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  1. If I recall correctly, for each previous launch there was a single "CPL City Approved" video released about two days before the unveiling (there was also the awkward acknowledgement for Victoria, but we'll consider that an anomaly). They then followed up the day of with a link to the event, video explaining "how the community in X inspired us", short news release, etc. For Hamilton, they released the "CPL City Approved" video almost a full week in advance, and have since released two additional videos promoted that club and its launch specifically (the "ignite the next generation" one, an
  2. Is anyone else a little confused as to why Hamilton seems to be getting more pre-launch publicity from the CPL? I get that Hamilton/Bob Young has been crucial to the whole CPL venture, but I feel like each team should get the same treatment. Having one team get more coverage at launch than others just doesn't sit well with me.
  3. I always figured it'd be a league-wide draft, with each club carefully determining their selections as follows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz-PtEJEaqY
  4. What would you even call that colour? Like, peach?
  5. Oh, don't get me wrong, I totally agree on the need to engage/entice the locals and help them come to embrace the team - I wouldn't have it any other way. I guess I just wasn't expecting the divisions between the constituent communities in the GTA to be so defined that "York" wouldn't do the trick. As someone that's still figuring out Onterrible, this is actually interesting to learn about. I guess I (perhaps naively assumed) assumed the constituent communities/regions would still identify with a regional moniker despite having their own identities. I've always found how people identify w
  6. As an East Coast transplant in Onterrible, I'm actually wondering if they ended up going with York 9 over something Vaughan-related for visibility *outside* the region. Halifax, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and (God willing) Ottawa are all cities with national name recognition, while I can't say I had ever heard of Vaughan, Newmarket, Peel or other GTA sub-communities/regions until I moved. Even then, I couldn't tell you the first thing about any of them or what really differentiates one from another. On the flipside, "York" I instantly recognize because history classes and
  7. Another head coach announcement, mayhaps? Or something else?
  8. Looking forward to picking some up when I'm there in August!
  9. It's 100% happening. The Wanderers homepage now has a link to where you can buy tickets, and they mention it in the articles about his hire. http://hfxwanderersfc.canpl.ca/
  10. Ahhhhhh, sneaky buggers. That makes much more sense. ?
  11. I may be reading too much into it, but I don't think it's him. Jeff Paulus looks to be as bald as a cue ball, whereas the person in the ominous photo from FC Edmonton clearly has a full mop. Unless they got the photo wrong, it looks like it'd have to be someone else. https://twitter.com/jeff_paulus
  12. Anyone else heading to the Fury FC vs. AS Blainville match tomorrow at Lansdowne?
  13. Surprisingly great video from Canada Soccer on the AS Blainville-Oakville match and the impact of opening up the V Cup.
  14. Just to make sure I haven't missed something . . . has anyone seen CPL ads on TV/online amongst coverage of the World Cup? Or is this being delayed until after the group stage? I'm excited to see this advertising campaign they keep referencing, but I'm starting to get impatient. I mean, it's already been four days. ?
  15. If getting called out on your own nonsense is too upsetting for you, I'll gladly take it.
  16. Seriously? You're going to make fun of someone for doing what he can to support his nearest current CPL club? You do realize that people can cheer for multiple teams, right? I get that you're (wildly) pessimistic about this whole venture, but there's no need to bring down those who are actually doing something to support it.
  17. I've always had the opposite view, personally. Having a league-wide deal ensures a certain consistency in terms of the quality of the merchandise, whereas the NASL-style approach led to some great kits and some that were just ugly and cheap. I'm all for individuality in terms of the designs, but I'd rather see one big contract that brings in a lot of money for the league and ensures quality items than a bunch of piece-meal agreements. Just my two cents.
  18. Ok, that seems a bit more reasonable. But fully acknowledging that I don't know much about trademark/copyright law, can anyone speak to what the difference actually is? Do you need some sort of separate trademark/copyright to advertise (e.g., register something with the CRTC for TV ads during the World Cup)?
  19. Two things: 1) "Premier League Canadienne" doesn't make any sense in French; it should be "Première Ligue Canadienne" (or, more properly, "Première ligue canadienne"). This is how it's styled on the website, so I hope to God whoever posted the Reddit message just misspelled it. 2) How the hell has the CPL gone this long *without* trademarking the name in French? This should have been one of the first things done. And if you'll all humour me for a moment's rant: while I'm fairly happy overall with the French-language content on the website (minus the fact that the club info is only ava
  20. I seem to recall reading recently that there would be ten teams approved in 2018, but that only eight would play in 2019. Maybe QC and town will be provisionally awarded franchises and play in a 2020 expansion?
  21. As much as I dislike their beer (heretical thing to say for a Bluenoser), I'd love it if Keith's were the inaugural kit sponsor. Who wouldn't want to get a free Wanderers t-shirt in their two-four?
  22. "The Wanderers are already set to hit 600 members on Monday, Martin said, just over a week since the team launched their brand which is much higher than they were hoping for." Glad to see the momentum is still going strong!
  23. Thanks for bringing me up to speed! Still find it out of step with the rest of the launches to date, but still quite happy to see Victoria get in the game.
  24. Two things: 1) Does anyone else find it a bit odd that the CPL issued a press release re: Victoria? There weren't any similar press releases re: York, Calgary or Halifax, only the "CPL Approved" clips on Twitter and then the actual launch events. Not to put on my tin-foil hat, but does anyone else get the sense that their actual launch was supposed to be this week and that this is them trying to make up for all the stupidity re: the hydro pole? 2) Is there no better stadium to play out of? Looking at a map, it just doesn't strike me as a very central location - though I fully admit tha
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