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  1. No offence @Lofty, but this is fundamentally the problem. For most Anglos, whether or not services are offered in French is viewed as a financial decision. If the money's there/if there's an obvious return on investment, then sure; if not, too bad (see Doug Ford and his French-language fiasco last year). For Francos, it's viewed as a matter of respect and equality. In a bilingual country where the two official languages have equal status, anything truly national in scope should offer its services in both languages. Anything less is just insulting - and I wholeheartedly agree. For a new l
  2. I'd love to go to a viewing party in Ottawa, but given our . . . unique circumstances, I don't know if any pubs in the city are showing it. Anyone with some inside info?
  3. I'd love to see something unique like the hardware used for Ligue 1 or the A-League (I also thing they should do one piece for the top overall team on the full season and one piece for the winner of the finals). If it's just another generic cup with the Stanley Cup, Grey Cup, Vanier Cup, etc. then I'd see it as a missed opportunity.
  4. If you honestly do want the totality of Canadian pro soccer to succeed, you sure have a weird damn way of showing it.
  5. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I do not see any realistic path to having a successful CPL club in Ottawa that doesn't involve Fury FC. They're well-established, reasonably well supported, and have a lock on the best venue in the city. Any team that tries to compete against that is going to look bush-league in comparison. The one thing I would be caustiously optimistic about regarding this new rumour is whether or not they're actually looking to buy the Fury and move them to CPL. OSEG seems less than sold on the Fury anyway, so this could be a win-win scenario. OSEG can sell
  6. This is what I'm wondering, especially with the "terrasses" comment. My guts tells me he's working now working with those trying to get a club in Montreal or Quebec City.
  7. Just to be clear, you finally had a moment of clarity/self-awareness and intentionally pointed that comment at your own avatar, right?
  8. https://imaginanews.mediapro.es/rf/repo/OneSoccer/Final Mediapro Concacaf NL ENG.pdf From the press release: " From October, OneSoccer will boost its weekly grid with additional original content, including daily news programs, mid-week magazine shows, interviews, features and other formats."
  9. I'm pretty sure I admitted my ignorance on competition format/game calculation up front. But thanks for reminding me . . . I guess. I'd also like to see a single season, one table, home-and away set-up. As for extra games, I could see a short play-off series being done once we get to 12-16 teams (maybe the top six or eight teams in a single-elimination format?). My only qualification on that would be weather. If we continue to have the season run through late October, it'd be getting pretty chilly by the time a play-off series finished and a champion was crowned.
  10. Ok, I'm glad I'm not totally off base. I would hope they'd keep it a single table, but maybe that makes too much sense. I was pondering the other day about what sorts of stats I'd like to see for the league by 2026 (salary cap, attendance, etc.) and just blanked when it came to tallying the number of games in a season.
  11. Random question: when the CPL eventually hits 12 and later 16 teams, how many matches in a given season are we expecting (full campaign, not factoring in A/C split)? I was musing about some figures the other day and realized I have no idea how the number of matches would be calculated (never been great with keeping tournament formats straight). I imagine for 12 it'd be something like playing each other team three times for a 33 game season, then for 16 playing each other team twice for a 30 game season so things aren't unwieldy? Or am I out to lunch?
  12. Dear God, the pre-season match is on *Thursday*. That's plenty of time to switch the lines between the Monday match and then, let alone the Saturday match.
  13. So . . . the big KISS reveal was just a video at their concerts in Montreal and Toronto. 🤔 Well, that was overhyped for no reason.
  14. God, York 9's stadium looks sad on television. I'd kill for One Soccer to aim the camera at the main stand so it didn't look so empty.
  15. I noticed that the "reveal" (whatever it is) happens tomorrow, when KISS are set to play in Toronto. I've also taken a look at their touring calendar and noticed that they don't have anything for early November, sooooooooo . . .
  16. Anyone have an inkling as to what this is all about?
  17. Can someone explain to me how to toggle between the audio feeds on One Soccer (EN/FR and EN/ES), particularly for Roku? I'm currently watching the Cavs-Impact match and it somehow defaulted to French. I'm actually really enjoying it, but I figure I should know how this works.
  18. https://canpl.ca/article/watch-saskatchewan-supporters-chant-we-want-cpl-during-sk-vs-tfc-ii-tilt "Local supporters group Bridge City Firm was in full voice on the day, chanting “We want CPL” after the match in a call for expansion into the province . . . We see you, Saskatchewan." *crosses fingers*
  19. Eww. Well, I hope those lines can be scrubbed out easily enough for PFC matches.
  20. First off, I'd say I'm more than impressed with the CPL overall so far. The quality of play, the viewing/streaming capability (and quality), the team branding, and the attendance (with some exceptions - I'm looking at you, Y9, PFC and FC Ed) have all been spot on. No league is going to be perfect in year one, but I think the CPL has done a fantastic job of building the base for the future. One thing I will note that I'm disappointed with is the CPL shop. -The only things I can purchase online through the league-wide shop are kits, and even then some are out of stock. I ordered my Wand
  21. I know people hate to hear this, but I really think we're in a Fury-or-bust situation in Ottawa. They're well-known, well-established and have a lock on the best stadium in the city. Either the Fury need to join the CPL (my preferred option) or OSEG shuts down the team and a new one comes in as the soccer tenant at TD Place. If someone tries to start up a CPL team here while the Fury are still around, it'll look like a joke and tarnish locals' view of the CPL.
  22. Probably not a popular view, but I'd personally want to see a 12-16 team, closed Div 1 and then have the regional semi-pro leagues serve as a collective Div 2 with pro-rel to lower leagues, kind of like in Australia. As much as I'd love to see full pro-rel in Canada, I think geography, population and infrastructure just aren't in our favour. Let the public lynching begin!
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