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  1. We really need to use a proper formation. The team needs at least one game with a standard formation so they have a in game reference for the GC.
  2. I do wonder how Godinho will be used. I want to see him play but I'm really worried about him playing significant minutes on turf. I assume Herdman has spoken with Craig Levein about his situation. Perhaps 45 minutes?
  3. Overall I'm pretty disgusted with CanSoc media these days. At least in the US have a group of reporters who regularly call out the USSF for their BS, and this is the same USSF who actually schedules friendlies for the US (through SUM). There's a number of journos (and some of them go on this board) who have have happily told Herdman what a great powerpoint presenter he is (while throwing Zambrano under the bus) and have not questioned him or the CSA on the lack of games scheduled for the teams all from u17 to the senior men. All because they don't want to lose their access. We aren't better than Costa Rica. We aren't even better than Panama and Honduras. Hell I feel like based on how little our players play together they'd have a rough time against the likes of El Salvador. Davies made his debut two years ago and hasn't even hit 10 caps yet. Our players have such crappy numbers cap-wise because they all get together only on official dates for one game that only allows us 3 subs. Yesterday the US played against Ecuador and had a bunch of players get caps and experience. They have another game coming up too. Jamaica has a friendly coming up to go with their nations league matches. Where the hell does the CSA come off patting themselves on the back saying what a good job they're doing when they aren't doing ****? This is so frustrating as a supporter. And no one talks about it, no one who matters, anyway.
  4. One dude to look out for is Jems Geffrard, the Haiti international. He's out of contract in Finland, and is Canadian so he wouldn't be an international. He'd be a good fit for Pacific or any team still needing defenders.
  5. That 2020 Copa America as of right now isn't happening in the format you think it is, I'd be surprised if there's a Jan camp considering we haven't had one for two years. Most teams are scheduling pre- GC friendlies. Watch us do nothing. Nothing has been announced as far as friendlies are concerned anyway. **** this whole situation.
  6. Is this the guy who coached Davies in Edmonton and did an interview after the transfer where he was all like "I'm just trying to do right by the kid which is why i accepted being his agent when his family asked me"
  7. even better as far as I can tell right now there's a "no passes" available thing right now so it is as if it's sold out.
  8. Steadicams are the ones held by people in fancy contraptions. They're often used for filming scenes than involved people turning corners, for example.
  9. I'm surprised at the lack of Central Americans. I'm a bit disappointed that for international players many teams have gone after random English players playing at low levels. Nathan Mavila has wash out written all over him, for example.
  10. The winger has played in MLS and USL. Any thought on who it might be?
  11. Realistically a man who has played just once for a d5 English team shouldn't either but here we are.
  12. This also goes back to who found him first. His coach in Brampton said he made Canada aware of him and they were like lol ok and then he made the USSF aware to and they asked to go see and scout him. Canada has a pretty notorious history of underscouting a lot of our youngsters.
  13. We technically have two, in Noah Verhoeven and Lukas McNaughton. And the latter isn't really a Canadian international like Verhoeven is, so at the moment he's the only American on a roster (I do recognise he's repped Canada at the University level, but that's not really a FIFA thing, which is what I'm going by).
  14. The US released a U23 roster and will be playing friendlies. They are taking this seriously. We on the other hand have a powerpoint from Herdman. If this is going to be like the U20 championship where literally the only time the team is together is for the tournament itself then we aren't going very far.
  15. We need to actually play good teams to see where we stack up. How many times did we look good on paper then lose to Martinique 1-0 in the 90th minute?
  16. Yes! I love him because he's so lanky he always wins challenges he probably shouldn't because he can reach pretty far.
  17. Interesting thread quoted by Zambrano. I'd give it a read. I can't say I disagree based on how things have shaken out so far.
  18. Molinaro is saying apparently it's a minor injury but Bayern don't want him to travel.
  19. Does Herdman have a problem with Raheem Edwards? Certainly seems like it. Fraser isn't even playing.
  20. It spreads farther than that though, Seattle Sounders are always branded as Seattle Sounders FC, for example. It seems its just a US and Canada thing.
  21. I mean for example on a squad list, for example on the Canada NT roster, Osorio is listed with Toronto FC, but Liam Millar is simple with Kilmarnock, not Kilmarnock F.C.
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