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  1. I'd throw Cam Hundal (CIS MVP), J. Lao, and S. Rajkovic (he had a trial with Ottawa Fury last year) in that mix as well.
  2. Tyson Farago (U of Winnipeg), Jamar Dixon (St. FX), and Charlie Trafford (York) are all CIS alumni that have recently received CanMNT call-ups.
  3. I would say that the way the CIS system is currently set-up (coach ed/qual, season length, $$), is of limited use for development. But I will not drop my stance in saying that there is quality worth scouting in the leagues. 40 player draft? Probably not. I would say that, no the CIS doesn't have 40 players that are capable of jumping right into pro football right now. There are, though, talents that teams are just outright avoiding because there's no reason for them to look at them. But, if you were to include something to make the CIS relevant (i.e. a draft, combine, something), it would help the development of current players, our college system, and of our delivery system (coach ed/qual, $$, etc.) as a whole. Imagine tapping into and creating another gateway that produces professional players? Look, my argument is about tapping more into the CIS system. I am firm in saying that there are definitely some talented players that would be able to contribute at CPL level. If you disagree in saying that there is absolutely no point in looking at a way to create more opportunities for CIS players, then I have to call your ignorance in not knowing anything about the CIS.
  4. The way I see it is that without a draft in place, there are no real reasons for teams to go after many CIS players. I just feel that there is so much untapped Canadian talent in the system and a draft would really help, through dedicated scouts, in promoting the CIS & motivating players.
  5. I completely agree. Listen, I know the CIS game really well and know for a fact there are A LOT of quality Canadians playing across the country (Guarantee a lot more than any of you give credit to). A draft simply opens up opportunities for guys to aspire to. We keep talking about how there's nowhere for our players to go... For the guys who choose the university route, a CPL draft would be THAT chance! Off the top of my head, I can name players who played in the CIS to go pro (Chris Serban, Gagan Dosanjh, Chad Bush, Andrew McRae, Tyson Farago, John Smits, Michael Cox, Shamit Shome, Matt Stinson, Mark-Anthony Kaye); I bet you there's even more! Sure some of these players have had previous pro experiences but all these players are only a 1, 2, or 3 years removed from CIS soccer. There's quality, a draft will only enhance it and will allow for guys to be seen! Disagree. The student-athlete experience is unparalleled. Being able to play high-quality soccer and earn a degree is rivalled across the world - take a look at some CIS rosters; some have a lot of guys from the UK who want to come to Canada to be able to study and still play at a high level. By saying no to a draft you're eliminating opportunities for the Canadian kids who play NOW. What about those ones? Isn't the whole point of CPL to create opportunities for Canadians?
  6. What are everybody's thoughts on a CIS draft? How realistic is it to assume that the CIS and CSA have tried to make an agreement to filter players into the pro ranks? There are really some high-quality players in the CIS - I know a few have signed professional contracts since the end of the 2015 season
  7. I really agree with local clubs putting money aside to build small stadiums. We always talk about how local clubs develop players from u5-u18 but then there's no where for players to go. If clubs invest in a stadium, a pro first team, etc. the game in Canada will grow! We need a full pyramid system with our clubs. Personally, that's what I like a lot about the L1O franchises - something for a player within the club to strive towards. It's time to go away with the amateur youth club approach and it's time to create fully holistic soccer clubs who develop and keep players within their systems from toddlers to pros (just like pretty much every where else in the world!!!!)
  8. Being from Mississauga myself, there's no way I can see mississaugans supporting a pro club. Look at the history of failed sports in Mississauga - NBL pro basketball - Mississauga Power - what a mess!!! IBL semi-pro baseball - Mississauga Twins OHL hockey - Mississauga Ice Dogs & Mississauga St. Mike's Majors (forcing Melnyk to sell the franchise an become the Steelheads) CSL soccer - Mississauga Eagles etc.... IMO, Mississauga is just too close to Toronto making it so easy for Mississaugans (and sponsors) to take a short drive and support a bigger club. Not to mention the lack of soccer facilities in the city. Hershey Centre is our best facility to house pro soccer yet its bleacher seating and has fencing open to the public (unless u tarp the fence). Hershey's facility is also double fielded meaning that hosting pro soccer on field 1 would either force field 2 to be closed or allow for people to walk straight through. In terms of building a suitable stadium on the grounds is close to impossible as well. Hershey Centre is operated by a private venue management company along with the City of Mississauga. Theres no way the City will dump millions of $ into a SSS seating 10,000 fans (esp. if it needs to be built by 2018). Face it, FC Edmonton doesn't even have a suitable stadium and they have had a few years to develop a fan base. If they can't even get backing from the City of Edmonton to build a new stadium, how can we expect cities of new franchises to dive in...
  9. Anybody have any info about teams getting accepted for 2016? I know that NMSC will be joining the men's division. Interested to see if the OPDL franchises and L10 franchises will align... it only makes sense
  10. I love this one! I think this best depicts what Hamilton is all about
  11. From what I've been told from someone within the club, North Mississauga Panthers SC has been accepted into the Women's division this year and will look to join Men's next year. Also, I've heard from multiple sources that the Mississauga Falcons SC have been accepted to play in the Men's division
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