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  1. Also, this rebranding video - holy shit, how'd they get Jay Baruchel?
  2. I'll be damned. CPL site now showing the leaked logo. Hovering my mouse over the logo, it shows up as "York United FC".
  3. Interesting point in this article is that it seems as though Téléfoot, Mediaopro's dedicated channel for French football, will stand down. Hopefully the same won't be true for One Soccer.
  4. No, but you do ask them to care about your health. When people are reckless with something like a pandemic, it puts unnecessary pressure on them and the health care system and wastes taxpayer dollars. Personal choices have societal impacts. Deny it all you want, but it's true.
  5. . . . I hope that's not actually it. That seems a bit too busy/trying too hard to be a La Liga look-alike. For what it's worth, I actually quite like the Y trillium design. They've also updated the CPL website to show that as the logo for the club.
  6. I'd hope they'd just go with York FC . . . like they probably should have from the beginning.
  7. So, maybe I missed a conversation about this somewhere (been busy with other things lately), but do we have any sense of what Westjet's pull-out from Atlantic Canada is going to mean for the Wanderers (and future expansion to Moncton, St John's , etc.)?
  8. Super busy with work, so I'll pop back later to comment/explain this in English. But this seems a weeeeeeeeee bit concerning. https://www.france24.com/fr/20201009-ligue-1-en-difficulté-mediapro-veut-renégocier-les-droits-tv?ref=tw_i
  9. I don't remember what the coverage was like last year, but the CBC seems to going all in on the final now. This is what CBC Sports looks like right now:
  10. Fair! Most Canadians don't even pronounce Newfoundland properly, so I guess we can't be *too* hard on him. 😛
  11. I've been pondering this for a while, and I'd love to see the CPL and the A-League establish some sort of professional relationship. Having the champion of each league fly to the other country (alternating years) for a friendly would be spectacular, and hopefully something that could be done for a reasonable price via their airline partners. More than that though, I'd love to see One Soccer and MyFootball (their One Soccer equivalent, so near as I can tell) enter into some kind of reciprocity agreement whereby they show each other's league matches. It seems like it would be an easy way for eac
  12. Try the search icon in the top right corner. If you type "Lille", it should show you both matches.
  13. I know that this is certainly a delicate topic, and one that's become rather explosive given the events of the last few months (George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, Chantel Moore, etc.). I think most of us here recognize that this is a bit of an "elephant in the room" topic that can't really be ignored, but that is also difficult to discuss at times. I really appreciate you taking the time to collect your thoughts on this and to write them down in as matter-of-fact and neutral a tone as possible (I've seen a lot of other people on the interwebz who have yet to master that skill). All of that said tho
  14. A couple of points: -Agreed on the weird audio/volume problems. I didn't have any audio via my Roku stream for a good two minutes when things went live at 7 PM EDT, and every time they showed the bloody anthem commercial it felt like my living room was vibrating. -I had some issues with the feed crashing, but I think that's more my internet connection than it is the platform. -In terms of value for money, I'm actually ok with where things are going. They've added more pre- and post-game content, upgraded the sets, brought in new hosts/contributors, and it felt like the video resoluti
  15. . . . anyone else not getting the audio feed? Edit: Seems to be fixed now. Was coming through on my laptop fine, but took a minute to kick in on my Roku.
  16. Also, fun fact: it turns out wTVision has been providing these same services (complete with CGI fans) for La Liga throughout the lockdown. Methinks the Mediapro connection has once again come into play.
  17. This was my one major fear for the games in C'town: that it would come off as looking - as we've all worried about over the years - "bush league". I was really worried/disappointed about the games not being at Westhills or the stade at U de M because I thought things would look much more professional on TV. But *this* . . . holy sh*t, I am impressed.
  18. 8. Whichever team can sit through the most consecutive performances of "Anne: The Never-Ending Musical" at the Confederation Centre.
  19. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're showing these matches. I was just hoping they'd do something more along the lines of last year where so many games were on TV and so many were on Gem/online. As long as this helps increase public exposure of the league, I'm game.
  20. It's not much, but at least it's something!
  21. Pretty sure @Aird25 is referring to the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic.
  22. The Atlantic Canadian in me feels it imperative to remind everyone that only one club in the CPL (so far) is from the East Coast - the Wanderers. York 9, Forge and Atletico are all from Onterrible. I'll leave it to @ted and other Britannic Columbians to make the same public service announcement regarding West Coast clubs.
  23. I won't say that they all work (I'm looking at you, York 9), but I'm actually a fan of most of these. I like that they're trying to shake things up and not just do the typical bland, white, ho-hum away kits that every other league uses. I like that the black really makes the colour contrast pop, and the different art styles for each kit help them stand out. Absolutely love the Wanderers and FC Edmonton take on this.
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