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  1. Drop down to CanPL? Has he even built up to CanPL yet???
  2. It's begun... https://www.change.org/p/vancouver-whitecaps-alphonso-davies-m-o-t-m-award
  3. Sad end to a terrible season. Lots of uncertainty. Fingers crossed for this Albertan club. CanPL we need you now!
  4. Big 2-0 for the Eddies. Canadian keeper Tyson Farago earning his first pro clean sheet http://www.espnfc.us/north-american-soccer-league/2330/video/3207196/fc-edmonton-2-0-indy-xi-nyassi-leads-the-way
  5. So what is Shome's status these days? Haven't heard much.
  6. Highlites from a weird draw in North Carolina. http://www.espnfc.us/north-american-soccer-league/2330/video/3195304/watch-fc-edmonton-earn-draw-after-bizarre-own-goal
  7. Fall Opener tonight vs. Indy 11. Lets do this Eddies, there is still a chance... although slim... we might see Playoffs in 'Berta in 2017
  8. Ah, didn't see that. Thought Crepe was backing up.
  9. A little disappointed to see he wasnt on the Gold Cup team.
  10. Edmonton scoring, not One but TWO goals this match! Crowds continue to be good. Carolina has never won in Edmonton (Old or re-branded team) and apparently Edmonton has had a goalie hurt on every Friday game they've played. http://www.nasl.com/servlets/video-player.php?videoid=NyqT1B0WPl8
  11. So when is Fordyce officially resigned?
  12. Maybe contacts would need to be renegotiated if FC Edmonton change leagues...
  13. I think he signed a multi year extension before the season started. He's not employed by Roman Abramovich so cash is an issue, pending something major Miller wont get fired.
  14. Starting to wonder if Diakite has a reputation with PRO refs. 2 games, two very very very bad calls against him. Im sure the refs are getting sick of Colin "Hair dryer" Miller, always in their ears after every call.
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