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  1. I dont think so, but the league has some sort of set up for emergency keeper loans. Valor picked up the keeper from WSA winnipeg, Artemenko (?) last year.
  2. Why bring Calgary into this?? As if bringing in decent players means we are "trying to catch Calgary in one off season". Can these guys have a conversation that doesnt rotate around calgary? Did he slam Pacific for spending big on a LB like Dejong last season? I know they get paid for having opinions and they love to generate tweets and clicks but but shut up! Aird, Levis, Fordyce, Baptiste, Pantemis..these are all good players, and obviously there are holes and question marks (anyone have a pair of strikers?). But come on, Calgary lost their top scorer, one of the best cb in whole league Waterman and Buscher who made alot of the best 11 teams...hmmm. Why doesnt he write some smart ass tweets about what they have been doing in the offseason?? How are they going to replace what you could argue was their 3 best players?? Grrrr, I'm getting fired up for the season and there is still 3 feet of snow in my yard.
  3. On loan to San Antonio scored today against MLS Orlando in preseason. Teams up with St Clair also in on loan and Alen Marcina coaching. Akendele scores for Orlando.
  4. Oh I would like to see Valour/Bombers get a nice transfer fee for Attardo. Maybe then the brass would wake up and put a little money into developing/promoting the soccer end of things.
  5. Sooo he still might be back for the start of the season?? Reminds me of that sketchy Henry to Cyrpus/west ham unfortunate series of events. Either way, I hope he keeps improving and we'll be watching and waiting for him to tear up Chile and get a call up for CMNT.
  6. I was surprised to see him get the full game (same with Okello) but they seemed to empty the bench for the chicago game. They dont have another FB to replace Morgan so unless Vanney is planning on moving Deleon, Zav etc over Mohamed is the logical choice. It would be nice if he could make a breakthrough as Nelsen, Shaff Okello probably wont with all the competition for min in mid.
  7. I thought Bojan did a lot of good things but was completely out of gas at the end. And since Henry had to use his subs early for injuries he wasnt the only one who had a let down in the last 15min. Tough break, cant be helped but overall a good showing on the road. Waterman and ZBG didnt look out of place in a big match.
  8. Keani Fairbanks is currently with Korinthos in 3rd Division Greece as he continues his climb to the top. He started 2018 in 5th Division Portugal, advanced to 4th Division Holland in August and moved to Greece in January, 2019.
  9. This is a good move for everyone. Irving needs to play. He is still young (in keeeper years) and really has only had 2 full pro seasons. If he is going to progress it has to be now and he should get every opportunity to shine.
  10. Its the same as when UT got banned. Is there a time frame? Is it permanent? There must be some set of clear rules and sentences. If someone can just create a new avatar and come right back bans are toothless. If his ban is up and he can come back, then why make a new persona?? He is changing his name to circumvent the rules. And the fact that he continually breaks the rules even after being banned multiple times is perfectly acceptable to bring up.
  11. You must have missed the years of debate and hand wringing on this site about where the players would come from and worry about the quality of the play. Sure, AFTER the league has had a good quality first season and fully stocked 7 clubs you can say its no big deal. But plenty of doom and gloomers told us it would be "beer league" low quality semi pro ball without enough money to bring back bigger name pros.
  12. ^^^ This And if rumors are true, the league has set limits on how many loans a team can have. Its the same rules across the board, all teams have an opportunity to improve the squad without breaking the bank on a likely CDN from MLS who cant quite make the breakthrough yet
  13. The cap is there to make sure we made it to year 2 and 3 and 4. Once the league is established with more/better corporate sponsors, viable revenue streams and healthy gates then they can start thinking about dropping or raising it significantly. (When TFC joined MLS, wasnt the minimum salary 36g??) A cap is needed not for parity but to keep owners from spending themselves out of a league before it even gets off the ground. It'll come up when the league is ready, but like UT mentioned, the players better not be the only people with their wages being controlled.
  14. Do you have a link?? I dont seem to be able to find the video...
  15. Calgary lost Waterman and the defense is intact?? And Cordova better be good, he has to replace the guy who was #2 scorer in the entire league. With the moves the other teams have made (yes even WPG) I dont expect we'll see such a lopsided league this year.
  16. Well i did one quick snapshot. I picked Minnesota at random, and 16/27 players came from colleges. Maybe they are an outlier, but I doubt it. Check some other teams if you have spare time. I dont know about any specific #8 pick but huge chunks of rosters are made up of college players.
  17. Probably, but plenty of draft picks dont get signed. It would be embarassing to take a guy in the first round and cut him loose in a few months. But if they are going to bury him at TFC2, might as well loan him out to CPL and get dome real experience.
  18. All Delgado has had to do is run around alot and make some tidy back passes to make a case for himself. 3 goals in 3 games is making a case for being a #1 striker. He looked like a man among boys at georgetown but who knows whether that would translate when he moved to MLS, but it sure seems to be. I'm actually excited about this guy...much more promising than Mullins or Akinola.
  19. Achara scores again against the Galaxy....I think thats 3 goals in 3 games. Maybe TFC doesnt have to shell out for a back up forward. He looks like a beast and that chip against LAFC was sweeeeeet!
  20. Any word on TFC signing this guy? I havnt seen his name on preseason friendly rosters etc. If he gets cut loose I am sure some CPL teams will be interested.
  21. Sooo, we have Soto, Levis and Babtiste in on defense, Pantemis (not officially) at keeper, Dyer, Fordyce, Aird, Antwi in the middle. Add a few of those limbo guys like Ohin, Musse, Farago, Galan, a few usport draft picks, Attardo to the 4-5 guys who have already signed and what are we missing?? Another good striker and I could see this team being better than last season.
  22. And in contracting, the other guys wont talk about what they charge and its usually the employer playing off you off against each other because you dont have any negotiating power at all. The oil companies came in 5 years ago and said every contractor/service provider is getting 50% of what they made last week if they want to keep the work. I find it funny although we dont know the wages or cap, people talk about it like they do, So and so makes this, he is the highest paid on the team and no one really knows for sure.
  23. I kind of thought "IF TRUE" a salary cap on coaches would keep teams from bringing in big dollar foreign types and force teams to give shots to younger, more hungry CDN/local guys. And if Gale, Brennan, Hart etc are not up to muster, get Dasovic, Bent, Stalteri, Hume etc in there. Same principle as Borges, Waterman, Didic etc using the league as a springboard, have a couple good years here and then onward and upward.
  24. Come home Hume.....we need you in friendly Manitoba. Coach, play...kick field goals for the bombers, free nips at Salisbury house, what ever you want.
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