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  1. That's been the rumour that he'd end up in Belgium. He is the best 2000 kid Canada has, better than Davies. Johnny has the skill and touch Davies doesn't have. Good kid who works hard.
  2. Politics isn't the right word to describe it. The system is broken, there is no doubt about it. To get into the nuts and bolts of it all would take awhile.
  3. CSA won't take any kids from an academy to protect their relationship with the provincial associations and the pro academies. Provincial kids get funnelled thru TFC/Vancouver/Impact, who then get to go to national ID camps. They won't take kids outside their stream. TFC kids are good; it was my understanding that the WC and Impact kids were not particularly strong. Now they have taken 2/3 kids from the Ottawa Internationals but that's because Johnny is the best 2000 kid out there and Benson at the age of 13 was built like a middle linebacker. Both are starters on the national team who have gone through the process but choose not to remain in a pro academy setting.
  4. I know. But putting him in this camp would expose him to a higher level of training. Better for his development. He has great potential.
  5. Would have liked to have seen Johnny David included in this camp. Probably the best 2000 and the CSA feel he has a very bright future.
  6. Mentioned this in a previous thread. Benson and Johnny both played OYSL last year but they moved with their teammates to the Internationals. Benson was with the Vancouver residency program but left halfway thru the season. Johnny has turned down both the VWC's and Impact. My guess is this fall he will move on. Both kids were over training in Austria recently. The Impact do not have a strong u16 program. No surprise. Heard the Fury will be folding their youth programs again.
  7. Time for coach to fall on his sword.
  8. Can't see he or Doughty accepting an opportunity to play for the MNT at this stage. Why would they?
  9. Lost 3-1. According to Twitter Canada went up 1-0, went down 2-1 and hit a post late. Then the Americans scored in extra time. Hope CSA puts up some highlights.
  10. I understand why he isn't there, give someone else a chance. Just tired of losing to the Americans Davies gives us a better shot.
  11. I find too often the coaching of team structures is based on positional concerns. Put player A here and player B there. Pass it here, move it there. Too often kids are robots trained to be in their position, in their spot. They look brilliant and confident against inferior teams. But when faced with a similar type structure and talent level it doesn't allow kids to seperate themselves. Part of this is lack of skill development at early stages, lack of club foresight into these stages overlapping and too little competition at mid development ages.
  12. Was hoping to hear a response. Care to add since you brought it up?
  13. Both the International kids played with Gloucester the last few years. They've played OYSL but for some reason the higher ups decided the coach of the team was no longer going to be the head coach anymore. So the entire team left with him. First they tried to go to Gatineau but settled with OI and will play at a lower level Johnny has been with Gloucester since U9. The team won the OYSL last year I believe and Johnny was easily the top scorer in the OYSL. Both have been to VWC and Benson made the squad but came home a few months later. Johnny is an elite talent but for some reason has turned VWC and impact down. At some point he will have to move on. It's funny how the OSU squad which won the Ontario Cup and the OYSL last year doesn't have 1 player on the provincial or nat program. The Fury by contrast had two kids invited to a national camp last year. Neither of those two kids would have started for the OYSL OSU or Gloucester teams. OI do have two but they have yet actually play a game with their new team. They have had no role in their development. Johnny has developed into one heck of a player. But the concern is these programs, as well as some of the academies are putting way too much emphasis on physical ability as opposed to actually football skills and understanding of the game. As for the lack of Impact kids I've heard their 2000's aren't particularly strong. But I haven't seen them.
  14. I never said he deserves a spot on any team and his development since is on him. Can't have it both ways. If he wasn't good enough to warrant a try out or even a look by the CSA, they and the fans can't complain if others see the talent and give him an opportunity. But I guess that sort of goes against the narrative that he's the bad guy. Sorry for ruffling your feathers.
  15. I'm not advocating he deserves a spot in the team. But if the CSA is so close minded that they refuse to go watch a kid play, one recommended by the club head coaches, then the CSA is not doing their due diligence. It takes an hour out of their schedule to view kids. Kids who are elite in the OYSL. Listen I don't know what to tell you. You've clearly not dealt with the arrogance with the governing bodies and the staff. It is their job to leave no stone unturned. That doesn't happen. They continue to fail at it. Which explains why we ranked where we are.
  16. It's not those. It's me. The CSA dropped the ball on this one. They chose not to look at him and when given a chance to scoop him from the Czechs they blew him off. Again. They can't complain about him going in another direction. Not sure why you can't seem to allow that to sink in. Guess it's easier to rip the kid instead.
  17. If the CSA coaches couldn't take the time to evaluate him, bring him to a try out or even scout his games how can they determine he isn't quality enough to be part of the program? Too many kids are falling through the cracks yet we want to put the blame on a kid wishes to strive to higher level. In this case the CSA f'ed up. Bigger issue is they have not learned from their mistakes and are continuing to inproperly evaluate talent. In fact it's getting worse; basically the CSA won't look at a kid unless they are in one of the five pro youth programs ( possibly four soon ) or are provincial. I'm not anti CSA. Just calling a spade a spade.
  18. Coaches come to town and they can also see them in Toronto during the OYSL games. I'm guessing once he got to Milwall he got on the radar of the Czechs. Probably the club there or someone he knew contacted the Czechs. Who seemingly were more than pleased to give him an opportunity. Again you keep avoiding the underlying issue here...why didn't Canadian coaches give him a shot when others, at higher levels, were more than pleased to? And if I coached a crappy team and cut a kid who I never even let try out and he had a chance to make one of the top teams in the league I'd be happy for him but more importantly I'd question my talent evaluation.
  19. If a kid is good enough for the Czech Republic to scoop him up chances are he should have been good enough to warrant at least a try out with our national team. CSA is right down town. And it wouldn't have taken much for the CSA coaches to head over to an OYSL game to see them play. Funny thing is OSU even called up the CSA after Twardek had been invited to play with the Czechs to see if they'd reconsider giving him a shot. They passed again.
  20. Sounds like pure ignorance on your part. You don't know the situation but you have no problems formulating an uneducated opinion on the matter.
  21. Would be interested in hearing your take on Twardeks situation.
  22. I've coached for 20 years and have had numerous kids deal with provincials/nationals. I know people in the club and know people who know him personally; watched as they went thru the frustration of dealing with our soccer governing bodies and their lack of interest in the 97 boys team. Again don't attack the kid in this instance. Both he and the club went above and beyond to attract the attention of OSA/CSA. Yet they refused to give him a chance. Funny how Milwall gave him that shot as did the Czechs. Two others from the 97 squad eventually found their way into nat programs.
  23. Never met him and saw him play once. Just don't like when people misconstrue the facts to further their ignorant argument. OSA and CSA do a poor job identifying talent and we as fans should be extremely concerned the mistakes of the past continue.
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