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  1. I guess I'd just take a different perspective. I'm personally not a fan of the bye and play-in match set-up introduced; I'd rather see the top four teams in the table have a standard playoff format. If this were the case, I'd have the top team in the table (the Premier, in A-League terminology) get a CONCACAF League spot and the CCL spot tied to the winner of the playoffs (the Champion, again in A-League lingo). This way, both the Premier and Champion are recognized, teams have to fight that little bit harder to earn each of those titles, and the Premier still has the chance to upgrade their C
  2. I'd be curious to see if any CPL clubs would play in the summer series as a friendly. Could help drum up interest and showcase to potential investors what the league has to offer, as well as what SK can produce.
  3. Phew. At least I had braced myself beforehand. ­čÖé
  4. My only suggested edit would be to award the CONCACAF League spot to the top overall team at the end of the season. Now that we have a single table, I feel like proving yourself as top overall means a bit more.
  5. I personally would have preferred the top four teams moving into the playoffs, rather than one bye and a play-in match. To avoid situations like last year where the best team through the season goes somewhat unrecognized if they don't win the playoffs though, I'd do something along the lines of MLS or the A-League and have a shield for the top overall club of the campaign and a trophy for the winner of the playoffs. I know this probably isn't a popular notion, but given precedents elsewhere and this being North America, I think it would be a good fit. *braces for bashing*
  6. . . . so, seriously. No one has been contacted for season ticket sales yet?
  7. I didn't see any mention of this in the articles on the website, but they did flag that the full schedule would be released tomorrow. I imagine they'll speak to it then. Given that the regular season is ending earlier this year (3 Oct 20) and we finally have an eighth team, I'm wondering if the league will switch to a single season with playoffs (top four in the table) to determine a champion.
  8. Have any Atl├ętico fans been contacted yet about purchasing season tickets, or is this only happening once the league schedule is out? I put down my desposit a few weeks ago and am starting to get jittery. ­čśŤ
  9. So . . . any further word on the hydro pole being removed?
  10. I feel like conferences make sense for the NHL, NBA, etc. given the sheer number of teams. Playing 30-odd teams in a single table strikes me as a bit unweidly, whereas playing 15 or so more frequently makes things logistically easier without getting boring. Even when the CPL expands, I think we'd see it cap out at 16 max. I'd personally be against conferences for the CPL. Yes, it reduces travel costs, but my understanding is that Westjet has been heavily discounting travel for teams to begin with. Given the (comparatively) smaller number of teams for the CPL, I'd much rather have the var
  11. I get that they wanted to emphasize white to represent snow in Ottawa, but it just makes the crest seem a bit empty. I'm also a fan of the revised crest (and concept kit) that Xavier Oulette did. The subdued strips are a nice touch.
  12. Bloody hell, are we still arguing about this?
  13. Missed a lot today due to workload insanity, but for what it's worth: -Very happy to see the Commissioner, the Mayor, the CEO of Atletico Madrid and even the Spanish ambassador participate in today's event. Gets things off on the right foot. -Very happy to see all the kids and youth clubs present at the launch. It'll be important to build those connections and get kids and families on board early on. -I'm neither here nor there on the head coach announcement, only because I know nothing about Mista. It sounds intriguing to have someone that closely affiliated with Atletico Ma
  14. I was hoping for this. I'm all in for buying season tickets for name-yet-to-be-confirmed Ottawa, but it would be nice to know the dates first.
  15. Hell, after the crap he spouted last year, he should fear the taunting of supporters when playing at home.
  16. That wouldn't really make sense, naming it after the city. It'd be like having a team named the Montreal Torontos or the Calgary Vancouvers.
  17. Maybe there really is something behind the black shirt worn during the elevator teaser?
  18. Anyone in Halifornia able to shed some light on this? At first glance (but without context), this has me worried that the Wanderers Grounds may be compromised moving forward. ­čśÂ
  19. "Multiple sources are telling me that an announcement will take place tomorrow morning for a new CPL team in Ottawa. No one in Spain is confirming it at this time, however. Stay tuned!"
  20. "Multiple sources are telling me that an announcement will take place tomorrow morning for a new CPL team in Ottawa. No one in Spain is confirming it at this time, however. Stay tuned!"
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