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  1. Yes, they're referring to Quebec City here, not the whole province. Either way, this is exciting!
  2. Agreed. Had he not been so needlessly critical of the CPL and tried so hard to paint the Fury as the victim, I'd be happy to have him join. But now . . . I just wouldn't feel right having him captain the ship. If Atlético coming in means wiping the slate clean of the Fury, then fair enough. Let it actually be a clean slate without the JDG/OSEG front office baggage that undermined what so many of us wanted and sank the team so many of us loved.
  3. Team for 2020 confirmed, players already being scouted, plans in place - this might just be the real deal. 🙂
  4. https://ottawacitizen.com/sports/soccer/mls/ottawa-fury-fc/pro-soccer-back-in-ottawa-group-hoping-to-field-team-in-2020-cpl-season/wcm/913f4f77-7387-4d70-a3e2-bef45c5d4c8b/amp The Ottawa Citizen is now reporting on the buzz. 👀
  5. Oh, don't get me wrong - I'm already over the moon at the prospect of a CPL team finally being in Ottawa. As soon as everything gets confirmed, I'll be one of the first to get season tickets (something I could never justify with the NASL/USL, just given the sheer number of teams I couldn't care less about). I wish it had worked out with OSEG and the Fury, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. As for JDG: No. Non. Nein. Nee. Nyet. NAY NAY. Too much bad blood and needless animosity. He's made his bed, now he has to lie in it.
  6. Not going to lie, I'll be sad to see the Fury brand go if that turns out to be true. It's a known quantity in the community and certainly built a name for itself these last few years. I'll never forget cheering on the Fury during their 2014 friendly against Rangers, or their 2015 NASL semi-final against Minnesota United. This is the club that really helped me embrace local football and got me so passionate about growing the game in Canada through the CPL. Despite the immense anger I have with OSEG and JDG over the nonsense last year, I was really hoping I could keep cheering for my club.
  7. Tongue-in-cheek reference to the current rumours flying around?
  8. Agreed. I want footie back in the capital, but 2021 is fine by me.
  9. For the winter, yes - this is obviously an obstacle for hockey. For soccer in the spring/summer/autumn, not so much. All the same, as much as I want to see a CPL team in town, I just don't see it working. Sigh.
  10. I'd love for them to add the SPFL, Ligue 1 and maybe a few other Euro leagues. But I feel like they could do half decently to pick up more content from other regions, like maybe the J-League and the A-League (would absolutely love the latter). I know they already have the CSL, but . . . eh.
  11. Question on the Iida signing: I really have no concept of how buying/selling players works (in any sport), but from what I gather CPL players still under contract that end up going to other leagues would result in cash for the selling CPL team. Does this mean that Iida's move to OKC will see HFX paid for him? Or was he already released? The game I understand. The business of it . . . eh. 😛
  12. From an article in Le Droit: « C’est la fin de notre aventure au soccer, affirme Mark Goudie, président-directeur général de l’OSEG. Nous avons vendu nos droits, mais nous conservons notre compagnie. Celle-ci a toujours un stade, mais plus de club de soccer. Nous n’avons pas de désir de continuer à faire du soccer non plus. Par contre, si quelqu’un souhaite ramener du soccer professionnel à Ottawa dans la Canadian Premier League (CPL), nous avons un terrain à louer. Jusqu’à présent, nous n’avons pas été approchés en ce sens et nous n’avons pas parlé avec la CPL depuis l’été 2018. M
  13. If they go that route (which I suspect they will), I would hope they'd follow the CHL path and have regional conferences. Annnnnnnnnnd that they'd have teams in Québec again.
  14. Canadian Elite Basketball League. New start up mens league with teams mostly in ON and out West. It'll be interesting to see how things unfold for them (and to see whether or not National Basketball League Canada will pull a WHA and merge with them).
  15. I hate to engage in post-mortem equine flagellation, but I really don't see an option other than Lansdowne for a team. It's by far the best stadium in the city - best facilities, best location, best accessibility, best commercial area, etc. The baseball stadium is next to box stores and a highway, and no other plot of land anywhere near downtown is going to be developed and available for at least a decade (thanks a lot, Rendez-Vous Lebreton). We're not in a Halifax scenario here. Even the university stadia aren't exactly well-located - no real entertainment/dining/shopping district close enoug
  16. The player awards I quite like, and the name of the CPL shield I think is perfect. The design of the latter, though . . .
  17. Oh, it's totally outside of my hands - I just can't wrap my head around how a league "For Canadians, by Canadians" ended up being a league "For Anglos, by Anglos". It's a shortsighted decision that sees the league shoot themselves in the foot among a lot of potential fans. Will people ultimately hop on the bandwagon? Of course they will. But the way the league has approached this is going to make it a lot more difficult than it needs to be. The Sens had the same problem here in Ottawa with Francos, as did the Fury. They've turned it around (to an extent), but only years later and after a
  18. . . . No. : / In not being bilingual to begin with, the league has made a piss-poor impression with over one fifth of the Canadian population. That means a *significant* number of potential fans have already received the message that this league doesn't care about them. It's pretty damn hard to penetrate a market you've needlessly ignored/insulted. For all the reasons I've been explaining, this a horribly impractical business decision - you can't alienate a fifth of your potential fanbase and suddenly expect them to come around when it's convenient for you. That investment should h
  19. I think it should be like the A-League where one piece of silverware is given to the best overall record on the campaign and another is given to the winner of a playoff series. Annnnnnnnnnnd I also think that both should be custom designed and not stock items from Things Engraved.
  20. Not to get too bogged down, but the federal government has recognized this since day one. That's why there's a distinction between personal bilingualism (whether or not a given person can speak both languages) and official bilingualism (the requirement to offer federal government services in both languages). The former is obviously supported through different funds and programs, but everyone is conscious of the linguistic reality on the ground. No one questions that AB is overwhelmingly Anglo and QC is overwhelmingly Franco. Like you said, the reality of the current situation (I say "curr
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