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  1. I mean he was responsible for one of the goals scored against. He seems to be better at offense but Besiktas fans are mentioning that dis defensive prowess is slowly deteriorating.
  2. It would be cool but if we run that it's Arfield and Hutch (or Piette) in the middle which leaves us potentially getting overrun in MF by better teams. Also we have a lot of good MFs im not sure if I want all of Oso, Kaye, Eustaquio, and others all on the bench. It's a difficult issue to figure out. Unless we just put David on the wing but that's a whole other thing.
  3. U23 beckons. Hell if he plays regularly until March just get him into the senior side.
  4. The second goal for Kayserispor was on Atiba unfortunately. He chested the ball down, then lost it to a runner who buried it past the keeper.
  5. I got my flex pack for the season. I don't have time to commit to a full season ticket so this works nicely.
  6. It's all white British guys on TV when it comes to Canadian soccer so that's definitely something that needs to change.
  7. https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-selects-u-17-squad-for-mexico-trip-as-part-of-men-s-excel-program-p162078-preview-1 The team. All Canadians clubs are MLS or CPL affiliated. No Marcelo Flores either.
  8. blehhh. I know a lot of people don't rate him (including Herdman) but I'm sad his career has gone the way it has, at one point he was looking like a very good contributor to the NT.
  9. Lmao the fact people here are so defensive about about this guy looking for dual nationals who aren't good enough for Canada is hilarious. When Emery Welshman opted for Guyana everyone here was like good luck have fun. Relax. He's not going after anyone who would make the team.
  10. So every game York 9 FC plays will be have football lines on the field?
  11. I can see a few of those players getting snapped up by the other teams if HFX don't sign them.
  12. I don't see us using two up top because that means we'd need to play with two central midfielders, and we have too many good ones to only use two. If we go with an attacking 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1 then he could slot in the hole behind Cavs. Otherwise the front three should be locked in at Cavallini at FW with Hoilett and Davies flanking him. Larin and David would be fighting for that sub appearance.
  13. He's on trial with the Wanderers. I think there's a very good chance he gets signed.
  14. I wonder why Millar isn't being given a starting nod.
  15. He could play a half in a one off game. I think he gets called up but maybe won't train as much if the team does train on turf.
  16. there's money involved which means this will probably happen.
  17. I mean if Ranjitsingh is 1st choice for Orlando, we should try to call him up.
  18. If he signs in the 5th tier, if I'm Herdman I tell him he's done with the NT. Which he could already be at his age.
  19. Further to note: An interesting thing is similar to how York and Forge are signing L1O players, Pacific have signed two from the local BC leagues. (VMSL for Blasco, and VISL for Wirth).
  20. Does anyone know which club in the VISL Wirth played for this past year? edit: nvm it's Vic West.
  21. So is Millar's future at wing then?
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