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  1. Why not just name is York 11 FC? LOL...Would still be marketable to York Region and North York.
  2. Likely based on what? LMAO If CPL and Soccer Canada go after the 3 MLS teams, fuck em all... I personally want a North American Superleague to be created. 4 divisions split between Canada (1), Mexico (1) and the USA (2). The divisions can have promotion and relegation to a closed 2nd tier. Only way I personally would like to see the 3 MLS teams join the "CanPL". Until that day, CanPL should just focus on developing Canadian youth and not on taking away the highest level of competition we have in this country.
  3. This concept was a far better even without the flame - assuming there would've been some rights issues with using the same flame as the fury
  4. Not a fan of the name. But this logo is worse, looks like it was put together last minute in ms paint.. it probably was considering how late this team was announced LOL. I've definitely seen a better mock up with the Atletico branding.. wish I could find it
  5. You sound like a butt hurt child every time you speak about the league... Who cares? There are a shit ton of United's in England I don't see you complaining about it.
  6. That's why the rules I suggested were very general and not at all specific to MLS. The rules would prevent Chelsea to do with a CPL team what they currently do at Vitesse, hypothetically speaking lool
  7. I mean that each CPL team is allowed to take on only 4/5 loanees. Players are an asset and CPL teams should own their own talent. And I mean, CPL teams can't pick take on more than 2 loanees from the same team, MLS or otherwise
  8. I used to think that as well but now I'm thinking with the proper controls in place it might not be a bad thing. Controls like: - Max 4/5 loanees per team - No more than 2 loanees per team - Players must be sold for fair market value - Contracts cannot be terminated so players can resign with Clubs owned by the same organization - Team must have it's own youth academy - Team must have its own President and keep all dealings at arms length. This would stifle movement of players enough to prevent it from seeming minor league. Additionally, the team would
  9. This has gotta be the worst stadium in the league. With one of the stands so far from the field, fans will be very detached. Also, which direction are cameras going to point?
  10. It won't play out well. Your team will not exist after this year if they ownership group keep being so shortsighted.
  11. I am hoping that's the case. If there is no growth, MediaPro can simply walk away after the 10 years are up. I'm assuming World Cup rights are not tied to this?
  12. Not what I am saying. I'm saying one die hard Canadian fans will be interested in a niche product if it continues to be so over the length of the contract.
  13. Rooted in what? As I said in a previous post. MediaPros interest are not the same as the league's. They will license to whichever broadcaster bids the highest, and that may not be the broadcaster that's best for providing the league with exposure. Without mainstream exposure, it is likely that the only people that will watch this will be diehards. Additionally, to be mainstream the league needs to be on Sportsnet or TSN, but they have a vested interest in MLS. So if there is no mainstream appeal, the only people watching the league in 10 years are diehards, and mainstream media has no incentiv
  14. For sure. But I find that a bit short sighted. I'm not sure they should be going for a "cult" following. How many people are going to purchase a dedicated service to watch this league? How will that affect future rights deals this league will have to negotiate? Sure maybe in 10 years TV deals might not be a huge part of the pie, but the league will still have to find a deal where there is scope for broader appeal and more money, without building that viewership now, that negotiation is going to be very difficult in the future, and as a result growing the league will be even more difficult
  15. 200 million in what? Production? Rights? What's the split between CPL, CMNT, CWNT? This has gotta go down as a stupid decision. The league now has no control over where the content is broadcast. Additionally, as a startup league, their primary goal should be exposure, I'm afraid this move is not in line with that goal. MediaPro's interest will mostly likely be to license the rights to the highest bidder, which may not necessarily lead to the most exposure. Also, a 10 year deal wth? I didn't like it when MLS signed an 8 year deal, I don't like it now. EPL deals are usually 4 years ma
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