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  1. First Elton John, and now Emilio Estevez? Man, CPL's really bringing in the star power. ?
  2. Key tidbits: "A major part of the agreement will see the association ensure that none of it’s sanctioned Nova Scotia Soccer League games will clash with Wanderers weekend home matches. This means that no NSSL games will be played at the same time as a Wanderers match, allowing all soccer players and their families to be able to attend games, without missing their own." But also: "Another central part of the deal will see the BMO Soccer Centre in Clayton Park become the training home base of the Wanderers. The first ever training camp, prior to the new league’s spring
  3. I feel like the kits themselves are probably locked down and ready to go. My suspicion (totally unfounded) is that they're just confirming the kit sponsors for each club. I remember the Fury doing a big release event for their first kits, which looked pretty solid . . . but because they didn't have the kit sponsor confirmed, it just didn't look right. I felt like the whole thing kind of fell flat. If waiting a bit longer means we get solid kits and sponsorship deals announced all at once - and this, right before kickoff - I'm for it. It'll be like Christmas for all the footie fans, gettin
  4. I guess this rules out one item for the big announcement next week.
  5. https://twitter.com/CPLCavalryFC/status/1088139447072370689
  6. I can certainly understand Québec for marketing purposes, but I do like « Citadelle » and can also see the logic in having something of a more local reference/nickname. Maybe « Forteresse », « Château », or even « Kébec » ? The first two would lend themselves well to making the stade un vrai château fort, and the last would be a nice nod to the original name of the settlement/the Latinized spelling of the Algonquin term. I also like « Capitale » as it works well with the nickname of « La Vielle Capitale » . . . though I guess that would make the club members/partisans des « Capitalist
  7. Pretty sure he was thinking of Japan in the context of the Orient/the Far East.
  8. Oh, bugger - my bad. I guess I need to practice what I preach about translation. Sorry about that!
  9. Quoted from 98,5 in Montreal: « Chaque équipe aura un budget d’exploitation oscillant entre 1,1 M$ et 1,5 M$ CAN pour 20 joueurs. C’est donc dire qu’ils toucheront entre 56 000$ et 75 000$ chacun, en moyenne. C’est environ le montant ce qu’empoche une recrue dans la MLS. » The number of players quoted seems slightly off from the 20-23 we've been hearing recently, and I'm curious as to where they're getting the financial figures. If it all checks out though, this sounds pretty encouraging.
  10. Not "cheap", but as you agree, not going to break the bank. The CPL has seen the value in investing in English-language articles, interviews, press releases, backgrounders, videos, social media feeds, a full website and a mobile app, and not *one* person has questioned either the necessity of doing these things or incurring the necessary costs. Meanwhile, when it comes to French-language content, they've half-assed the website, translated a few random articles . . . and that's it. In Canada, that's just unacceptable. At a *bare minimum*, translating what is already being produced al
  11. Hiring an extra staffer or two, or even putting in place a simple standing offer with a translation service, to provide French-language content isn't exactly going to break the bank. I've worked in public, private, and even not-for-profit shops (!) that still dedicated the resources to bilingual content because they understood the value of it. Some of these were massive organizations with huge budgets, and some of these were as small as five full-time staff and relying entirely on grants and donations. But they all had the common sense to recognize that circumstance should not impact equality
  12. Having bilingual and original French-language content is an absolute must for this league if it wants to be truly national. For the time being, no, there are no teams located in Quebec, but we've already seen plenty of signals that this is set to change before too long. Even then, there are over two million francophones living outside of Quebec. Not only does having proper French-language content show that the league is seriously committing to its national ambitions, but it also taps into historically underserved markets. Being able to engage interest among Acadiens for HFX Wanderers (and hope
  13. So . . . any chance of getting back to discussing Ottawa and the CPL?
  14. If they want to legitimize CPL as a Tier 1 League, CPL teams should definitely not be entering lower than the MLS sides. Sure, they'll likely get beaten, but A) it's year one, so whatever, and B ) it gets fans excited for a potential David-and-Goliath scenario. Doing this way is *not* the right way to start things off.
  15. Not to put a damper on the conversation, but . . . shouldn't this be under "Players you expect to see in the CPL"?
  16. I've been a dedicated Fury FC fan since they first joined the NASL, and have followed them every step of the way since. I was on cloud nine attending the match against Minnesota United in 2015 to go to the NASL Championship, and the last two seasons have been more than disappointing given the product and results on the pitch. But even with all those highs and lows, they were still my team. Even at times when I didn't agree with the decisions of OSEG and the front office, I still supported OSEG for having even gotten us to the point where there was a pro club in the city. Given the absolute
  17. It would also be nice if they provided this in French . . . along with their app, their videos, their tweets, most of their articles, and damn near everything else they've been doing. If they truly want this to be a national league, they're shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to language content.
  18. Not that I'm not happy about this (thrilled, to be honest), but I'm kind of surprised. I figured that one supplier would have ended up doing both CPL and CSA. In any case, works for me!
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