadian soccer. As a prelude to delving into CanPL, he's compiled this on the Canadian clubs playing in US leagues. Part 1 is Calgary to Montreal: https://underthecoshblog.com/2017/07/04/canadian-soccer-in-the-us-system/ Anyone think Calgary & Edmonton will make their way into CanPL?
  6. Thank you all for your summaries and kind words - much appreciated. Full disclosure - this is the first major piece of CPL content we've done so far - our site and podcast do cover a lot of European and TFC content - but we intend on covering CPL news as the league develops and making it a regular feature. We'd also love to hear from individual fans and supporters' groups regarding hopes, expectations, concerns. Exciting times!
  7. Hi all, We had the chance to sit down with Paul Beirne last night and discuss all things Canadian Premier League and we're excited to share this with you. Hope you enjoy the interview/discussion! https://underthecoshblog.com/2017/06/06/coshcast-paul-beirne-goes-under-the-cosh/
  8. Just like to put ourselves into the mix here as a soccer podcast based in Toronto. I'll admit our primary focus tends to be European football but when we can deliver TFC or Canadian national team content we really like to do so e.g. interviews with Stalteri, Dichio etc. The Coshcast - itunes Soundcloud Website
  9. Hi all, Posting this for anyone interested. We managed to sit down with Danny a couple of weeks ago and spoke for about an hour about his move to North America, early days at TFC, his youth coaching at the club, what went wrong in last season's playoffs and the Canadian national team amongst other things. Absolutely lovely guy. Hope you enjoy. http://underthecoshblog.com/2016/02/11/danny-dichio-goes-under-the-cosh-interview/
  10. You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it and yes, A_Gagne, he is!
  11. Hi all, In case this is of any interest, we were able to sit down with former captain and Canada's most-capped international, Paul Stalteri recently. He discussed the Canadian national team (including Hargreaves, Begovic, Hoilett, De Guzman) Canadian youth development, MLS, NASL, and told us about his time in Europe with Werder Bremen and Tottenham. On this page you'll find video highlights as well as the audio of the full interview. http://underthecoshblog.com/2015/05/04/exclusive-interview-paul-stalteri/ Enjoy!
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