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  1. Oli was commenting again tonight about how Winnipeg seems to be the front-runner for a bubble to start the season in late June, before a planned transition to home stadia sometime in August. Interestingly, he mentioned that one of the Atlantic provinces was interested in hosting as well, after seeing the success of PEI last summer. My gut tells me this is NB, with Stade Médavie as the potential site. He also said that apparently a bubble down south (Florida or the Carribean) had also been floated, but it sounded like this was less likely.
  2. Can't find a clip, but Oliver Platt reiterated the notion of a bubble coming soon in Winnipeg one One Soccer Today yesterday. Fingers crossed this comes through. Edit: They just posted the clip.
  3. Barely a month later, and the numbers keep climbing. At the time of writing, the One Soccer Youtube channel has a cumulative total of 3,103,971 views (across all videos) - about a 50% increase over the total number of views for the last two years! Plus, the Youtube subscribers jumped by nearly 50% in that same month-long timeframe (from 11K to 16.1K now). The CMNT, CWNT and CCL views are overwhelmingly responsible for the uptake, but hopefully getting that many more eyes on the channel will help get more eyes on the CPL videos when the season starts up again. If One Soccer can keep securing br
  4. Maybe Winnipeg really is the planned hub after all?
  5. Peter Schaale and other Wanderers players are doing some similar work back home by promoting COVID testing. Great to see the teams doing what they can to promote the measures needed to get us all back on track. And if a successful vaccination campaign in MB leads to a bubble tournament at IG Field to kick off the season, well then that would just be a happy coincidence.
  6. Sounds like IG Field might be the place to be.
  7. I might be reading too much into this, but Larson makes it sound like One Soccer may well be after MLS' broadcasting rights.
  8. Given the current COVID situation in most of the country, it sounds like different options/locations are being seriously considered by the league. I'm particularly curious about the east-west Hub model Oli mentions. My gut tells me that the Wanderers Grounds/Stade Medavie back home and ATCO Field/Starlight Stadium out west would be the best venues for this sort of thing. I'd still lean toward having two hub cities within a single province/region so teams can travel back and forth, but time will tell.
  9. Two non sequitur notes: 1) I know that there's a cost involved, but for all those who are finding the resolution on One Soccer to be lacking with Chrome Cast, I really can't say enough things about the Roku stick. Not too pricey (about $70 on Amazon), very stable stream (I've never had audio lag, and I don't think I've ever dropped the stream), full HD resolution (One Soccer has really upped their game since launch in 2019) and with the Roku Channel giving access to (select) free Liga and Ligue 1 matches, I'd say it's definitely worth it. 2) For those watching the TFC - Leon match toni
  10. I won't profess to being an expert on gridiron but from what I understand, non-NFL professional football hasn't exactly had stellar results in the US. Seeing the XFL go bankrupt twice in the last 20 years (though the latest time was admittedly a result of the pandemic) and with the CFL American expansion debacle in the 90s, I can't say that I'm convinced the latest iteration of the XFL will fare much better. I get that the CFL may be in a bind financially and struggling with its fanbase, but hitching their wagon to the latest NFL challenger doesn't strike me as a good idea. I came across a
  11. Apologies if this has already been discussed here and I missed it: Is there no way to hear English-language commentary for the Liga MX matches on One Soccer? I've had no issues for their Ligue 1 coverage, and the few Brasileiro matches I've checked out have been fine. But for the life of me I can't figure out the Liga MX ones (which is a shame, because I'd love to get into that league more).
  12. In non-April Fool's Day related news: Waking the Red beating the One Soccer drum.
  13. Hehehehe. Glad to see the CPL teams have a good sense of humour.
  14. That's all encouraging news! I guess there might be some benefits to the pandemic after all. Also . . . isn't Vaughan in the GTA?
  15. Atlético Ottawa Ticket Sales/Marketing & Sponsorship Internships - that has to be a good sign.
  16. Glitches and confusing-lack-of-on-demand-immediately-after-a-match-has-finished, I'm pretty happy with the service. If you had told me two or three years ago that I could sign up for a single streaming service that included the CPL, Can Champ, CMNT, CWNT, CCL and (select) top flight matches from France, Mexico and Brazil, I'd have thought you were mad. If they can slowly expand to include other leagues (MLS, Scottish Premiership, A-League, more Ligue 1), I think this could really take off. Also, for what it's worth: In the absence of official viewership/revenue info from One Soccer, I've b
  17. A few key points for the non-French speakers among us: Expecting to have 16-20 players signed by the end of the training camp (3-4 weeks from now) A lot of effort has gone into scouting and building the right team after losing players like Fisk and Acuna On the subject of a start date for the CPL season: "If we're going to the trouble of getting our players together in Spain, it's because we've had some good news telling us we have good reason to move forward" - Fernando Lopez
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