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  1. Sames. Part English as well so bit of extra skin in the game for me, Italian as well so got a couple of bases covered. I expect I’ll get overly annoyed by all the “lads” being overbearing about everything as per every damn tournament
  2. I’m so glad I opened this thread
  3. Winner gets in the super league?
  4. Yeah and certain regions are moving through age groups even more. We are a bit behind in Colchester, or we were anyway as we didn’t organise it too well at the hospital in my opinion. But I know Suffolk has been doing really well vaccinating and a lot of people in 30s and younger have been offered them. One of the (few) things Boris did good with
  5. Yes and catch them out before they can get organised behind the ball
  6. Think we should switch the play more often as it seems to stretch their shape a bit more, plus most of the time there’s a nice run made in the channel by a second player which is not getting used. Control on the switch and slide through would potentially unlock the parked bus
  7. Sweet! Will definitely need to take a trip down the A12
  8. Simeon Jackson is at Chelmsford?? Will have to drive the 20 mins to watch them when allowed to!
  9. My nightmare/reality: Wrexham get promoted and stabilise as a league club while we struggle as fan owned forever because of all the moneybags owners in non league. Boo 😔
  10. My dream: we get promoted while Wrexham stay in national league. The games next year get televised cause Reynolds keeps making out how beating Chester is the only thing that matters and we rake in the money. We beat Wrexham both times in the league, Jonno makes several jokes at Wrexham’s/the celebs expense in the post match interviews until they can’t hack it and give Wrexham back to the fans. Wrexham get relegated, we stay up and our pub team is dubbed vastly superior. Wrexham never trouble us again and just turn into the middling NLN team that we might be slowly becoming in reality
  11. I’ve always liked James, think he has good potential just needs to work on his decision making. Unfortunately the sporadic and inconsistent playing time hasn’t helped him with this. I think the play obinna was referring to where he allowed the forward to get to the ball first is a prime example of this, caught up between shepherding the ball out or retaining possession caused a bit of a dither and the hesitation let his opponent in Hopefully he can build on this performance, get more minutes and build his confidence and decisivness
  12. 3rd round is beginning of January usually
  13. I think out of any English teams linked to David, Arsenal is the best club for him. They way they play would suit his style the most Having said that, Germany is where I’d like to see him end up. Dortmund is my dream for him
  14. That was beautiful, so composed. More praise this time off Glenn Hoddle on BT Sport commentary
  15. On bbc radio at half time Pat Nevin comments that Davies is one of his favourite player at the minute and is a phenomenal talent. Love how much he is killing it and how everyone is noticing
  16. Davies hits the post with a shot, Muller bangs in the rebound to put Bayern up 2-1 on 45 mins
  17. Hutch has started for Beskitas against Kayserispor and scored the first goal to make it 1-0, Besiktas lead 2-0 after 30 mins
  18. Chester playing at home against Gloucester tomorrow so I’ll try and listen to the cheater broadcast to see how he gets on. Hopefully well but still let’s us win!
  19. He’s come in in the 48th for Chelsea
  20. Agree with obinna, Borjan is moving backwards before the pass is made so he has more time and allows the ball to settle before he kicks it. It’s not a good back pass, and he’s right to be annoyed especially as that’s the second time this tournament Godinho has stitched him up with one. That must be played harder than it was, and I think Borjan doesn’t put his foot through the clearance because he fears it would ricochet off of Nazon and fly in the net which obviously didn’t work out well for him And about the “shouting” let’s be honest, he shouts at him to play the ball harder and that’s
  21. Scott Kennedy - Klagenfurt Austrian 2nd division born in 1997
  22. Watched the game from when he came on, was a composed finish considering the ball was always rising and would have been very easy to smash it out the stadium. Got a bit lucky with being in the right spot, but that’s what you need I guess. He came on a left back initially, made some good tackles, then after he scored moved to right wing (I think) and played a lovely through ball over the top to lewondoski
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