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  1. This is just based on her instagram but she does appear to have been injured for the past while.
  2. You can't formally commit (sign a National Letter of Intent) until November of the year before you're planning to enter, and coaches can't start calling you to formally recruituntil September 1st of your Junior year of high school (I'm sure there is a formal document somewhere for what that means for Canada, but I imagine grade 11 most places), but verbal commitments are completely non-binding and so there's nothing to stop a kid from verbally committing to a school when they're well younger than that, for example:
  3. She'd been to a couple of Canada youth talent ID camps, as recently as 2017 - wonder what prompted the switch to Mexico, if it was triggered by not making a Canada roster or just a preference of playing for Mexico.
  4. They've televised all of the group games; both semis are scheduled to be shown on TSN3 and TSN 5, and the third place game and final on TSN 3.
  5. I don't know about around the country, but I was at the U18 club nationals in Surrey and CSA people were there scouting.
  6. Costa Rica lost to Jamaica today so there's maybe an argument for having more than four teams here.
  7. No, they can't just go in and set up a camera, but it's been known for weeks that Fox Sports would be televising everything, the whole tournament (or at least streaming online, I think some of the non-US games they were originally planning on televising were bumped for baseball playoffs), so obviously someone had been able to acquire rights to these games before yesterday.
  8. No it happens to the USWNT players in college too don't worry.
  9. It depends - in 2011 when there were fewer teams CONCACAF only had 2.5 spots, and the US wound up finishing third and having to play Italy in a playoff to make the World Cup. I admit it would be harder now that Canada or the US would have to lose twice and finish fourth not to directly qualify out of CONCACAF and have to play the playoff but stranger things have happened.
  10. I don't know where Sandra got the info but I first saw it here and she's proven reliable. https://twitter.com/sprusina/status/1034469412412112896
  11. The popular opinion of people slightly more connected to the team seems to be that they decided to do this now (vs. wait until the end of the season) because they're playing sort of their 'marquee' game of the season at Audi Field this weekend (as opposed to their regular field in the suburbs in Maryland) and had barely sold any tickets and figured this would give the public the sense that they were at least trying to do something about the fact that the team is terrible. (Not that this necessarily will work, the team didn't like, suddenly get better, and the tickets are pretty expensive, but it's an idea.)
  12. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be filmed in the first place or not but it was played with like a 7 hour lightning delay so that may have had some impact on the streaming.
  13. Costa Rica won 1-0 over DR, so they won the group, and the US is through as the best 2nd place team (Canada was equal on points with the US but they had a better goal differential, and the result from the third group game that decided 2nd place there isn't up on the CONCACAF site yet, but the US twitter account has tweeted that they are through and playing Portugal in one of the semis tomorrow).
  14. Not that I think things are all great and rosy but you're describing Jessie Fleming here, this is Jessie Fleming.
  15. This tournament was supposed to be in April in Nicaragua, it actually started, but then all hell broke lose in Nicaragua so CONCACAF postponed it and it was rescheduled to overlap with this game. I imagine they're making the teams bring the same rosters back barring injury or something.
  16. Well for one she tried out for and made a men's semi-pro team, having been judged by the manager to be at their level, and was told by the league she wasn't allowed to play not because she was not good enough but because she was a woman. Like, to be clear, I think if the Foothills had her in net and played against superior or even mostly equal competition it probably wouldn't go great, but I also thought Canada was going to crash out of the Olympics because she was starting in goal. (If your argument is just "women shouldn't be allowed to play in men's leagues just like men aren't allowed to play in women's leagues, full stop, keep them separate" fine, that's arguable, but this "women are not good enough to play with men, look some of them even say so!, so that's why they shouldn't be allowed" is not terribly convincing).
  17. There are two stadiums at York though - the football stadium, which is where the York soccer teams also play, and then the stadium that was built for Pan Ams which has had a few soccer games on it, but I think is primarily used for track? I dunno, I was at York for two years and there never really seemed to be anybody on it except for people running on the track.
  18. She has a hip problem or something - she's been on the injury list every week since the first one, has progressed from straight up "out" for awhile to "questionable" for the last game.
  19. PLSQ women's division is starting this year - 5 teams, first games are this Sunday, runs until mid-August iirc.
  20. I imagine in part because of League 1 Ontario, but also when UWS first started two teams from Quebec wanted to join (Laval Cometes and Quebec Dynamo, both former W-League teams) and Canada Soccer wouldn't approve it (despite the fact that at the time this basically left these two teams with nowhere to play), so they'd probably tell Ontario teams to stay in Ontario where there's already a women's league. https://www.lesoleil.com/sports/le-dynamo-ne-pourra-joindre-launited-women-soccer-d6a3d0ed09753a09c6247000300c46a9
  21. They didn't last year, but the games (and all of the other games, which are on some weird streaming platform in the US) were all available on the NWSL website for international viewers.
  22. Yeah, the problem with that is there's a bunch of teams down the east coast (Boston, Jersey, North Carolina, Washington, Orlando) and then get pretty scattered further west (Chicago, Houston, now Salt Lake, Portland and Seattle) which makes travel costs significantly higher for west conference teams - I mean they could still do it but at least trying to keep it even(ish) and having people play their "local" rivals more often helps spread the travel costs evenly.
  23. No not that exactly, just that, for instance, in 2016, they did a 20 game schedule, and to format it they each team play everyone twice (so that's 18 games) plus then an extra two games against your "local rival", which wound up kinda messing with the standings - WNY finished two points ahead of Seattle after a season where Seattle had to play Portland (shield winners) four times while WNY had four games against Boston (who were just really super terrible) - last year they did 24 games which iirc was just "you play some teams twice and some other teams three times" but I might be wrong.
  24. It's been a while since the NWSL schedule was anything resembling "balanced".
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