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  1. As much as I dislike their beer (heretical thing to say for a Bluenoser), I'd love it if Keith's were the inaugural kit sponsor. Who wouldn't want to get a free Wanderers t-shirt in their two-four?
  2. "The Wanderers are already set to hit 600 members on Monday, Martin said, just over a week since the team launched their brand which is much higher than they were hoping for." Glad to see the momentum is still going strong!
  3. Thanks for bringing me up to speed! Still find it out of step with the rest of the launches to date, but still quite happy to see Victoria get in the game.
  4. Two things: 1) Does anyone else find it a bit odd that the CPL issued a press release re: Victoria? There weren't any similar press releases re: York, Calgary or Halifax, only the "CPL Approved" clips on Twitter and then the actual launch events. Not to put on my tin-foil hat, but does anyone else get the sense that their actual launch was supposed to be this week and that this is them trying to make up for all the stupidity re: the hydro pole? 2) Is there no better stadium to play out of? Looking at a map, it just doesn't strike me as a very central location - though I fully admit tha
  5. Don't you mean two solitudes? (I only say this in gest - I'm an avowed Francophile, and anything that promotes equality of the two official languages is great in my books)
  6. While I love the military angle that Cavalry FC has taken, this arrow logo needs to be ditched immediately. The Canadian Army doesn't use upward-pointing chevrons to denote NCM ranks; it uses downward-pointing ones. And throwing in the curl at the bottom just makes this look like a bastardized version of a Staff Sergeant from the US Army or USMC. The closest thing I can think of in Canada would be a CF pipe/trumpet/drum major, or an RCMP Staff Sergeant. But even then, those badges just feature four upward-pointing chevrons with no curl at the bottom. If done right, incorporating the milita
  7. I wasn't initially sold on the crest, but it's really grown on me. The design is clean and fits well with the city, the colours look great, and I actually like that it's a bit different than York 9 and Cavalry in having a motto incorporated. Now comes the really hard part - waiting for 2019. ? Speaking of waiting though, has anyone else noticed that the "Next Club Announcement" clock isn't counting down to anything?
  8. The site's now live! http://hfxwanderersfc.canpl.ca/
  9. As much as I want to see a team in town, I'd have to agree. I've written on here before about the fact that even a sport like hockey doesn't seem to work for St John's. Despite great support (and attendance) for the St John's Maple Leafs, the Fog Devils and the Ice Caps 1.0 and 2.0, none of them have stuck around, primarily due to the costs and logistics. Hell, MUN doesn't even field a university hockey team because it's too expensive for them to compete with teams from the mainland. If hockey can't make a go of it there, I'd be very skeptical that footie would somehow find some magical formul
  10. You're probably right. I was having trouble zooming in enough to read without losing resolution, so the "r" just looked like an "n" to my eyes. I admit I was rather surprised by that too. I thought I was going to have to bust out my Book of Everyday Gaelic to figure it out (I wish I were actually joking). A bheil GĂ idhlig agad?
  11. Looks like our Gaelic sleuthing skills are about equal. ?
  12. Can anyone read the lines under HFX Wanderers? It looks to me like it might be something in Gaelic, but I can't quite tell. Guessing it's something along the lines of "one club, one city, one game"? Edit: Hard to make out, but I'm pretty sure it says "An Cala, An Dachaigh, An T-Anam" - "The Harbour, The Home, The Soul".
  13. Perfect, thanks! It looks like The CanPL Hub deleted the Tweet with the link/image, so I can't open it. (On an unrelated note, *still* waiting for "CanPL" to die and for the league to just use "CPL" . . . )
  14. Do you have a screenshot? The link to the photo doesn't seem to work for me.
  15. Absolutely love the fact that they had members from LSH(RC) on hand for the unveiling. As a former reserve officer with the Air Force, I can't stress enough how great it is to get the military angle - instantly builds a strong kinship. Half the guys I knew in uniform jumped on the Winnipeg Jets bandwagon when they unveiled their logo, purely because of the military connection. Fingers crossed Cavalry FC has similar success!
  16. . . . damn. I'm actually impressed. Also, anyone else notice this little gem?
  17. I read the posts, but I just don't see anything conclusive about how calling it by its common name in this country is "fatal". Anyway, I think we've all had enough of that debate for a while. I vote we start obsessing over new subjects: best/worst Snapchat filters for use by the league, perchance?
  18. . . . then what exactly is the issue in branding the product under its predominant name in this country?
  19. No one here is disputing that it's nearly universally recognized as "football"; we're all well aware of that. I just don't see the necessity of branding it as "football" in a country where the sport is generally referred to as "soccer". If "soccer" is what it's known as - and "football" generally refers to an entirely different sport - , then I don't see why we would need to swim against the current. And for the record, "soccer" being considered a children's game is your opinion, not a fact. Don't try to present it as such. Thanks for the clarification! I couldn't remember exactly
  20. Eh. For the casual fan, I really don't think it would make much of a difference. No one seems to object to Major League Soccer, United Soccer League or the now-defunct North American Soccer League, and I imagine most people half-curious about checking out the CPL are going to be Googling "soccer", not "football". I totally get that it's a purist thing, but I just don't see it as necessary. And so long as the national, provincial and territorial associations all use the word "soccer", I don't see that changing anytime soon. CPL has gone the route of "CPLSoccer" for Twitter and Instagram,
  21. Thank God - the current site is just sad. Here's hoping they do away with "CanPL" once and for all and just use cplsoccer.ca to bring it in line with their Twitter and Instagram handles (not to mention common sense). Fingers crossed that the site also offers French-language content that's actually equal to that provided in English.
  22. In reverse order: 1) Completely agree about Founders being a gawd-awful choice. Needs to be nixed ASAP. 2) How exactly does the word "wanderers" evoke tartan? I'm from a *crazy* Scottish part of NS, but I've never heard of this connection before. 3) I've seen people writing both names here, so I honestly just want to make sure I know what's being proposed/not going crazy: is it "Cavalry FC" or "Calvary FC"? The former seems like a decent name I guess, though I can't say I know of any real historic/current cavalry ties to the city. As for the latter, well, naming a club after the
  23. . . . then how do groups like OSEG, MLSE and Calgary Sports and Entertainment work? This is an honest question, not trying to be facetious. I admit that I'm not fully informed when it comes to the nuances of ownership groups and who has holdings in what, but the multi-team/sport ownership groups I'm familiar with seem to be doing a decent job of balancing priorities. Each obviously has a primary cash-cow that ends up being the main focus, but rather than different objectives coming into conflict with one another, I've always had the impression that they've generally complemented one anoth
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