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  1. For those of us that already bought our USA tickets we are still good to go (despite the Paypal problems)?
  2. My educated guess is Cuba in Toronto (99.9% confident, as both the MLS and CFL schedules are open that weekend at BMO). As for the USA game, personally I would like it to be at BMO (if marketed properly would be good, plus the added feature of Jozy and Bradley playing as visitors at their home stadium) but, I could also see the USA game being given to Winnipeg or even Hamilton (as a reward from the CSA for their CPL investments)
  3. I feel as though the game start times are being set by CONCACAF to ensure 'prime-time' coverage during the international windows, regardless of where they are playing*. *obviously there will be changes to start times as not all stadiums are of the same quality in CONCACAF
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