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  1. I dont think it was that they missed him, more that him switching to CB and finding himself a home, changed his path. He was at Western and L10 and didnt start blossoming until he switched positions (as per article). Its a good thing we still have L10, the PLSQ league and hopefully a BC league coming, Keep these guys playing until they are 20 and maybe some will find new positions or get the coaching they need to make that jump. Not every talented kid will stick out when they are teenagers, for whatever reason. Maybe he gets a look at the U-23 side? Very exciting story and hopefully he tears it up in germany. https://lfpress.com/sports/soccer/londoner-gets-a-chance-to-realize-childhood-dream-with-german-soccer-league-signing
  2. At least we have got someone trying to do some reporting. But who were all the guys spouting the "upcoming" international roster rule changes?? I kind of try to keep a score card in my head....which guys told me something for sure and were completely wrong eh?? The rush to be the first guy to break some rumor ends up making us all look stupid.
  3. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/01/29/vancouver-whitecaps-acquire-gk-bryan-meredith-trade-inter-miami-cf Crap....I was hoping Hasal would get some games this year. I guess starting the season with only back up being a 20 year old homegrown academy keeper is a little scary.
  4. Played the entire game for Dallas in preseason action over OKC.
  5. Sheffield United 13.3m, Norwich 13.58m pounds, 2 promoted teams. Villa is 23m...so maybe 30+m US. https://www.footballfancast.com/exclude/every-premier-league-clubs-wage-bill-in-2019-2020/3
  6. Arent Irving and Monsalve still free..Tissot maybe..I think there are a few still unsigned.
  7. TFC are outliers even in MLS. There are a ton of teams spending in that 9-11million range on wages in MLS. Promoted EPL teams are spending less than TFC.
  8. Wasnt it rumored they got over a million for Henry?? Edu was a special player (and first round pick) back when there still were some real quality guys in NCAA. If they can make a sale now and again, that pays a chunk of the academy. CPL is already having some success selling on former Usports and L10 players.
  9. I think its more than lip service. These guys know that if you have local supporters groups, the local associations, youth groups etc on your side then marketing the club is way easier. And if (for example) TFC can get a Henry, Morgan, Fraser, Okello and now and again a shooting star like Nelsen (cross your fingers) it might not make the most sense investment wise, but they'll get some of their money back with sales. Which is something you'll never do if you are drafting 22 year old college kids or signing journymen every year to fill up the roster.
  10. HAHA, i imagine I could make Rapaso look like he was Usain bolt.
  11. Looks like Didic played the whole preseason game against the crew.
  12. I know its just the crew, but he looked like he really had some pace there. Good start!!
  13. You mean like bad decisions... to say he doesnt feel 1% CDN while signing for a CDN club, knowing the CDN fans will hear it?? OOPPS, that was Cavallini, so its ok.
  14. See the last page of this thread. Wearing which shirt that supports which religion to which parade and how that affects the fans of the club is a great example of crazy football politics. I dont think his play has gone downhill all that much, but if the fans are giving him stick over this baloney, I can see the manager stop playing him because he doesnt want the hassle.
  15. Who thought Halifax would be the hot ticket, best supported team in the league?? You get the right location, right owners, right stadium etc, who knows which towns can bring in 6000 fanatics.
  16. Well just for Valour, if attardo stays then we lost our best CDN (petrasso, Bustos LBG) but they stayed in CPL. If we do bring in Aird, Levis and Pantemis (on loan), I think we have upped the quality of the league a bit. Y9, Halifax and Pacific have all brought in some good quality CDN, sure Calgary and Hamilton will lose some (booo hoooo...crocadile tears...) but i agree the domestic should be improved.
  17. I looked up average salary in Jupiter league (200000 euros), which would be 290000 CDN. That is taking in all the big spending clubs, and you know what kind of drop off there can be from 1st to bottom of the table and then even worse for 2nd division. 250000 seemed more like a number that belonged in the bottom end of the first division, or a really good player in 2nd. So about 1 part research, 1 part comparison, 2 parts guess.
  18. How about all americans being domestic on CDN MLS clubs, but not the other way around? Ughhh. You guys are right, why do I care, we have our own league now. I should just let it go......
  19. MLS on TSN is like crack for me. I cant give it up and since the wife wont let me watch footy all day, usually catch whoever is likely to play the most CDN. And then try and catch bits and pieces of the other games. But my TFC gear has all been replaced by Valour and I actually got to catch 2 live games with my son, and missed a third with a family emergency..but they got their money out of me.
  20. Someone mucked up their $$$ conversions. Thats pretty high for Belgium 2nd division.
  21. So instead of getting better for CDN, its getting harder??? And there is always some people who wonder why a lot of us have, lets say "mixed feelings" about MLS. They wont ever change the rule in MLS to make everyone domestic now. This will be payback for FIFA/CSA not letting Ottawa stay in USL. If its true... **** those guys and the horse they rode in on.
  22. If no one cares about Cav and his comments, Aird giving it to the Celtic fans should not even cause a ripple of excitement. I am pumped to see him on board officially, he has shown some abilities both with Rangers, Van and the national team. It was only last winter when he was getting player of the month in the scot championship and had all those assists for Dundee united. Dont shoot me, but I can see him being very useful rampaging up and down the wing.
  23. When TFC loaned the 3 out to Fury, Iassco was influential into getting Telfer to Y9, instead of Fury. So any kind of idea that TFC wanted to send them there and Y9/CPL didnt want them (or at least some) is baloney. Both montreal and TFC had plenty of loanees out. Maybe not knowing the level of play in year one CPL made them leary of sending kids here. But I dont think anyone or any league is going to be spooked by 1-2 guys per squad. https://northerntribune.ca/isacco-toronto-fc-loan-players/
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