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  1. Braithwaite? Now we need somebody in Calgary with the last name Gray.
  2. Imagine being named Emilio Estevez, and only being the second best named player in the league. Dude's been ******.
  3. When the Wanderers signed Eton John, it had about 700 upvotes and was one of the top posts on /r/soccer.
  4. This notion that TFC is untouchable, and nobody is allowed to schedule matches that might upset them is asinine. If The GTA, a region of over 7 MILLION people can't handle two friggin' soccer games in one day, then Canada isn't a soccer country and never will be. And if the draw of this being the first ever CPL game, something CanSoc fans have been begging decades for, isn't enough to draw you away from...what, TFC's 5th game of the season, their 2nd or 3rd home game? against an out-of-conference team, then I'm not really convinced that having the game on Sunday would have made a lick of difference. You can go to BMO 20 more times this season, but you'll never get another chance to see the first CPL game in history.
  5. You won't be the only Wanderers fan there. I'll be heading out from Halifax. Trying to convince a few others to join me.
  6. How is Halifax's stadium set-up gonna come down to the wire? It's been built and ready for nearly a year.
  7. I'm very heavily considering coming in from Halifax. Can get a roundtrip flight with Swoop for only $160. Now I just need to find a couch or a floor to crash on.
  8. You pose this like it's a "duh!" question. "Of course I'd watch the Giovinco free kick!" But there's plenty of people who would rather watch Cyrus Rollocks. Not because he's Cyrus Rollocks, but because he's wearing a York 9 jersey. I'd rather watch HFX Wanderers play than any other team in the world.
  9. Yes. You'll be given a voucher for a free jersey with your season tickets. So you can pick it up whenever they're available.
  10. I believe Sukunda is also bilingual, meaning the Wanderers actually have three bilingual players. (Hocine, Sukunda, and Lamy) We'll be sure to tell the club they should do some French player messages. It takes almost zero effort, but is a nice gesture to the Acadians in NS and NB, and would certainly give us more fans in Quebec. As part of the supporters group, I've always wanted to have more French engagement, however I cannot speak French. We've had at least one interview done in French, but that's about it. Finding someone who can give it the commitment it deserves is difficult.
  11. In my experience people tend to verbalize "Halifax" and not "H-F-X". It's often even written as Halifax in local media.
  12. I think it's U-18, but that's splitting hairs. Perhaps this interview predates the other news, but didn't Edmonton say they weren't signing him?
  13. Here's an interview he did a while back where he mentions interest from several CPL teams, one of which offered to let him run their U-16 academy. (Which team has a U-16 academy, or known plans for one?) Q. Where will you resume your career? A. I'm 31 and still want to play. Canada is my long-term home and I was pleased to see Edmonton have been resurrected with the new Canadian League starting next April. I'm talking to a few teams at the moment but still waiting on Luka's passport so can't go anywhere yet. It looks like we will stay in Canada. One team might give me the Under-16 Academy to run as well as joining the first-team backroom staff. I could still play as well and it would be a nice start to my coaching career https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/irish-league/footballers-lives-with-daryl-fordyce-painful-loss-has-made-me-stronger-and-escaping-belfast-bubble-was-type-of-experience-life-is-all-about-37338780.html
  14. I was hoping for the same thing with the Wanderers and Revolution, however the schedules just don't really line up. MLS season begins in early March, when the CPL is still in pre-season. There's no way an MLS team is gonna play friendlies in March, and their pre-season is too early for us to line it up that way too, so unless the teams play a friendly in mid-season for both teams, which is extremely unlikely, it isn't happening. I actually mentioned this to the Revs president while I was down in New England in the summer. He basically told me the same thing, and an added strike against this particular match was that the Revs have a policy of not playing mid-season friendlies. So at least for Wanderers v Revs, it'd *have* to be pre-season, and that's pretty much impossible.
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