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  1. Any inkling as to how the website will look? It's just sad right now, and the French is pretty bad/limited.
  2. Well, seeing as we've already gone down the rabbithole . . . Technically, "freedom of speech" isn't a right guaranteed by the Charter. Freedom of "thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication" is one of the four fundamental freedoms listed; this is obviously a bit broader than "speech". That being said, the preamble to the Charter does specifically note that these rights and freedoms are subject "to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society." This is similar to the
  3. Let's all just take a breather . . . We've been told that more announcements will be made very soon, so we'll all get the information we're craving soon enough. There's no need to get worked up over what should become much clearer in a couple of weeks.
  4. Nah, you're thinking too small. Once they win the League of Nations, the next step is obviously to win the United Nations. Then they'll be unstoppable . . .
  5. I take your point, and with respect to teams further down the road, I agree - to an extent. Even if we do consider all CMAs of 200k+, that still doesn't leave a huge number of cities to consider. Given that there isn't necessarily a huge list of deep pockets in many of these cities, it probably becomes clear very early on who could and could not reasonably be expected to participate. People here have been very quick to point this out and regularly name the big fish in each respective pond. *Finding* the groups doesn't seem like it would be much of an issue at all - I'd argue that the time-cons
  6. Just my two cents on this: if they've forecasted 8-10 teams at launch, they've been engaging with groups across the country and the league is slated for launch in less than 18 months, , I doubt *very* much that they're still trying to find ownership groups. My guess is they just can't say yet that they're "partnering" or "have partnered" with these groups as the paperwork establishing those formal relationships hasn't yet been signed. I work in government, and our legal team always advises us to be very careful when speaking of "partners" or "partnerships" as the terms apparently have certain
  7. My bigger concern would be the location. From what I understand (if this is like other federal procurement/development projects), the RFP for Lebreton required a significant amount of detail on the part of the proponents. The info sessions held detailed pretty well every component of the two proposals, and I can't recall there being any space that wasn't already flagged for commercial space, a park, or something else. I very much doubt that Melnyk would be in a position to just decide to throw in a(nother) stadium as this would represent a fairly significant change to his group's proposal.
  8. Just my two cents' worth . . . I know I harped on this a bit regarding St John's, but one of the reasons I'm hesitant about pro/rel in Canada is the travel costs. Barring a national airline sponsor (fingers crossed, WestJet!), it's going to be expensive enough for the larger clubs to travel from coast to coast. I think teams like Halifax, Winnipeg, SK (TBD) and Edmonton (eventually) could absorb the costs without too much difficulty. But if we're talking pro/rel after 16 teams, then we're getting into much smaller urban centres, which will likely mean a smaller bases for tickets sales/merch
  9. I'm rather partial to the "Charlottetown Confederationgolfcoursereddirtclamdiggers", myself.
  10. Not to nitpick, but those economic/employment stats are seriously out-of-date. Oil production in the province has been declining for some time now, and the slump in oil prices has really hit the province hard, driven up unemployment and resulted in much bleaker budgets than in the past. I was lucky enough to live there for a few years just before the peak, but going back now and talking to people back on the island, it's a whole different story. I seriously hope that Beirne has some sort of corporate deal/sponsorship in the works for travel, because that would 100% change my outlook on th
  11. Don't get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to see a team thrive in St John's, and I'm a big fan of George V Park and the local products they've been developing on the island. I'm just wary of having a professional soccer team there when so many other well-supported teams didn't last. The distance/travel costs were big factors in moving the Leafs and the Ice Caps (as we've all acknowledged), and even the Fog Devils (LHJMQ team with independent ownership) ended up in a pretty bad financial state after two or three years before they were sold off and moved. If town were on the mainla
  12. I'd be more concerned about the actual potential of any St. John's based franchise to go the distance. The Maple Leafs, the Fog Devils, and the Ice Caps Vol. 1 and 2 all ended up being relocated/soon to be relocated. If professional and semi-professional hockey teams can't make it there - and this, despite fairly solid local support and relatively deep pockets - I just don't see how a professional soccer team targeting 5,000 avg. attendance is going to make it. As much as I love the city, with the travel time and costs associated with having a team there, I'd be very, very wary of setting
  13. I've had my issues with @BringBackTheBlizzard too, but there has been a fairly noticeable and positive shift which I think is great. There are still disagreements on certain issues, but that happens with every user on this forum. In that same spirit, can't we just try to be a bit more constructive and focus on the topic at hand? I don't really see anything in the last few posts that couldn't have been included in a PM to BBTB for a private discussion.
  14. Just a thought . . . When the big announcement for the CPL was made on 6 May 17, the press release stated that they had "already received expressions of interest from 10 Canadian cities and will be assessing bids over the next 60-90 days." We're just past the 60 day mark, so in theory everything should be wrapped up in another month. Any bets on when the results will officially be made public?
  15. Everyone else loving the CPL ads at the Cdn Championship match tonight?
  16. As long as the Halifax Wanderers SG sings "Barrett's Privateers" - in its entirety - starting in the 78th minute, I'll be happy as a clam.
  17. I had the same thought - and considering that last night's game was do-or-die for the Sens, that says even more about the support that the Fury had. In any case, it did get to the point where they had to open the north stand because the south stand couldn't accommodate the crowd, so that's certainly a plus.
  18. So I made it down to TD Place last night for the Fury FC-TFC match, and I have to say I was not disappointed. There was a solid turnout from the fans (~ 7600, if I recall), level of play was solid, and the atmosphere was great. I brought a first-timer friend of mine to the match who was definitely surprised by how much he enjoyed the experience - especially the party atmosphere generated by the rival supporters groups. Most importantly, though, someone with SMR brought a huge banner with only one word on it: #CanPL. https://twitter.com/FuryFanatic/status/867154915046641664 I k
  19. Very sharp - I love what you've done in terms of finishing touches on the gate. I would only suggest two minor edits: -I know it makes sense to use club de football, but in French it's typically still just FC. PSG, Monaco and a few other Ligue 1 teams use it. If you want something more authentically "French", maybe try AS (Association sportive) - though that would have to precede Québec (i.e., AS above the design, Québec below it). -It should be Québec with an é, not an è.
  20. Whatever happened to this idea for Calgary? I think it looks much sharper and cleaner, personally.
  21. That's kind of an apples and oranges argument, not to mention belittling. Indoor soccer has never really been able to attract a large following as it just seems bush league to try to play in a hockey facility. FIFA-standard matches in appropriate facilities, whether CFL, SSS or pop-up, are a totally different story. The CPL has a great asset in Beirne - someone with real experience in getting professional, top-quality soccer off the ground in a new market - and they're obviously serious about their due diligence if they've only announced two franchises. I'm sure they could have rushed things a
  22. I can't speak to the accuracy of the quote, but that's not the correct Twitter account. The real one is @CPLSoccer.
  23. That may still be the case. For the CSA to demand that they jump into the CPL immediately doesn't really strike me as a reasonable option. They just jumped out of one unstable league into something a bit more solid, so I can understand OSEG wanting to wait until the CPL has proven itself a bit more. Who's to say that the USL sanctioning wasn't conditional on a delayed entry into CPL? And for the record, noting that Rollins may have been wrong on this before doesn't preclude us from taking seriously his other assertions on these matters. The weather man isn't always right, but he still kno
  24. Having Canadian sports media cover the league didn't surprise me one bit. Having mainstream news outlets do the same, sure. American news and sports outlets, I admit I was a bit surprised. But having a preeminent business magazine like Forbes actually take notice of the league, and only the day after? This is about as unexpected as the Spanish Inquisition.
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