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  1. Just watched the interview with John Peacock from March 22. He came off as a bit hostile lmao.
  2. I personally don't see him coming back. His situation reminds me of Stu Holden who rehabbed for so long then came back and in hist first game re-tore his knee. I think Ferreira is done.
  3. Our starting 3 in MF when everyone is healthy is Oso-Hutch-Arfield. An Argument can be made for Kaye especially coming up soon but for now that's what Herdman seems to be trending towards. This insinuation that he has nothing to offer Canada is flat-out wrong.
  4. A lot of the people (especially on Twitter) who are attacking Oso seem to already be anti-Oso, of which he has a lot of, so all these attacks on his character isn't surprising. If he scored a goal they'd probably complain he didn't celebrate hard enough.
  5. Unfortunately because he's the CSA golden child even if we perform horribly in both the GC and the NL, I don't see Herdman getting the sack.
  6. In the commentary it was mentioned Canada would be scheduling some Pre-GC friendlies.
  7. In the commentary it was mentioned Canada would be scheduling some Pre-GC friendlies.
  8. You can see he becomes disinterested quickly, which means he probably should be subbed off at like 50 minutes.
  9. Dunfield is the worst. His name is Piette not Petit lmao.
  10. It's a match up thing. Piette seems to do better against better competition but he'll play down sometimes to weaker teams. Outside his brain fart he's broken up plays quite well.
  11. Hoilett killed an attack for us by rolling around on the ground. Nice.
  12. That's one of the things with Borjan. Sometimes he tries to be too cute.
  13. I think Kaye is in at left back. I get wanting him to see the field but really? The dude was bossing the midfield for LA and you stick him there with Adekugbe on the bench.
  14. The people here trying to tear down Montserrat are part of the fun police.
  15. The CNL twitter account has small highlight pakcages of the games.
  16. What the heck happened to the guy that his career went down so quickly. At this point he might end up in L1O
  17. I remember that too. In friendlies the team looked really good. It's in the tourneys the team was abysmal. Struggled against teams like Cuba. Ultimately you are right the two jobs will be very different. but to simply excuse his performances with the U20s i feel is very naive. We'll see how things shake out in the CPL and yes, Valour is looking very strong squad wise.
  18. I'm interested to see how Gale does as a club coach. At the moment his resume isn't the greatest. He oversaw a horrible stretch for the U20 team. So many bad performances at the U20 tourneys. It's also why i hesitate to say Valour is among the elite. He's pretty unsuccessful as a coach thus far.
  19. no but you'll see a powerpoint on how we're gonna make more Atibas!
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