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  1. I'm a bit wary of the roster. Other teams seem to have a # of really good players, and we seem to be middling in some places. Petrasso is a Woodbridge boy but is joining Valour. Did York even try to get him?
  2. Kind of random, but is there a reason our nomenclature, especially on Wikipedia always has FC in the name? It's not Forge, or Valour, it's Forge FC, and Valour FC. Arsenal is just Arsenal on wikipedia or other places, not Arsenal FC. It's the same with MLS teams. It's not Toronto, but Toronto FC, or Vancouver Whitecaps FC. It's odd.
  3. It is weird the way some of these rosters have panned out. A lot of players still available who you would have thought would have been immediately signed.
  4. He's only featuring for the US because Weah, Sargeant and co are all playing up a level. Otherwise realistically he's not high on the depth chart for the US.
  5. Looks like Welshman has been called up to the Guyana national team for their decisive CNL match.
  6. Looks like Jamaica added a friendly with Costa Rica to go with their CNL match. Frustrating that we haven't done the same.
  7. Edwards got subbed in and has scored for Chicago. Still think he's one of our better options out wide.
  8. Millar is subbed on for Kilmarnock. He's playing all over the front. edit: He looked pretty good, especially at the end, he won a freekick for Kilmarnock in a dangerous spot.
  9. Yeah I know. I really enjoyed these past few months of playing signings.
  10. Anyone else a bit sad that news has died down a lot? We see some training stuff but otherwise It seems to be quite quiet.
  11. I don't really agree with these Coman takes. He's proven himself at this level. His only issue is durability. It's fine to want Davies to succeed but that doesn't mean he's obviously better than Coman, because he's not.
  12. In a recent Instagram story by Forge it shows Roberts with another GK, Spiro Koskinas. I don't know anything about him but could he be the third GK for Forge? edit: Looks like he played for Toronto Skillz in 2017.
  13. I've made this point to Bayern fans and they always retort that that's all Davies does and is precisely why Kovac doesn't trust him. In fairness in every game I've seen that's basically what he's done and it hasn't worked at all against better defenders. I remember he tried pulling that against Leverkusen and Tah and he got beaten pretty handily. I do think needs more than 5 minutes a game to show what he can do though.
  14. Damn it, that's horrible news. I hope he's on a multi year deal.
  15. I mean our players would see more time on the ball if we played more than one game a window...
  16. And no one in Canadian Soccer Media has asked about why we only do one march a window.
  17. His minutes could be cut significantly. The new CB Orlando signed is left footed and can play in a 3 man backline.
  18. I don't like the idea of Div 2 being regional. That's too high of a level. I'd rather it start at D3.
  19. http://cavalryfc.canpl.ca/article/band-of-brothers Tommy has signed his brother to a deal. I don't know what to make of this.
  20. I'm surprise Jimmy Shamar-Sanon hasn't popped up in camp somewhere.
  21. apparently Besiktas have not been paying some players. I don't know if Larin and Hutch are among them but Karius is suing the club and it sounds like FIFA might come down on them. Would not be surprise if both leave at the end of the season.
  22. I will say even though he is doing well at AM for Gent, and everyone is saying that's his best position, don't forget when he debuted he was put up top and scored 5 in 5 for them. I'm still not 100% on board that his best isn't at striker. He could just be an AM atm because of personnel on the roster.
  23. You know who I am a bit surprised to not hear anything about? Michael Petrasso. I haven't heard anything about his time in England recently, but also nothing about any CPL sides being interested in him.
  24. Expecting this league to be purely for Canadian eligible people is really funny. This league was always going to be for Canadians, as in people with citizenship or residency or what have you. And all those Canadians who end up playing for other countries do so simply because they aren't good enough for Canada. So you're saying a Canadian who never gets a look from our country and if given a chance to play for another programs (very usually a weaker program) should then be told sorry you're an international now and screw you for trying to play international soccer, then that's a pretty narrow-minded view. MLS has a large number of US born players who are currently playing their trade for other countries and there is no issue there.
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