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  1. So . . . any further word on the hydro pole being removed?
  2. I feel like conferences make sense for the NHL, NBA, etc. given the sheer number of teams. Playing 30-odd teams in a single table strikes me as a bit unweidly, whereas playing 15 or so more frequently makes things logistically easier without getting boring. Even when the CPL expands, I think we'd see it cap out at 16 max. I'd personally be against conferences for the CPL. Yes, it reduces travel costs, but my understanding is that Westjet has been heavily discounting travel for teams to begin with. Given the (comparatively) smaller number of teams for the CPL, I'd much rather have the var
  3. I get that they wanted to emphasize white to represent snow in Ottawa, but it just makes the crest seem a bit empty. I'm also a fan of the revised crest (and concept kit) that Xavier Oulette did. The subdued strips are a nice touch.
  4. Bloody hell, are we still arguing about this?
  5. Missed a lot today due to workload insanity, but for what it's worth: -Very happy to see the Commissioner, the Mayor, the CEO of Atletico Madrid and even the Spanish ambassador participate in today's event. Gets things off on the right foot. -Very happy to see all the kids and youth clubs present at the launch. It'll be important to build those connections and get kids and families on board early on. -I'm neither here nor there on the head coach announcement, only because I know nothing about Mista. It sounds intriguing to have someone that closely affiliated with Atletico Ma
  6. I was hoping for this. I'm all in for buying season tickets for name-yet-to-be-confirmed Ottawa, but it would be nice to know the dates first.
  7. Hell, after the crap he spouted last year, he should fear the taunting of supporters when playing at home.
  8. That wouldn't really make sense, naming it after the city. It'd be like having a team named the Montreal Torontos or the Calgary Vancouvers.
  9. Maybe there really is something behind the black shirt worn during the elevator teaser?
  10. Anyone in Halifornia able to shed some light on this? At first glance (but without context), this has me worried that the Wanderers Grounds may be compromised moving forward. 😶
  11. "Multiple sources are telling me that an announcement will take place tomorrow morning for a new CPL team in Ottawa. No one in Spain is confirming it at this time, however. Stay tuned!"
  12. "Multiple sources are telling me that an announcement will take place tomorrow morning for a new CPL team in Ottawa. No one in Spain is confirming it at this time, however. Stay tuned!"
  13. Yes, they're referring to Quebec City here, not the whole province. Either way, this is exciting!
  14. Agreed. Had he not been so needlessly critical of the CPL and tried so hard to paint the Fury as the victim, I'd be happy to have him join. But now . . . I just wouldn't feel right having him captain the ship. If Atlético coming in means wiping the slate clean of the Fury, then fair enough. Let it actually be a clean slate without the JDG/OSEG front office baggage that undermined what so many of us wanted and sank the team so many of us loved.
  15. Team for 2020 confirmed, players already being scouted, plans in place - this might just be the real deal. 🙂
  16. https://ottawacitizen.com/sports/soccer/mls/ottawa-fury-fc/pro-soccer-back-in-ottawa-group-hoping-to-field-team-in-2020-cpl-season/wcm/913f4f77-7387-4d70-a3e2-bef45c5d4c8b/amp The Ottawa Citizen is now reporting on the buzz. 👀
  17. Oh, don't get me wrong - I'm already over the moon at the prospect of a CPL team finally being in Ottawa. As soon as everything gets confirmed, I'll be one of the first to get season tickets (something I could never justify with the NASL/USL, just given the sheer number of teams I couldn't care less about). I wish it had worked out with OSEG and the Fury, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. As for JDG: No. Non. Nein. Nee. Nyet. NAY NAY. Too much bad blood and needless animosity. He's made his bed, now he has to lie in it.
  18. Not going to lie, I'll be sad to see the Fury brand go if that turns out to be true. It's a known quantity in the community and certainly built a name for itself these last few years. I'll never forget cheering on the Fury during their 2014 friendly against Rangers, or their 2015 NASL semi-final against Minnesota United. This is the club that really helped me embrace local football and got me so passionate about growing the game in Canada through the CPL. Despite the immense anger I have with OSEG and JDG over the nonsense last year, I was really hoping I could keep cheering for my club.
  19. Tongue-in-cheek reference to the current rumours flying around?
  20. Agreed. I want footie back in the capital, but 2021 is fine by me.
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