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  1. That's what they did when the LA Sol folded this close to the 2010 WPS season - obviously not the same people in charge now but given that the league doesn't even have a commissioner "yeah just copy what they did last time" seems like a probable solution. (A note: Karina LeBlanc was taken ahead of Marta in 2010.)
  2. They do have Americans - Sydney Schneider, Erin Mikalsen, Jadyn Matthews, Shayla Smart, Madiya Harriott, Giselle Washington, Mireya Grey, Jazmin Grant (and there's probably more I'm tired of searching) all at the very least play/ed for US club teams.
  3. Part of this is that they're funnelling most of the top pre-college players to Vancouver. https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-s-excel-program-expands-with-opening-of-vancouver-super-rex-centre-p161036&language=en So some of the Whitecaps players on this roster only moved there this past summer.
  4. this picture at least is in Montreal, fwiw
  5. 1. She is on the declared list now; 2. Based on the past few drafts players that are being allocated do enter the draft (Beckie, Prince & Sheridan were all drafted) - I...don't think the CSA can do anything wrt to who drafts her.
  6. I guess it's tough in terms of whether the CSA wants to commit to paying for them, but they're allowed to allocate 16 people and last year it was only 10, Matheson being one of them. Even assuming Adriana Leon gets allocated this year (which would definitely be deserved), along with Rebecca Quinn (who has now declared for the NWSL draft), there's plenty of spots to also have Matheson and McLeod allocated.
  7. This happens all the time. The last France coach got hired and literally admitted he had never seen a women's soccer game (I'm sure Herdman has seen men play soccer before?).
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jan/12/phil-neville-england-women-manager-job "It is understood the 40-year-old’s name was initially suggested to the Football Association in a light-hearted manner by a well known broadcaster at a drinks reception last month. However, the idea clearly resonated in the corridors of power and is seen by Neville’s many admirers at the FA as a way of potentially getting him into the organisation." we can only hope this is accurate honestly
  9. http://www.womenssoccerzone.com/former-manchester-united-defender-phil-neville-emerges-candidate-lionesses-head-coach-role/ "Utah Royals Coach Laura Harvey, Manchester City’s Nick Cushing, and new Canada MNT Head Coach John Herdman were all understood to be on a shortlist of three drawn up by the FA at the end of November. It is believed all three conducted phone interviews, but with a two-week gap between those calls and face-to-face interviews, Harvey was offered the role in Utah, while Cushing signed a new contract with City. That left Herdman, who has gone on record in Canadian media stating he was offered a role at a prominent national team but has appeared to have used that offer as leverage to take charge of Canada, ranked 94th in the world in the men’s game." So technically yes, at one time he was the top person in consideration for the job.
  10. But did they really fly people out to Mexico only to send them home, if they aren't sure what the final roster is yet? Based on her own instagram Jordyn Huitema is with the team now having not been at the camp in December (understandably enough). Soccer Quebec tweeted out which Quebeckers went, so yeah, no Guay or Laroche - https://twitter.com/SoccerQuebec/status/950397032266649601
  11. Lol they've been at a training camp in Cancun since Tuesday and no amount of pestering Canada soccer has gotten them to release who is there.
  12. Newfoundland is a non-maritime province. (I feel like there's been talk of a team there maybe but they weren't mentioned in the article.)
  13. All we ever hear about in the US Soccer election is that USSF is too involved with MLS, and here we are in Canada complaining that the CSA website has yet to post an article regarding the CPL. Just an observation.
  14. This was like a month after Kara Lang retired, there may be something to that.
  15. She quit the February before the World Cup because the CSA wouldn't agree to her proposed budget changes (is the public story anyways, I don't know if all the details ever really came out because she continued saying that they weren't performing as well as they could have because she wasn't getting enough support from the CSA but also the CSA was paying for the whole team to live and train in Rome for six months before the World Cup), the team went on strike to try to get the CSA to get her to stay/get the CSA to spend more on them I guess?, the CSA finally sent people to talk to her so that the players would play games again, they supposedly agreed to something right before the World Cup started and she was supposed to stay until after the Olympics I think?, they played terribly and finished last and then she quit again and iirc the CSA was not super expecting it.
  16. oh my god leaving aside everything else she did, she coached the U20 WNT in 2010 qualifying and they lost to Mexico AND Costa Rica and did not qualify to the U20 WWC for the only time in their history (after winning qualifying in 2008 over the US yes really), how is that an improvement?!?!
  17. The only international women's team he would really leave for (save for maybe the US) would be England, and at the time Floro was fired, no, the CSA would not have known the shit that was about to go down with Mark Sampson and that he would be fired and the post would become vacant...Sampson was only fired in September 2017.
  18. In August 2016 Denmark was #20, went up to #15 after a solid Algarve Cup and then climbed back to #12 after Euros. Also, it should be noted, from every source I can find, Heiner-Møller wasn't fired, he left. (I mean sure he could have been fired anyways and maybe just got out while he could but it's not like Denmark finished up Euros and immediately sacked him in 2013).
  19. They didn't bring in Nils Nielsen to "turn things around", Heiner-Møller left after leading them to the semis of Euro, knocking out France in the quarters, which if anything was an over-performance given that they were the 7th ranked team in Europe going in. He was a few missed PKs away from getting to the Euro final, which is exactly what his successor achieved. (They may have over-achieved more this time, given that they actually won some games, and they were the 8th ranked team in Europe going in at #15, but if anything this hurts your argument cause Denmark's ranking has in fact dropped since Heiner-Møller left - I don't put too much stock in rankings when you're comparing numbers that close together, cause it has as much to do with what other teams do, but you can't really say there's been a noticeable improvement if the ranking went down. They're ranked #12 now, but they were also ranked #12 in the August 2013 FIFA rankings (the ones that would've first taken into account the 2013 Euro results) so...I'm struggling a bit to see how Nielsen has turned things around so much as continued on with steady performances. New Zealand Herdman also had the benefit of basically automatically qualifying to every major international tournament - there's a spot for Oceania and qualifiers are non-competitve even if New Zealand comes out and plays poorly. Europe is much harder to qualify out of.
  20. Assuming the deal didn't get done 20 minutes before the story broke yesterday there was a window in which he could have called people or sent an e-mail blast or something that would have led to all of the player reactions being like the ones we're seeing today ("John was great, thank you for everything you've done for us, good luck with the men") and not "ummmmmmmmmmm". Sure, managers don't discuss with their staff the new job they're in negotiations for but the good ones do generally tell you they're leaving themselves.
  21. Yes and no? His 2015 WWC roster was basically picked by 2013, and the team was playing well enough going into it but wound up underperforming and it really looked like some of the younger players who were cut would have been better choices for the roster (hindsight being 20/20 and all). But after that he pretty immediately overhauled the roster, went with the youth got another bronze medal out of it, and not one that seemed fluke or lucky. Definitely not afraid to give young players a chance, one of his strengths really. Played Germany (#2 ranked) in the spring and gave the 3rd-string keeper the start to get her more experience. A few years back when Canada played the US he started a centreback duo of two at-the-time mostly unproven teenagers.
  22. I mean he did this with the women's roster after half of 2015 retired and they beat Germany for the first time ever at the Olympics and then won a bronze medal.
  23. I don't follow the youth MNT sides close enough to know how early they usually announce them but just for reference the U20 WNT and U17 WNT have both had camps this fall ahead of qualifying and the rosters were announced like 3/4s of the way through the camp lol.
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