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  1. Peak?? You have got to be kidding....things havnt even started to get bad.
  2. I cant see how this will settle enough to get back to normal sports. Say you slow it down and you only get 5% of population sick this spring/early summer, thats nearly 2 million cases ie hospitals swamped. And if we start to ease up, there is still another 95% of the population for it to run rampant through the rest of the summer. It wouldnt surprise me all this will be shut down until winter at the earliest.
  3. This sounds like a conversation we have on here. Interesting that Manella is still pretty positive about TFC and the academy.
  4. Larson is annoying, but Onesoccer is putting out a lot of interesting content this last couple weeks. Manella, Waterman, LBG, Bustos, Hume, Fisk, Nanco/Awuah, lots of cool CPL tid bits to tide us over.
  5. No he hasnt. He should..based on what you mentioned...but MLS is a different beast and we have seen plenty of players that should have done well come in and **** the bed. Playing on turf, the long travelling schedule, especially for Vancouver, sometimes it doesnt work, styles dont match etc. I do think he'll do very well, but he hasnt yet.
  6. I know it was after tranmere but didnt he miss an entire season with that head injury..he is lucky he wasnt done (dead) at 25.
  7. I've been watching videos of medievil iron smelting. Skills a guy might need in a worst case scenario.
  8. Now you've done it, you said the B word. UT will be here with the inside scoop in a few minutes.
  9. Would anyone take Osorio as even the best MLS canadian right now? Cavallini, Kaye or maybe even Crepeau would be ahead of Oso. I am a big fan but he is barely in the top 10. Davies, David, Hutch, Arfield, Borjan, Hoilet, Eustqutio etc etc.
  10. Pure class. He sheds light on a lot of strange things that I have always wondered about.
  11. He scored some screamers for Edmonton, well it only seems like a year or two ago. And Gyaki is coaching at Mount Royal (canada west coach of the year)...his comeback will be coaching in CPL.
  12. No, look closer, ZZ is right there.
  13. Its your favorite...no wrong answers. I am surprised though that more of the Valentine, Vrablic, Catliffe era guys arent getting much love. Considering how many old fogies are on here.
  14. Friend may score at will, but Herschfield would give it all back and then some,
  15. A 2 man squad?? Bold choice.
  16. Watch out if he says he is a Nigerian prince.
  17. Keep it up there TIOR, Robert or whatever you call yourself, what are you working on your 4th name in the last 6 months?? We should have a pool on how many posts it will be before he gets banned and respawns again. You really dont remember the 70's? Canada wasnt doing anything internationally and we were known for goon style hockey when the russians and europeans were revamping the game with skill and speed. Gretzky came along (along with Lemeuix et al) put us on top internationally and showed the rest of the world what we could do. And he definitely inspired a generation of CDN kids to pick up sticks.
  18. "Gretzky was the Great One, but he never inspired a generation of youths to pick up a hockey stick, because Canada had already produced a whole slew of hockey legends long before Wayne was born." I remember a era of rock em sock em, bruiser hockey from the 70's that turned a lot of kids off the game. Much like the dangers of concusions turn young football players away today. Gretzky showed my generation that there was still another side to the game and you didnt have to be a brawler.
  19. ----------Forrest----------- Stalteri-Devos-Mckenna-Davies Simpson-Hutch-Radz-Deguz Dero-Bunbury David, Arfield, Samuel, Bobby L, Onstad, Pesch, and of course...Jaimie Peters
  20. If the virus was floating around BC (or anywhere else in canada) in Nov and spreading through the population there should have been a spike of odd pneumonia/resperatory cases following it. Maybe there was, I'm not an expert, although these days you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a so called "expert" on infectious diseases. Funny how a lot of those same guys are the ones who tell me how to mow my lawn and when to take down my x-mas lights
  21. Cripes that was depressing. Does anyone have a link to either Mckenna's half time interview or Hart post game. I thought i remember Hart resigning the next day.
  22. That is a damn good idea. Another networks are feeding us "classic" MLS, NCAA B-ball etc. Why not a few CPL games?? V-cup, Forge in champions league etc.
  23. I feel for Fraser, but look at a guy like Jakovic. Having a nice resurgence, getting playing time....might not be around next year. Same with Hutchinson. ****** deal all around for everyone, but at least the young guys will still have more time to play.
  24. Johnson?? Donavon Bailey won the worlds before and after winning a gold medal in Atlanta.. How about Clara Hughes, multiple medal winner in summer and winter games?
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