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  1. Hope he sticks there. Better springboard than Edmonton.
  2. I actually didn't mind watching this entire interview because Charlie! can give the "right" answers while still being himself and showing his personality. Hope it goes really well for him in Poland!
  3. More than speculation this time?... http://www.theprovince.com/sports/soccer/canada+soccer+boost+scott+arfield+steven+vit%C3%B3ria+will+wear/11627525/story.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  4. I am. Just post video and/or tune/lyrics here.
  5. Both teams in a competition to see who can kick the ball to Borjan the most times.
  6. Much appreciated Belize, for the feed. Thanks for giving a shit!
  7. I think the point at which a player crosses the line is when they're capped for another team... Vittoria's an easy target since he's not in the picture, and he wouldn't make a huge difference. It's moot. The question is really only relevant when you have a star whose presence could be he difference between qualifying and not qualifying (which we don't). Then it boils down to whether you'd prefer to qualify with a guy who wavered, or crash out with guys who didn't.
  8. I think what would be more effective than trying to get a groundswell of negativity against traitors is making stars out of our current national team players. How many soccer fans in Canada can name one of our recent starting lineups? As long as they are under the radar, so will holdouts be.
  9. Collin Miller seems to favour big, strong players in his tactics. Maybe Boakai should move somewhere else.
  10. I think it's a brilliant excuse! Well, honey, my hands are tied: the one and only reason I can't play for Uruguay because I'm cap-tied to Canada. Otherwise Daddy would for sure 100% without a doubt be playing in between Suarez and Cavani.
  11. Speculation aside, this kid's not a lost cause by any means. Collin Miller's probably trying another accountability tactic in using the media. Let's hope something works out, and this kid keeps rising as a pro.
  12. I guess we should just focus on Aboriginal players.
  13. His passport may come in handy for Europe one day, but Adekugbe would get eaten alive in England.
  14. Tell him he'll get all expenses paid coach class trips to the Caribbean if he suits up for us!
  15. Dude's basically got two choices as an international: play for Canada, or don't play at all. I'm sure he knows it. One game for Benfica does not a diva make, but obviously there's some talent there. Still, if he wants to play for Canada, he'll have to prove himself and want it. If not, who cares?
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