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  1. You meant to say where the OSA/CSA didn't feel like going to scout Twardek.
  2. There is a strong belief that the academies have not progressed since their inception.
  3. Does Montreal have a strong group of 2000's?
  4. As in men's premier? Ya it used to be two teams, them and Royals. Now it's about who will offer more incentives. Oh well.
  5. Jamar is an '89 that always played up with the '88s. Played at least one year with St Anthony's ( very early on ) but was with Gloucester for years. 1988 boys from Ottawa is the best group of talent the city has seen in a long time. Pica's 83/84 boys might have been better but the group didn't do much after their youth days were done.
  6. The 2001 age group isn't nearly as strong as the 2000's, at least in Ontario or Quebec.
  7. Ah ok. Thanks for the clarification. Now I know you've never dealt with any of the soccer governing bodies in this country. The sense of entitlement in this case actually comes from the CSA. I am not anti CSA at all but in this case they made a mistake. They would have said well he isn't in the program so he's not really on our radar. That's how they operate. They don't like going outside their program. The fact he was one of the best players doesn't entitle him to anything. The fact the Czechs saw his talent and grabbed him shows how much the CSA coaches messed up. With all the games he played in Toronto it would have been easy for them to go watch him. They decided they didn't need to.
  8. Not sure why entitlement came up. Why didn't the CSA feel the need to assess one of the top kids in the province? Why did the Czechs jump at the chance to invite him? Blaming the player is the wrong perspective. Determining how he wasn't scouted is what the focus should be.
  9. He wasn't missed. CSA knew who he was but felt he wasn't good enough for them. He looked in another direction. Can't fault him. CSA is falling into a similar trap. Where before they used the provincial teams to draw from, now they are looking to the pro academies to scout. They need to do a better job of looking at kids outside their stream. Plenty of talented kids out there but they need to continue to want to look for them.
  10. Some really obtuse so called fans around here.
  11. 100% it's our problem. If the CSA had any interest in identifying a talented player they would have taken the time to evaluate him. They chose not to. They passed on him. A better soccer nation saw his talent.
  12. Canada was afforded every opportunity to bring him into the fold. If they couldn't take the time to look at him in the OYSL, that's plain lazy. If they felt he wasn't good enough, then they can't complain when a European nation offers him the chance. Either way to suggest he's in the wrong makes you look petty and childish.
  13. He was the top player on one of the top 2/3 teams for years in the province. The CSA was approached a few times by his soccer club, asking to have him scouted and invited to national camps. Nothing. When they were informed he would be moving to England and he was drawing interest from the Czech program, the CSA response was well if he really wants to play for Canada he will come. Plain ignorant on the part of the CSA. Would you still blame the kid?
  14. You are right. They may very well have. And I understand this is just a way for the CSA to promote the new relationship they have with pro clubs in terms of funnelling talent thru their programs. But this quote stood out. "Their Academy Directors recommend their best talent." Ok. But they are recommending kids for the highest level at an age level, the national team. If they had been out there scouting they would know some of these kids are nowhere near the level. The role of the CSA isn't to develop the talent; that's the responsibility of the clubs. Their role is to be the ones identifying it.
  15. So then go scout the academies. Go watch them for yourself. I understand the path the CSA wishes to use; players in pro club structures. But it's lazy to just say send us your players so we can decide on them. These are the top players about to enter the national squads. Why aren't the coaches out at the various events over the last year to determine who should be invited? I get that it is just the starting point, and many kids will get opportunities.
  16. Long time lurker, first time poster. I like the direction soccer is headed in this country, as many positive changes have occurred. Won't happen overnight but steps are being taken. 2000 is very strong age group, especially in the GTA. TFC have some very impressive kids. What strikes me from the list and from the coaches comments is the OSA, and seemingly other provincial associations are being left out of the equation. I understand the CSA wants to reward the academies and their players, hence this initial list of kids. It is odd that the coaches of the national U15 squad haven't been out to OYSL games to scout players, only relying on the advice of pro academy coaches. They have had a year to get out there. The Fury for example have two players listed. Both are at best the 15/16th best player in the city. Neither have any real business being on a provincial squad let alone a national one. I know it's early in the process, but shouldn't kids earn their way? The pro academies are the way to development in this country. Community clubs still play a vital role in the pyramid of play. But they need to realize that the growth of the game, what's in the best interests of canadian soccer, need to take priority.
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